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How do you crack the crystal wich has got a card in it ?

After you play chris you play claier again right so you find a card in a crystal and you got to crack the card help me i dont know how to crack it

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GenXPm answered:

Youve got to get the giant brick to come down then when its coming go to the centre under the brick and use the crystal and Claire will place it down and back off as the brick crushes it. BTW the brick wont come down after you crush the crystal
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edwiniseman answered:

Place it under the concrete slab booby trap (go in the menu and Use the crystal, don't sit there mashing A). Be quick about it, it's known to be the one thing to screw up A-rank runs.
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memorable_one answered:

The brick does come down after you cracked the crystal so beware. After the crystal has cracked immediately go and pick up the card. Once the card has been picked up, you will hear a click sound which means the brick won't go down again
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