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How do I beat tyrant with little ammo?

Is their anyway to beat tyrant on the plane with 5 handgun bullets and 20 bowgun arrows. From looking at all the guides id say im going to have to start over but thought id ask.


JoveHack answered:

It can be done, but it's tough. You'll have to learn to dodge effectively for long periods of time.

- The launcher itself will damage the Tyrant.
- Use the knife when your ammo is exhausted.

If you don't have the knife, start over.

I actually recommend starting over. If you can beat the early game with plenty of ammo and health the rest of the game gets a lot easier.
- Run past enemies whenever possible.
- scrounge every last bit of ammo and health.
- The knife can be used to save ammo.
- There's a trick to running past zombies. Either just barely brush past them, nudging them to the side a little, or run way wide.

Post on the board for advice. There are a lot of places to save ammo in the early game.

Oh, and keep some deep saves. The game has some nasty gotchas and rookie traps.
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JoveHack answered:

ADDENDUM: If you have the knife, watch this video.

"Resident Evil Code Veronica - Tyrant 1 And 2 Knife Only" by ItalyFace00

"Never in a million years would I have expected, however, that ten knife swipes could kill a Tyrant, making it as menacing as pretty much any zombie in the game." - shiva
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