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|         Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force FAQ/Walkthrough by Asdfga3

This is a FAQ and walkthrough for Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force. If you wish 
to contact me with any questions, comments, suggestions, or errors in the FAQ, 
please feel free to e-mail me.

Platform: PC (Windows)
My e-mail: @@ron DOT skr AT gmail DOT com (Replace with symbols, @ = a)
My site: http://freewebs.com/asdfga3/faqs.html
Current version: 1.01
Created: 05-29-03
Last updated: 06-21-03

I will use these following abbreviations thruout the FAQ:
EF or EF1 = Voyager - Elite Force
Pri = Primary Fire
Alt = Alternate Fire
Scav Rifle = Scavenger Rifle
Comp Rifle = Phaser Compression Rifle
Disnode =  Distribution Node

|   1. CONTENTS                                                  

1. Contents
2. Version
     2.1: v1.00
     2.2: v1.01
3. Legal Info
4. Strategies
5. Holomatch
     5.1: Solomatch
     5.2: Multimatch
     5.3: Items
6. Weapons & Equipment
     6.1: Phaser
     6.2: Compression Rifle
     6.3: I-MOD
     6.4: Scavenger Rifle
     6.5: Etherian Stasis Weapon
     6.6: Compound Grenade Launcher
     6.7: Tetryon Pulse Disruptor
     6.8: Photon Burst
     6.9: Arc Welder (AKA Dreadnaught Weapon)
7. Enemies
     7.1 The Borg
     7.2 Scavengers
     7.3 Etherians
     7.4 Ferrivore (parasites)
     7.5 Species 8472
     7.6 Dreadnaught Maintenance Systems
     7.7 Harvesters
8. Walkthrough
     8.1: "The Rescue"
     8.2: "Incursion"
     8.3: "Tactical Decision"
     8.4: "Condition"
     8.5: "Unavoidable Delays"
     8.6: "Hazard Duty"
     8.7: "Defense"
     8.8: "Hazard Ops"
     8.9: "Data Retrieval"
     8.10: "Deep Echoes"
     8.11: "Encounters"
     8.12: "Renewal"
     8.13: "Union" 
     8.14: "Departure"
     8.15: "The Visit"
     8.16: "Dangerous Ground"
     8.17: "Conflicting Views"
     8.18: "Conflicting Views (Pt 2)"
     8.19: "Disorder"
     8.20: "Infiltration"
     8.21: "The Hunter"
     8.22: "Fallout"
     8.23: "Proving Ground"
     8.24: "Information"
     8.25: "Covenant"
     8.26: "Infestation"
     8.25: "R & R"
     8.28: "Visual Confirmation"
     8.29: "Offense"
     8.30: "The Breach"
     8.31: "Command"
     8.32: "Primary Encounter"
     8.33: "The Skirmish"
     8.34: "Defensive Measures"
     8.35: "Attunement"
     8.36: "Array"
     8.37: "Invasion"
     8.38: "Decisions"
     8.39: "External Stimuli"
     8.40: "Matrix"
     8.41: "Onslaught"
     8.42: "Visual Magnitude"
     8.43: "Dissolution"
     8.44: "Command Decision"
     8.45: "Epilogue"
9. Nishido's guide to the Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force Expansion Pack
10. Credits

(* = incomplete)

|   2. VERSIONS                                                  

-Version 1.00 (06-21-03) - Well, it's done... for now.  

-Version 1.01 (07-03) - Added entire section on Holomatch. Also added a tip
on fighting the Borg with splash damage.

Planned Updates:

If you would really like to see anything on this list added to the FAQ, e-mail 
me and I may be more inclined to do it. :)

Cheats - For now you can find very good lists of cheats for EF1 cheats at other
fansites, and cheat code sites. So I'm not planning to add cheats at all.

A guide to the EF1 expansion pack Single Player levels by Nishido - He's 
already done the section on expansion pack multiplayer modes, but he's having
problems with his expansion pack CD, and he's busy playing Elite Force 2, so
this may be awhile. :P

Tips and strategies for each Holomatch map - Possible. E-mail me if you want 

|   3. LEGAL INFO                                                   

This FAQ is Copyrighted (c) 2003-2006, by Aaron Skwirut, all rights reserved. 
All trademarks are property of their respective owners. 

This is 100% my own work (unless otherwise noted).

-Distribution: As of right now, this FAQ is only available from these sites:

http://eliteforce.com (HTML as well as TXT versions)

If you're reading this FAQ and you didn't download it from one of the above 
URL's it is almost certainly NOT the final version.

If you wish to host this FAQ on your site, I would appreciate an e-mail with 
the URL of your site. Use a title like: "Request to use your Elite Force FAQ 
on my site" or something similar. I will *not* let your modify this FAQ in any 
way, change it out of it's .txt form, or let you charge *any* amount of money 
for it. Aside from that, feel free to host the most recent version.

-Spoiler warning: Total spoilers to all weapons and levels. Also contains some 
spoilers to the story. You have been warned!

-Disclaimer: I'm writing this FAQ simply to help people out with this game. 
You are using any info/strategies in this guide at your own risk.

-Note: I don't mean you to use this FAQ all the way through the game. You're 
certainly free to do that if you wish, but I wrote it mainly to help you if 
you're stuck at a certain point.

|   4. STRATEGIES                                                 


-Never stop moving, or don't move at all. Strafe back and forth, if your 
fighting Reavers in the Forge, but stay still behind a crate and only lean out 
to fire off  few shots with your Comp. Rifle if your fighting Scavengers.

-Use the right weapon for the job. And don't get stuck with one single weapon.
It's easy on the later levels to never even switch from the Arc Welder. However
the Phaser ammo is free, so use if for small enemies at great distances, or to
take out turrets that haven't spotted you, ect.

-Don't underestimate your weapons. All weapons, even the Scav Rifle, have some 
use. Try to find what works for you.

-Go back. Retrace your steps to find old (partially used) health/ammo 
terminals, or crystals that you didn't need on your first time through. This 
can mean the difference between winning handily and dying outright.


Multiplayer Online Hints & Tips from woohoo16yoman 
[woohoo16yoman AT yahoo DOT com]

Playing in a Holomatch online is very different from playing against the bots. 
The people you play against are, for the most part, intelligent human beings.
They don't have patterns and they aren't predictable.  That's what makes online
Holomatch so much more exciting than SP or HM against the bots.  Yet, it makes 
it more challenging.  To be a competitor in the online Holomatch realm, you 
should know your surroundings, know how to move, be a team player, and aim 

When playing on any multiplayer map, you should know every corner of the place.
This helps with being able to get the most powerful weapon, and being able to 
heal quickly.  You can also gain an advantage in CTF by knowing the quickest 
routes to where you want to go.  Beware, though--other players will take these 
routes too, so be able to defend against them.  Not knowing the map is probably
one of the biggest faults of newbies to the game.  They're running around 
randomly while the experts are taking advantage of them.

The online Holomatch game is in a constant state of flux.  It's very dynamic--
so keep up with the pace of the game.  Be sure to glance at the score often, so
you'll know the stakes.  Sometimes it helps to know you have one frag left 
before you win; this way you can be more aggressive than you normally would.  
Be aware of everything.  Know the players you can take out easily, and know who
you have to be more evasive and defensive against.  Also, know what weapons to 
use in what scenarios.  For close-quarter environments, use powerful weapons 
which may take a while to travel a distance.  For more open situations, use any
laser-type fire that hits your enemy fast.

Watch your status.  Know how much ammo you have left, and always get more ammo 
if you see it.  If you have lots of health, you can be more aggressive, but 
fall back if you notice your health bar is getting low.  Be on the lookout for 
hyposprays and other hypo-boosts like medical kits if your health is under 65.

If the enemy can't get you in your sights, he can't hit you.  So move.  Fast. 
Instead of running straight, strafe jump and dodge back and forth.  Crouch in 
close-quarter situations.  Use natural barriers to protect you for the moment.
Even if you don't strafe jump, or if it isn't practical at the time, jump to 
dodge.  You should be a good jumper in order to move over the terrain and jump 
more barriers.  There's something better than regular jumping, though--
something called photon jumping. Photon jumping is not jumping over particles 
of light.  Basically, it's the art of using the knockback you get from firing
your photon burst to jump places.  Remember the first Men in Black, when J kept
shooting the really tiny gun and flying back?  It's kind of like using that to 
your advantage.  First, go to the console.  Type "/g_knockback 10000" without 
the quotes.  After that, get a photon burst.  When you're ready to jump, jump 
in the air while facing downward.  When you've reached the maximum height, fire
your photon burst.  Then get ready for the ride of your life.

In team DM or CTF, you need to work as a team to win.  Effective communication 
is essential in order to know what you're doing.  Pick a role for yourself--and
let them know about it.  You should either be defender of the flag, flag 
carrier, flag carrier defender, or fighter. You can change your role depending
on the score of the game.  If you're winning by a lot, there should be more 
defense. If you're losing, you should avert more manpower to offense.  Having a
team captain is good, but not essential.  As long as you are willing to act 
like a team and don't complain, you should be able to play without a team 
leader or captain.  You will notice that if you play as a team, you will win 
much more often.  Not many people do this on the servers--so try and get some 
team cooperation.

As with any FPS, you need to aim.  Use the crosshairs.  Don't just fire 
randomly.  Fire only when you see an enemy, or when you're just about to die. 
Don't be too cautious.  It's okay if you miss.  Fire at will in large groups.
Chances are you'll hit something.  Know that you will kill more quickly with 
large weapons, so don't bother too much with hitting the vital areas. In fact,
with Elite Force there are no hitboxes. So hitting someone's foot is the same 
as hitting someone right in the heart.  So use this to your advantage as well.
If you know how to aim, you can frag a poorly aiming enemy using a Photon Burst
with the alternate fire on a Phaser.

|   5. HOLOMATCH                                                  


Some maps have a Solomatch version with preset bot-AI that can be played at any
of four difficulty levels: Ensign, Luitenant, Commander, or Captain, 


Basis: Borg cube
Default enemies: 1 of 12, 2 of 3, 3 of 6
Frag limit: 10
Personal best: Captain

Despite being first on the list, this one is somewhat hard. The map itself is 
one of my favorites. It's small, and offers a lot of quick, high-fragging 
There are three levels, try and stay on the top. There's an Arc Welder on the
bottom level. If you spawn there run and grab it, then use the transporter and
beam to the top level. A good strat while on the middle or top levels is to
take out somebody who's firing down to a lower level. They wont be paying any
attention to you.


Basis: Scavenger base
Default enemies: Gowron, K'Ehlyr, Kahless
Frag Limit: 10
Personal best: Captain

Another tough one. There's a central arena area where most of the fighting will
happen. Once you spawn get there as quickly as you can. You'll die quite often 
here, about once for every frag you get, so don't let it phase you. Just run 
back to the main arena, take a few shots and then die. Repeat that ten times 
and you should win this. :P


Basis: The Forge
Default enemies: Reaver, Avatar, 8472
Frag limit: 10
Personal best: Captain

IMHO three people is way to few for this map. If you had more like ten it would
be better. Frags aren't hard to get, you just have to find the people. Run 
around quickly and stock up on weapons, then start hunting for victims. :P


Basis: "High Noon" Holodeck training program
Default enemies: Desperado (3x)
Frag Limit: 10
Personal best: Captain

The center of the arena is basically an outdoor version of the Klingon map, but
the corridors above offer some interesting sniping oppertunities. >>><<<


_________5.3 ITEMS

Booster Hypospray: A thinner Hypospray that lacks the medic image in the side. 
Boosts your health by >>>5<<<. Often found in groups. Can be used to boost your
health above your handicap.

Emergency Hypospray: Thicker and gives you >>>25<<< health. However these 
cannot boost your health over your preset health handicap.

Portable Medkit: Looks like a grey box with a medic symbol on it. When your
carrying one there's an icon on the >>><<< side of the screen. Press the 'Use'
key to use it. Boosts your health all the way to >>><<<. Use this right before
you die for best results. (Be careful not to wait to long or you really will 
die! :P)

Nano-Regenrative Protoplasmer: Looks like a golden medkit. Boosts your health
all the way to 200 (regardless of handicap) >><< at a time. Lasts >><< seconds.

Incremental Shield Boost: Looks like a small green crystal. Gives you 5 

Personal Deflector Screeen: A large chestplate-looking-thing with a dark green
shell. Gives you 50 shields.

Isokinetic Deflecor Screen: Looks the same as the Personal Screen but its a 
very bright, glowing green. Gives you 100 shields.

Metaphasic Shielding: Makes you invincible for >><< seconds. Looks exactly like
the other armor, but it's gold. I've found that it is >>><<<


|   6. WEAPONS AND EQUIPMENT                                                   

6.1: Phaser

Ammo type: Recharging Battery
Primary Refire Rate: Constant
Primary Fire Strength: Weak
Alt Refire Rate: Constant
Alt Fire Strength: Medium

Ah, where would Star Trek be without the Phaser?

Single Player:
Despite being the classic "weak first weapon" this is actually quite powerful, 
especially the Alt fire. However it's main problem is that the battery runs out
quickly leaving it practically useless until it has time to recharge. Use it in
short bursts to kill enemies in a non-urgent situation, or to blow open boxes, 
grates, ect.

You always start with this weapon. ALWAYS use the Alt fire, and try to keep the
beam on your enemy. While you can score frags with the Phaser, you'd be best to
start looking for a better weapon.

6.2: Phaser Compression Rifle

Ammo type: Standard Federation Energy
Primary Refire Rate: Fast
Primary Fire Strength: Medium
Alt Refire Rate: Very Slow
Alt Fire Strength: God-like

Single Player:
Never use the Alt fire except in emergencies since the 40 ammo needed will 
pretty much suck you dry. The Pri fire is generally accurate and fast enough 
early in the game.

The Alt fire now only requires *8* ammo!!! :O However it's refire is so slow 
that it's best saved for situations where you're either sniping over very long 
distances, or so close to someone that even if they move you'll still hit them.
The Pri fire is a good basic weapon, but you won't score a ton of frags with 

6.3: I-MOD (Infinity Modulator)

Ammo type: Standard Federation Energy
Primary Refire Rate: Fast-Medium
Primary Fire Strength: Medium
Alt Refire Rate: Medium
Alt Fire Strength: High

Single Player:
Although this weapon was designed to counteract the Borg, it still packs a 
punch against regular foes as well. I often use the I-MOD late in the game on 
the Dreadnaught and Forge levels when I'm out of Dilithium, and the fighting is
in to close of quarters to use a grenade or the Photon Burst. The Alt fire is 
pretty powerful, and although the Pri fire isn't all that powerful it makes up 
for it with a refire rate almost (but not quite) that of the Phaser Rifle.

A good basic rifle, not a whole lot to say about it. Like the Phaser Rifle, 
it's not a high-fragging weapon, but it gets the job done.
And despite popular opinion, the I-MOD is NOT more effective against players 
using Borg skins! :D

6.4: Scavenger Rifle

Ammo type: Dilithium Crystals
Primary Refire Rate: Very Fast
Primary Fire Strength: Weak
Alt Refire Rate: Slow
Alt Fire Strength: High

Single Player:
Useless hunk of junk... Seriously....
The Pri fire is too inaccurate to be of any real use, especially if you're 
taking cover behind something, and the Alt fire is to unpredictable. You can 
use the pri fire if you suddenly run out of ammo in a firefight. But to use it 
effectively you'll have to strafe quite a bit since you can't duck for cover 
while firing.

What was a joke in Single Player is actually quite good in Multiplayer. The 
Pri fire's accuracy problem can be solved by using it at short range, and the 
grenade can be used on large groups in an open area.

6.5: Etherian Stasis Weapon

Ammo type: Dilithium Crystals
Primary Refire Rate: Medium
Primary Fire Strength: Medium
Alt Refire Rate: Slow
Alt Fire Strength: Medium

Single Player:
Useful in the Etherian missions and against species 8472, and that's about it. 
However it does work very well against those two, (especially the Etherians)
so use it then. Alt fire is pretty much useless. It suffers from the same 
problem as all wide-spread FPS weapons; more often than not all five shots will
land nowhere near any enemies. So stick to pri fire.

Your standard medium damage shotgun. It's not in very many maps, and so most
people don't use it, but you can score frags with the pri fire. Like Single 
Player, the chances of actually hitting something with the alt fire is slim to
none, so just skip it.

6.6: Compound Grenade Launcher

Ammo type: Standard Federation Energy
Primary Refire Rate: Medium
Primary Fire Strength: High
Alt Refire Rate: Medium
Alt Fire Strength: High

Single Player:
I really like this weapon, but their aren't enough good situations to use it 
in. The pri fire takes twice the ammo, so only use it if you really need the
'bounce' feature. I like the 'sticky' alt fire grenades because they do high 
direct-damage but don't have _that_ much splash damage. This weapon is best 
used against large groups, preferably at a distance. You can bounce several pri
grenades down a hallway or set a trap with alt grenades by dropping them where
you know someone is about to walk. As long as they walk over the grenade within 
a few seconds it will detect them and detonate. This weapon is also very
useful because the Borg cannot adapt to it. There is nothing sweeter than 
dropping a sticky grenade between two drones, and watching them get blown five
feet into the air! :D

Here is where this weapon really shines. Drop four or five sticky grenades all
around someone and no matter which way the run they'll die; bounce a few pri
fire grenades into a group of enemies who are fighting each other. Most likely
they'll be paying attention to each other and not your grenade.

6.7: Tetryon Pulse Disruptor

Ammo type: Dilithium Crystals
Primary Refire Rate: Extreme
Primary Fire Strength: Very Weak
Alt Refire Rate: Fast
Alt Fire Strength: Medium

Single Player:
This weapon is given to you by the Hirogen Hunter at the end of the Scavenger 
missions. It's a really good weapon for almost any type of fighting. Pri fire
is your basic chaingun. It isn't to accurate or strong, but it makes up for 
that with a very high refire rate and a pretty wide spread of fire. The alt 
fire is a weird "bouncing ball" fired from the center of the barrel. Useful for
getting enemies around corners, but that's about it. It tends to bounce all 
over the place, and while it can't injure  you for some reason, it will hurt 
your teammates. It does tend to be pretty accurate, though.

Another weapon that's great for Multiplayer. Use the pri fire for quickly 
cutting down large groups of enemies, and use the alt fire to fill a small room
with bouncing death.

6.8: Photon Burst

Ammo type: Standard Federation Energy
Primary Refire Rate: Medium
Primary Fire Strength: Extreme
Alt Refire Rate: Slow
Alt Fire Strength: God-like

Single Player:
Despite how it looks, this weapon doesn't do enough splash damage to take out 
several enemies at once. It's best used for taking out a single large enemy 
like the huge maintenance bots on the Dreadnaught ship. The alt fire does 
posses a rudimentary tracking system, so I like to use it at distances.

Another good multiplayer weapon. Try and fire at the ground below or a wall 
behind an enemy so that they can't strafe away from the burst. You can use the
alt fire tracking if you a long ways off. But don't expect it to work that 
well. It will stay locked on to the if a run to the side a bit, but if they
go around a corner then it's useless.

6.9: Arc Welder (AKA Dreadnaught Weapon)

Ammo type: Dilithium Crystals
Primary Refire Rate: Constant
Primary Fire Strength: High
Alt Refire Rate: Medium
Alt Fire Strength: Extreme

Single Player:
In Single Player this gun is called the "Dreadnaught Weapon" as opposed to the
"Arc Welder" in multiplayer, however it's an identical weapon. Extremely 
powerful, it will be your first choice throughout the Dreadnaught ship and the 
Forge. The pri fire is a powerful beam, it's pretty accurate although nowhere
near the accuracy of the Phaser or Phaser Rifle. The alt fire is some sort of
"electric web" that can take out large groups of enemies, but isn't to 
accurate. It suffers from the same problem as the Comp. Rifle alt fire; it 
simply uses to much ammo to be useful.
Also, be careful not to hit your teammates with this weapon. Since it's so 
powerful, it can kill them easily in just a few seconds.

Fear the guy with this weapon in Holomatch. As with the Comp. Rifle, the alt
fire is much cheaper so I actually tend to use it more often. However at long
distances the pri fire is a better choice. When you get this weapon immediately
look for someone to frag. When people see you using this weapon they will try
and take you out quickly, so score your kills as fast as you can.

|   7. ENEMY BRIEFINGS                                                  

7.1 The Borg

The classic baddies of the Delta Quadrant. Of course there has to be some way 
to fight them, otherwise this game would end real quick. So they give you the 
"Infinity Modulator" or 'I-MOD.' It works on a rotating energy modulation so 
that the Borg can never adapt. In theory this would work, but on the TV shows 
they never have quite figured it out... =P

Anyhow, the Borg aren't all the strong (all that armor doesn't seem to do them
much good). Two Pri or one Alt fire from the I-MOD will bring them down, 
however they tend to swarm you, and beam in quite close to you so you don't 
have much time to react.

The Borg often have "Distribution Nodes" (or 'Disnodes') on the walls. If you 
destroy them all Borg in the area will collapse and all force fields in the 
area will go down. It also seems to keep the Borg from beaming in additional 
drones, but this isn't always true. However quickly taking out a Disnode is 
almost always preferential to a fight.

WHAT TO DO IF YOU RUN OUT OF ENERGY FOR THE I-MOD: First off don't panic, you 
will most likely survive. This will most likely not happen to you in the first 
set of Borg levels, and if it does you don't have a Dilithium weapon to switch 
to anyway. It is however distinctly possible in the second set of Borg levels, 
especially on higher difficulty settings. If you do run out, switch to a weapon
you still have energy in. Do NOT use the Pri fire of the Tetryon Disruptor 
because they will adapt immediately. Use it's Alt fire, the Pri fire of the 
Stasis Weapon, the Pri fire of the Scav Rifle, or Phaser Alt fire. Don't fire 
off stray shots, just enough to kill the drones. Once they adapt, switch to 
another weapon. Once you get to an Energy Terminal switch back to the I-MOD.

<From >>><<<>
"If you hit the alt fire of the Scavenger Rifle off the wall when fighting 
Borg, you can kill them. (Only the outer ring of the red explosion will hurt 

This actually does work quite well. However sometimes it's tough to hit next to
or in front of/behind the drone and if you hit them they'll adapt to it. Also
there is the problem of splash damage to yourself or your team, however it's
still useful in some situations. :)

The only difference I've found between the First Borg you meet, and the Borg 
trapped in the Forge is that the Forge version can shoot a medium powered 
blast, and there are a *lot* more of them.

The Borg aren't all that clever, they'll most likely either run at you trying 
to assimilate you, or just stand there staring at you. Either way, try to use 
this to your advantage.

Oh, and one more thing: the Borg can never adapt to the Grenade Launcher or the
Photon Burst. So you can use these... well the Grenade Launcher at least, you
don't get the Photon Burst till after both Borg missions... unless of course 
you're cheating. _

7.2 Scavengers

Pirates that have survived in the Forge because the Harvesters let them weaken 
other trapped ships before their own vessels arrive.
The Scavengers are made up of Klingon, Malon, Hirogen, and other humans. I 
haven't noticed a whole lot of difference between the AI of the different 
types, except that Klingons seem a bit more bold while fighting you, although 
this may just be my imagination. They all carry Scav Rifles and have relatively 
good AI-- they will duck for cover only jumping out to fire at you.

There's no real trick to fighting them, just find some cover and take them out,
preferably by leaning.

7.3 Etherians

A mysterious and almost bird-like race. They have some sort of living vessel. 
Here is a quick rundown of the different types:

The large bird-type: Hit them with the Comp Rifle or Scav Rifle Pri fire, or 
the Stasis Weapon when you get it. They almost always come from spawner points 
mounted on the floor or walls. If there are no "Fireflies" around, simply blow 
up each spawner. If there are "Fireflies" around, you can still quickly take 
out a few of them to narrow down your enemies for a few moments 

The "Heads": Take them out quickly with the Phaser Alt fire.

Floating Jellyfish-deals: They only injure you on contact, and they don't 
really move around much, so take them out the same way as the "Heads"-- with 
a good-old-fashioned Phaser burst. ;)

The flying yellow thing: Hit it quick and hard with the Comp Rifle Pri fire or
the Stasis Weapon. It's attack is quite deadly.

"Fireflies": You can't injure these, and since they repair the spawner points, 
they're a real pain in the ass. However you can occasionally trick them by 
destroying consoles and other stuff to get them to move away from what you 
don't want them to repair.

7.4 Ferrivore (parasites)

Yes, that's their real name. Scan them with the Tricorder if you don't trust 
me! :P

These creatures live on ships trapped in the Forge. They tend to hide from the
ships inhabitants, and can most often be found in maintenance conduits and 
other secluded areas. The Scavengers actually eat them, although I can't even 
imagine how gross that is. :O
Their attack is basically spitting acid at you, and although it's somewhat 
dangerous to you, the creatures themselves are quite weak. Take them out with 
the Phaser as quickly as you can.

7.5 Species 8472

Not as formidable as they seemed on the show. They have no long-range attack, 
but they run fast and their clawing attack does a LOT of damage, so taking them 
out at long range is very preferable. They seem very susceptible to the Stasis
Weapon and the Tetryon Disruptor.

7.6 Dreadnaught Maintenance Systems

These bots are found on the Dreadnought gunship in the lower sections. Unlike 
other enemies in EF, they don't beam in, they come out of storage areas along 
the walls.

Small spider-bots: Take them out quickly with the Arc Welder Pri fire. Their 
shots are easily dodgeable, so strafe back and forth while fighting them.

Huge walking bots: While these guys look extremely menacing, they can't shoot 
at all. However they run FAST, and their pincers are very powerful. Try and 
take them out before they get near you. The Photon Burst often works well for
this. And remember to run backwards while fighting them to keep them at a
distance from you.

Flying bots: Dodge the missiles, but watch for splash damage. The beams are 
harder to avoid, but they only use them rarely. They are relatively weak so
simply take them out with the Arc Welder.

Turrets: Strafe as fast as you can and take them out quickly; these things will
shred you before you can even see where it is. If you hear the giveaway click 
followed by a series of beeps, then run back and see if you can lean around a 
corner and hit it with the Phaser.

7.7 Harvesters

The creatures that populate the Forge.

Small Harvesters: They can't shoot, but their swinging-claw attack does a fair 
bit of damage. Take them out before they get near you if you can.

Reavers: The mainstay troops of the Vorsoth. These guys have some sort of 
energy-pulse weapon built into their arm that does a considerable amount of 
damage. The Arc Welder excels at taking them out. They also have the ability
to jump huge distances and fall pretty far without taking any damage.

Avatars: They hit you with some sort of extremely powerful psi-blast. Take them
out as soon as you can, then focus on the Reavers and small Harvesters. Unlike
the Reavers, they don't run around to much, they just stand still and fire at 

Note about all enemies: One problem that I've found with many of the enemies in
EF1, especially the Borg and the Dreadnaught bots is that even after they're 
dead, they remain "standing" for a few seconds. So although it only takes a 
couple of shots with the Phaser Rifle to bring down a Spider-bot, and only one 
shot with the I-MOD alt fire to bring down a drone, you'll sometimes waste a 
few shots because after it dies it won't collapse for a few seconds. Watching 
your HUD target will only sometimes work. The best way to avoid this is to 
simply keep track of about how many shots each enemy takes to go down, and then
fire off that many shots. However if you use the Arc Welder, Comp. Rifle alt 
fire, or Phaser alt fire you can tell immediately! :P

|   8. WALKTHROUGH                                                 

NOTE: This walkthrough is based on the 'Normal' difficulty level. I normally 
play on a harder difficulty so if there's something different in the harder 
levels I'll mention it... if I remember. :)

8.1 "The Rescue"

DON'T SHOOT THE BORG! Now that that's out of they way, walk straight ahead and 
turn left. Get out your Phaser and target the Distribution Node on the wall. 
Blow it sky-high and go through the downed forcefield. Go straight ahead and 
use your Phaser to blow out the Plasma Filter and duck inside to find an ammo
terminal that you don't need. _

Follow the corridor and blow out the Disnode across from the next force field.
Go straight and then turn right at the end. Blow out the Plasma Filter and duck
inside this area for some health. 

Go back out and you should see another Plasma Filter on the wall ahead of you.
Blow it out and jump through. Climb up the ladder and crawl through the 
conduit. The grate ahead will fall out and crush some poor sucker drone.
There's a lift straight ahead, take it down. Use your Phaser Alt fire on the 
drone at the control console and then quickly run up and grab the I-MOD sitting
on the table. As soon as you have it, retreat back to the lift and fend off the 
Borg that beam in. Two Pri (purple) shots take the same ammo and do the 
same damage as one Alt (blue) shot. So if you're accurate use the Alt fire, 
otherwise use the Pri fire. ;)

As soon as you run into the room, Biessman, one of your teammates, will yell at 
you from a holding cell. Once the Borg have been taken care of hit the console 
where the drone was working to release him.

Use the health and ammo near the door and then continue down the corridor. When 
you come around the corner you'll find a drone in an alcove. Shoot him before 
he notices you, and then continue. Once you get further you'll find Kenn and 
Odell fighting off a drone. They don't have I-MOD's so you should give them a 
hand by taking out the drone. Once you kill the drone they both beam back to 

More Borg will come from straight ahead. Be sure to protect Biessman because he
doesn't have an I-MOD. Go straight ahead and use the health terminal. Then go 
back through where Kenn and Odell came through. Once you go into the room with 
the blue reactor-thing, several drones will beam in. Take them all out then go 
down the lift to the left.

Once you get down the lift more Borg will beam in, once you take them out 
Biessman will compliment you on your shooting. Blow out the broken grate on the
wall and crawl through the small tube. Once you get to the lower portion of the
reactor target the ring of Plasma Filters and the whole thing will drop down 
and explode.

Biessman is attacked, so head back up to where you left him. There are more 
drones on the way back up, but they shouldn't be a problem. Once you get back 
Biessman is gone, but the forcefield is down. Go through and hit the panel on 
the wall to take down the next forcefield.

8.2 "Incursion"

Grab the health near where you start and the ammo around the corner. At the 
junction with the blue lightening go left unless you really need ammo, in which
case go right and use the terminal at the end. 

Once you get to the second corner, note the Plasma Filter on the wall. Get out
your Phaser and go around the corner. A few drones will attack you, run back to
the Plasma Filter and WHEN THEY GET NEAR IT blow it out with the Phaser. Go 
around the corner, take out the drones and use the panel to call down the lift.

Ride it up and go around the catwalk to find Chang. He takes out a few drones 
for you, but also takes out the rest of the catwalk. He then beams back to 
Voyager. Jump on the tiny green lift to your right (not the one on the left) 
and ride up to the upper catwalk. Once you get to the top take out the 
regenerating drones to your left, and use the ammo terminal.

Keep going around the upper catwalk and take the last lift down. Take out the 
drone at the panel, and then use the Plasma Filter on the wall to take out the 
drones that beam in. Go down the corridor but DO NOT take the lift down. Take 
out all the drones before you go down, use the Phaser if you can, but one they 
adapt, use the I-MOD.

Take the lift on your right down, use the panel, and take the next lift up 
again. Take out the Borg in the regeneration chambers, you can use the Plasma 
Filter on the wall if you want. Jump on the weird thing in the middle of the 
room and ride it up (it stops twice, jump out on the second stop).

Take out the drones in the corridor and ride the lift at the end down. The Borg 
standing at the wall panel sees you, but for some reason he never attacks you.
You can kill him if you want, or not, it doesn't matter. Either way, go around 
the corner, jump down, and go straight ahead.

8.3 "Tactical Decision"

Carefully lean around the corner to your right, and take out the Disnode if you
can. Sometimes it doesn't go quite right, so have your I-MOD ready. Once the 
drones are dead, use the panel near the rest of your team and enjoy the 
cutscene. (Alternately you can just shoot it to skip the first portion of the 
cutscene. :-P )

8.4 "Condition"

This first part is just a cutscene followed by a movie, lets move on. :-P
The Captain orders you to go to Engineering, so get in the Turbolift (near 
Tuvok's station), and hit the wall panel. Quick, eh? 

8.5 "Unavoidable Delays"

Head out of the Turbolift and hang a left at the junction. Just follow the 
corridor until you see a guy get knocked down by an explosion. He yells that 
the EPS conduits blew, and you need to hit the panel ahead of you.
DO NOT USE THE PANEL!!!!! Wait till he is PAST the panel before 'using' it to 
bring up the emergency forcefields.

He gives you some info on how to get down to Engineering. Go left and go into 
the Jeffries tube to your right. Once you go in, an explosion blocks your 
path. Go back out and go into the busted door behind you. Take the ladder to 
your right and go up to the upper Jeffries tube. Use it to get past the 

Go down the Jeffries tube and use the panel to your left to deactivate the 
forcefield. Go back the way you came and go down the blown out corridor. Talk 
to Renner (the guy you rescued) and he sends you to the Starboard side of the 
ship. Go past the blocked Jeffries tube and talk to Chell. While your talking
there's a power surge. Hit the panel ahead of you to shut off power. 

Chell gives you more info, so head off down the corridor. Take a right and go 
in the first door on the left. Take the ladder down.

8.6 "Hazard Duty"

Continue down the ladder and crawl through the Jeffries tube. Once you come out
you'll find a damaged cargo bay below you. Don't jump down just yet, carefully 
jump on the crates ahead of you and jump across to the remains of the catwalk.
Climb up and make a running jump to the crates on the far side of the room.
Climb up the ladder on to what's left of the catwalk and use the panel to drain
the spilled toxins.

Climb back down use the panel near the large door to get out. Go right, and 
the left to get to Engineering.

B'Elana says she doesn't know how much time you have, but in reality the timer 
doesn't start till you shut down the power relays, then you have 30 seconds.
The second panel on your left is the one for the power relays, but you need the
access codes first. Go to the right and hit the blinking red panel to get the 
codes. Now go back to the panel mentioned earlier to shut off the power relays.
Now use the ladder to the left of the core (the lift on the right is damaged).
Jump over the panels facing away from you and go on the left side of the 
railing. Be careful not to fall over the railing! It's surprisingly easy to do.
Use the second panel on the left to decouple the Dilithium Matrix. 

Once your done you can stick around and watch B'Elanna and the rest of the 
Engineering crew try to fix the core, or you can just leave immediately.
Either way, once you get out the door Chakotay orders the Hazard Team to the 
loading dock, so go left out of Engineering and take the Turbolift on your 

8.7 "Defense"

As soon as the level starts Chang runs up and hands you a Phaser. Follow him 
out of the Turbolift. If you need health, walk up to the Doctor standing in the 
corridor. Once he's done beaming out the injured crewman, go up to him and 
'Use' him for instantly full health (he doesn't replenish shielding).

On the easier levels there's a Phaser Rifle near the Doctor, grab it if your 
playing on Easy or Normal. Go up to Foster and listen to the quick briefing.
He charges you with taking out the two Scavengers launching grenades from 
behind a barrier. Run through the door and immediately go to the left. There's 
a row of the Phaser Rifles on the floor, grab them and then get some cover 
behind the two crates ahead of you. 

The two Scavengers you need to take out are directly ahead of you behind the 
angled grate. Take them out quickly with the Comp Rifle alt fire or Phaser alt 
fire. Now you have to take out the rest of the Scavengers. Keep using the Comp 
Rifle pri fire, and Phaser alt fire and take them out as quickly as you can. If
your health drops below 30 (50 on easy) then run back to the Doctor and 
replenish your health. Don't do a lot of running around, try and say behind the
crates. There are a few explosive barrels around-- try and use them to your 

After you take out enough Scavengers Tuvok will call you and Foster to Cargo 
Bay 1. Quickly run back to the Doctor if you need it, and grab all the weapons
lying around the cargo bay, then run over to Foster and get on the lift.

If you play on Challenging difficulty or above: Get out your Comp Rifle. Once 
you run onto the catwalk above the cargo bay a Hirogen will beam in directly 
to your right, quickly take him out with a close-range alt fire blast.

If you play on any difficulty grab the Phaser Rifles to your right and then run
across the catwalk and follow Foster. He'll unlock the door. Take out as many 
of you can, then take the lift down (or jump) and quickly hide behind the 
crates in the corner of the room, the ones to your left.

The advantage of this position is that the Scavengers beam in in front of you, 
and it takes them a second to realize that you're behind them! :D
After you take the rest of them out, a cutscene ensues, and the mission is 

8.8 "Hazard Ops"

Watch the cutscene, and then go out the door to your left. Talk to a few of 
your teammates if you want, then go to the Equipment Room. There's a map right
when you walk out of the locker room if you get lost. :P

Grab a few of the Rifles off the rack and then chat with the Quartermaster 
Oviedo. Although testing your weapons in the Holodeck isn't mandatory, it's 
kinda cool. :) Walk in the door behind him, and hit the either panel inside. 

Holodeck simulation: "High Noon"

There are 15 holographic cowboys out there, and they want you. :P There's a 
health terminal and ammo crystal behind you if you need them. Carefully lean 
out the door and take out as many of them as you can with the Phaser. Their 
rifles are pretty weak, and you can't lose any health in the Holodeck, so you 
can just run out and gun them all down if you want. Alternately you could just 
lean around and take out the ones above carefully, after taking out the ones 
below. The barrels with the skull-and-crossbones are explosive, and there are 
a few in prime positions. After you take out all fifteen of them, the Holodeck 
shuts off, and you return to Voyager.

Walk around a bit more, and talk to a few other team members. Go down the hall 
to the left of the locker room, around the corner, and take the first door on 
the left. Talk to the rest of your Teammates, and then go to the transporter 
room and watch Foster, Chang, and Biessman beam to the "abandoned" ship. Once 
they're gone, step up onto the pad with Chell and Murphy, and wait to get 
beamed over.

8.9 "Data Retrieval"

Anybody who's watched any amount of Star Trek knows that anytime a ship is 
"Abandoned" or "Uninhabited" that it really means the ship is full of weirdoes 
waiting to kill any away teams that get sent over. :P 

As soon as you beam in, quickly locate the health and ammo terminals and use 
them. Take up a position to Chell's right (your left) near the ammo terminal
and wait. Chell seems to find the terminal quickly, so he and Telsia will chat 
about the ship, "Fireflies," heat, and Bolians until Foster radios in telling 
you that he's found a data terminal.

Munro tells him that Chell found a terminal too, and then you hear over 
Foster's comm badge that they've been ambushed. (Told ya!)
Fend off the aliens, the Scav Rifle Pri fire, and Comp Rifle Pri fire seem to 
work well for this. Use the health and ammo terminals again if you need to.

After the firefight Foster radios in again and tells you that the ship's 
shields have gone up and you can't beam out. Foster gives you his plan on how 
to get off the ship, so use the terminals one last time, and then follow Chell 
and he'll unlock a door for you.

Go through the door, down the corridor, kill the two aliens in then next room, 
and blow out the spawner points on the floor with your Phaser. Chell scans the 
device ahead and tells you it's some sort of transporter. Somehow you're 
elected as the guinea pig, so walk onto it and you'll be beamed across the room
to the other side of the chasm.
NOTE: All transporters like this are ONE WAY! So only jump through if your 

The rest of the team will follow you through, so go through the door ahead.
There are three spawner points in this room. One on the floor ahead of you, one
on the wall to your right, and one way on the left side of the room. Take them 
out as soon as possible. Use your Phaser Rifle. You'll waste ammo, but if any 
creatures manage to come through you can fend them off easily.

Go through the door on the far side of the room. Chell tells you that you're 
going in the right direction, so move on through the next door. DON'T jump in 
the next transporter right away. Take out the spawner point on the floor below 
you, then go through the transporter. As soon as you beam down, turn around and
take out the spawner point on the wall behind you.

This next room is a toughie. Telsia informs you that the door is locked, and 
Chell says he can't find the control panel. Climb up that weird tower thing in 
the middle of the room and jump off onto the ledge above. Use the control panel
on this upper level (be careful, it's easy to fall). This will lower a 
transporter near where you started so you can access it, and unlock the door. 
Quickly climb back down. About for aliens will beam in, take them out and then 
move on through the next door.

Quickly take out all three spawner points on the floor before to many creatures
can come through, and then move on. The next room is where you started, and 
once again you'll be ambushed. Take out all the creatures and go through the 
lowered transporter.

Take out all the "Heads" and floating jellyfish quickly with your Phaser, 
you'll have to lean to reach some of them. Once they're all gone, use the 
terminals and crystals in this room and then go up the ramp and through the 

Welcome to Section 29. Watch the cutscene and then stock up on health and ammo.
There's some sort of device ahead of you. Grab it and a many more creates will 
come through the spawners. The "Stasis Weapon" you picked up works amazingly 
well against the creatures, so use it throughout the rest of this area. For 
more info, see section 6.5. :)

Use what's left of the terminals to replenish your health and ammo, and then 
go through the next door.

8.10 "Deep Echoes"

Go into the next room and quickly take out the attacking creatures. Which door
you go through is up to you. If you go to the right you'll have to fight a bit 
more, but it makes it easier to get through later on. If you go to the left 
it's quicker but a bit tougher; it's up to you.

RIGHT: Take out the aliens in the corridor, the Stasis Weapon's wide blast 
makes this easy. The next room is somewhat hard, try and take out the spawner 
points as soon as you can. Once you get to the next room quickly stay back from
the door and take out the jellyfish things. There's also a flying creature in 
this room, use the Stasis Weapon or the Phaser Rifle to take it out.
Chell tells you that the transporter is offline (but you could tell that by 
looking at it :-P) so go back the way you came. Once you get back to the large 
room, go through the left door.

LEFT: Go into the room and watch the cutscene. Take out the pod with your 
Phaser, and jump down. Grab the crystals on either side of the transporter, and
then jump through. If you didn't take the right option above your in for a 
fight. Take out the flying thing first, then the jellyfish.

Use the control panel. It activates the transporter below. Jump down and go 
through the transporter. The next section is enemy-free, so feel free to wander
around. ;-)

You can 'Use' a few control panels around the core to see different holographic
images. Chell says he can't deactivate the core from that station, but he can 
unlock the next door. You'll have to fight your way up this next hallway.
Your best bet is to stand still in one place and shoot the creatures as the 
come down the corridor. This next room is hard. Take out the flying creature 
with Phaser Rifle pri fire, and then stand back a bit from the door (but close 
enough to keep it open), and take out the creatures as they beam into the room.

After this the door on the far side of the room opens. Go through and into the
next room. Take out the flying thing and the jellyfish on the far side of the 
room, and then use the transporter behind you. Take out the pod with your 
Phaser and then get the crystals to your left before going through the door to
your right. 

Take out these creatures the same way you did before. Just pick a spot and 
don't let them get past you. After they've been destroyed, go down the hall and
into the next room. You're now above the main computer core. Use the two panels
to shut it down, and then watch the cutscene.

8.11 "Encounters"

Take out the jellyfish with you Phaser, and then move on down the corridor.
Go onto the next room. As quickly as you can, take out the four spawner points.
Chell tells you he accidentally blew up the transporter. 

Take your Phaser, and blow out the consoles along the corridor to get the 
"Fireflies" to come to the transporter. They'll also fix the spawner points you 
destroyed, but for some reason no more creatures will come through. Go through
the transporter and down the corridor. Take out the creature working at the 
console and then take out the two nearby spawner points. Continue down the 

Go into the next room and quickly take out the flying creature. Then take out 
creatures that spawner. Walk over to the console to your right. Chell will work
at it a bit trying to open the forcefield above you. However he can only keep
it open if he stays behind to deactivate it. Go up the ramp and through the 
door. Run as fast as you can across the room to the transporter ahead of you.
Then run across the ramp to the next transporter. If you want you can fight it 
out, but this is much easier-- albeit a cheat. :-P

This time you can't just take out the energy pod because the Fireflies will 
repair it, so shoot the console beside you, and then take out the pod. You have
approximately eleven seconds to get across the floor before the energy pod is 
repaired-- more than enough time. Use the health and ammo terminals on the wall
and then go through the door. Go down the corridor and out into the main are to
find Lt. Foster. Kill the creatures attacking him, and then jump down to where
he's standing, and go down the corridor ahead of you.

Take out the spawner point on the wall to your right, and then go down the 
corridor. Take out the jellyfish and Chell will yell up at you from below.
Take out the creatures in the next room. Look into the stasis pods and you'll
see a few Malon, and then the rest of your team! Foster speculates a bit on why
they're here, and then he takes down the forcefield ahead.

There are two ways to deal with this next section: The easy cheating way, and 
the normal way. 

Easy cheating: Run all the way around the power core and go through the 
transporter on the other side. After this a cutscene will kick in.

Normal: Stand in the doorway and fend off the hordes of creatures, then go 
around and go through the transporter.

Either way, just walk forward and your done, so enjoy the cutscene! :D

8.12 "Renewal"

Second funniest line of script in the game is right here. :D
Talk to the Doctor and he'll heal you. You can hang around sickbay for awhile
if you want, and talk to your team, or you can just leave. Either way, go to 
the Turbolift at the end of the hallway and you'll end the mission. That was
quick wasn't it?

8.13 "Union"

Go down the hall to the Hazard Team lounge. Talk to Chang and Jurot, then go
back to the locker room and talk to the rest of your team. This will satisfy
the next objective. Chakotay will call you and then A cutscene will kick in.
Go out the door to the locker room, and listen to what is doubtlessly the 
funniest conversation in the game! :D 

Go out into the corridor and chat with Chakotay if you want. Then go into the 
equipment room and grab the weapons off the racks. Talk to Oviedo and he'll
give you the new Grenade Launcher. You can try it out in the Holodeck if you

Holodeck simulation: "Camelot"

This is not unlike the "High Noon" program. Lean a lot, and use the exploding
barrels to your advantage. There are enemies in the hallways of the castle, so
you'll have to search around a bit. 

Now you can either go to the Turbolift and end the mission, or go back to the 
lounge and watch Laird, Nelson, Csatlos, and Jaworski playing cards. 
BTW, each person has this same hand: Ace of spades, 3 of Diamonds, 10 of 
Diamonds (but these Diamonds are black!), and the King of Hearts. :-P

Anyway, go back to the Turbolift at the end of the hall and ride it down to the
Shuttle bay.

8.14 "Departure"

Go down the corridor and through the door at the end. Then go through the door 
to your right. Go out onto the catwalk and take the lift down. You can chat
with members of the Hazard Team standing around the shuttle bay if you want.
Go over to Tom and Lt. Foster standing near the bow of the Delta Flyer. 
Apparently there's some sort of problem with the docking clamps, and instead of
having some qualified engineer do it, Foster sends you. _

The door underneath the Delta Flyer is sealed, so go to the door underneath 
where you came into the Shuttle bay, near where Odell and Telsia are talking.
Go through and take the lift down. Once you get off the lift there's and 
explosion ahead of you, injuring a crewman. Quickly hit the panel he was 
working at, or he'll be killed by the gas. He tells you that you can't get 
through because of the remaining gas, so go back up the lift. As your going up 
the lift there's another explosion. (This damn place is falling apart!) 

Jump through the now blown out window at the top of the lift, and crawl along 
the ledge to the Jeffries tube and crawl through it. Jump down and hit the 
panel on the wall in front of you. This shuts off the gas and opens the door to
your right. Go through said door and hit the panel on the wall to release the
docking clamps. Now simply go through the next door and up the ladder (or back
around where the gas was and go up the lift) and enjoy the cutscene. :)

8.15 "The Visit"

This level is just one really long cutscene. Sit back and enjoy!

8.16 "Dangerous Ground"

This entire area is quite tough. First off: TURN OFF "ALWAYS RUN"!!! Stealth is
key. In all honesty I had never completed this mission undetected until about a
month before writing this FAQ. Apparently all that time spent playing Splinter
Cell was well worth it! :D

Don't shoot anyone unless they actually spot you, and even then it's generally
better to reload from an old save, then to have to fend off half the station.
The first time your detected Foster yells at you a bit, but you can still 
finish, however once you get detected a second time and he tells you that the
"Whole station knows your here" then your in trouble. 

Go up the ladder and through the next door. Don't mess with the sleeping 
Klingon captain. Go down the stairs to his left onto the lowered section of the
bridge. Hit the panel next to the first chair on your left to open the door to
your left. Go through it and around the corner. Don't walk in front of the 
large doorway to your right, carefully lean around the corner. The next is the 
most difficult in this level, so save often! This section has a patrolling 
Klingon and two sleeping ones. Carefully lean and watch the patrolling one 
till she's headed away from you. Then CAREFULLY walk into the room and go 
behind the crates *before* you get to the Klingon sleeping in the pathway. Duck
and wait for the patroling Klingon to head away from you again, then walk 
past the two barrels and head across (not down) the walkway. Hide behind the 
crates on the other side.

Walk along behind the crates till you get to the stack that's up against the 
wall blocking your path. Wait till the female Klingon is headed in the other 
direction, then follow her down the walkway and duck to the right past the 
stack of crates that were in your way. There's another Klingon ahead of you, 
but he's asleep. Wait until the female Klingon passes you headed towards the 
door you want to get through (not the door you came through) and then go across
the walkway and duck behind the crates on the far side.

Now wait till the Klingon is headed towards the door you came in, then duck out
the door towards the RIGHT (not the left!). If you do go left, then lean around
the corner and wait till the Klingon is facing away from you before going in 
front of the doorway.

Odell will check in from a Malon section of the base. Go through the door 
ahead and hide behind the crates to your right. Wait until the two Klingons on
the catwalk above go out the door, then go into the middle of the room. Use the
health and ammo terminals on the walls and then use your Phaser to shoot out
either of the thin beams holding up the rickety platform in the middle of the 
room. Jump up on it, you have to run to get over the gap. Use the panel next
to the door where the Klingons went through. This will open the door below you.
Jump back to the collapsed platform, and then to the floor. 

Go through the door and go towards the right. Wait for the Klingon to walk past
you and then go left up the ladder. Go past the Klingon working at the console
and go through the door to your right. This next section involves some tricky
jumping, so I'll give you some ASCII art:

             You start here
             | \
             | |           /
             | /___________|
              | |
             _| |______
              ____| |_______
             /              \

There ya go. Don't fall. :-P
Don't go out into the corridor ahead, there's a Klingon guard. Lean out to the 
left and spot him. Once he goes to into the inlet to your left, go straight 
ahead through the door. Hit the panel on the far wall and then watch the 
security camera till the guard goes back to where we was the first time you 
snuck past him. Go out the door and then past him to the door you unlocked.
Grab the case of Isodesium to your left and then hit the panel ahead of you.
This unlocks another door near where that Klingon was patrolling. Go back out 
and lean around the corner. Wait till he's coming towards you, and then he'll
turn away and stop. Get behind him and follow him (not to closely) and take
the first right. Go through the door to your left and jump through the hole in 
the floor. What a great sickbay eh? I hope I never get injured here! :-P

Grab the crystal in the crate that you landed on, and then go out the door and
go left. Go past the door where the Klingons are eating, and go down the 
ladder. Duck behind the crates and go to the right. Wait till the patrolling 
Klingon passes you going left and then quickly go right and go out the door to
your right. Go into the empty room and go into the tiny hole in the wall to 
your right and grab your next sample of Isodesium. 

Go up the ladder and past the Klingons working at the consoles. Go up the next
ladder and duck behind the crates to the right. Go to your left and use the
gray panel on the far wall. It's one-of-a-kind, so it's hard to miss. This 
will transfer power for Telsia. Lean around the corner and wait for one of the
Klingons to leave. In doing so he unlocks the door ahead and to the right.

Go past the two Klingons working at the stations, and go through the door.
Walk ahead to end this level.

8.17 "Conflicting Views"

Go ahead, around the corner, and walk out onto the catwalk above the cargo bay.
Walk to your right and go down the ladder. Sneak around behind the crates and 
you should come out right next to a sample of Isodesium. That makes three!

Pointless sidenote: If you lean around from one of the crates and shoot at any
of the Scavengers below, they will start fighting as long as they don't see 
you. And despite being outnumbered 2-to-1 the Klingons always win this battle.

Go through the door to your right and use the ammo terminal on the wall to your
left. You radio to Foster that you have all the Isodesium, but he tells you 
that Odell is missing, and he orders you to find him. Kenn overrides the 
security door ahead of you, so go through. 

Phaser the weak section of the grate to your left, and crawl through. Go around
the pipes and drop down through the hole in the floor. If you need ammo, turn
right and go up the stairs. Go straight ahead to the ladder and use the ammo
terminal. If you don't, then go straight ahead and go left though the hole. 
Have your Phaser ready, because this place is crawling with Parasites. Follow 
the conduit, and jump out at the end. Go through the door ahead, and use the 
health terminal on the far side. Don't fall in the acid, but carefully walk up 
the inclined beam to your left and then jump (you'll need to run) up onto the
huge floating crate with the Klingon symbols on it. Jump from there down onto
the beam to your left.

This next jump is kinda tough. Line yourself up with the ladder on the 
right-hand wall, and jump across to it (you'll need to run again). You should 
land on the ladder. If you fall into the acid, quickly jump back onto the beam
and try again. Climb up the ladder and turn around. To your right you should 
see a grate on the wall below. Jump down and hit it with Phaser fire. Crawl 
through and jump using the pipes till you get through the door into the next 
maintenance shaft.

Go until you get to the opening to your left. Wait till the Malon guard is 
facing away from you, and then sneak out and to the right. Go around the corner
away from the guards and you should find the 'Pump Control Switch' along with a
Dilithium Crystal. Use the pump console to shut off the pumps, and wait for the
guards to take the lift down to try and fix the problem. Once they get down 
there, walk over and use the waste level console on the right wall to flood the
area below. This will drown the guards, and open the door across the room for 

Go out the door and use the Klingon crate to get across once again, then use 
the ladder ahead of you to get up. If you need health, then you can turn around
and jump across the broken section to find a terminal. While jumping, stay to 
the right; its shorter there. Save first though, because it's tricky. Either 
way, go through the door ahead to load the next level.

8.18 "Conflicting Views (Pt 2)"

Look down and to your right. Carefully jump down onto the broken in tube below. 
Crawl through it till you get to an open section. Carefully walk on the junk in
the corridor, avoiding the dangerous mess on the floor. Once you come to an 
open room, take out your Phaser and kill the two parasites ahead of you.
Jump out to the small  floating crate ahead of you, then jump from there to the
ledge just ahead. Walk around the ledge carefully until you get to where the 
Parasites where.

Use the crates stacked along the wall to get to the upper level. Use the health
terminal ahead, and then climb up the ladder to the left. Go right and up the 
ladder. You're now over the Hirogen section. The hunters below are talking 
about their Alpha hunting some new prey. Keep crawling till you find the 
portion of grate that's broken out. Drop down onto the crates below. 

If you've been detected to many times you'll find Odell dead here. He only has
two samples of Isodesium so you'll have to get the last one.

Here's where the mission really starts going downhill fast. There's no way to 
use stealth through this section, so turn back on always run, and switch your 
brain back to "Run 'n' gun" tactics. :-P

Carefully lean around the corner and snipe the guard with the Phaser Rifle alt
fire, then go into the room and take out his buddy on the other side. Then go 
up to the double-doors. Carefully open the one on the left and take out the 
guard on the right. Go around the corner to the left and take the elevator
down. If you go left there's another hunter, but also a health terminal and
a door back to the Malon section where you'll find another health terminal, 
along with an ammo terminal.

This next section is pretty basic. Take out all the hunters by whatever means 
necessary. The Scav Rifle alt fire works well here if you use it at long range 
while strafing. Climb up on the spiked ball-thing and jump into the small
conduit. Go through the door and drop down to find Odell.

Odell tells you that he had one sample left to find, and you (of course) 
promise to get it for him. He warns you about ambush, and then beams back to 
the extraction point. Walk down the shaft and shoot the Malon who's shoving
the crate. This will get the rest of the Malon to notice you. Take them all 
out-- use your Phaser if you can.

Grab the crystal hidden behind the crates ahead of you, then walk out into the
cargo bay. Quickly take cover because some human Scavengers will start shooting
at you from the other side of the huge bay. Use your zoom feature and Phaser 
fire to take them all out. Resist the urge to use another weapon so you don't 
have to wait for the Phaser to reload; you'll need the ammo later on.

After you take them all out, a cutscene ensues. Jump out onto the non-moving 
section of the crane. Climb up to the top of the ladder and save your game! As
the moving portion of the list comes by you, jump off the ladder and onto it.
When it gets to the side with the control consoles, jump off quickly and save
your game again. Grab Odell's last sample of Isodesium from the control, 
shutting off the crane system. 

Climb down the ladder to your right. There's a TOS-era shuttle ahead of you 
that's seen better days. Climb up on the port nacelle (the one on your right), 
and then take a running jump to the crates against the wall. Crawl into the 
Jeffries tube and use the health terminal. Then jump up to the top-most crate 
and turn around. Phaser out the grate in the wall of the control room where 
Telsia was, and take a running jump through. Use the ammo terminal on the wall,
then jump back down and go through the yellow door into the Turbolift.

Pointless note: Someone was scrawled the words "No Escape" in the floor of the
cargo bay between the two doors out of the cargo bay.

8.19 "Disorder"

Ok, back to the stealth mission. Turn off Auto Run and start leaning again. :)

Walk out the door and turn left. Go left again through the large doors. 
Carefully make your way through the sleeping Scavengers until you get to a 
section where you can see two guys playing 3D Chess straight ahead. Go right 
down the corridor and past the blue door. It will open just slightly catching 
the attention of the two chess-playing guys. They come over to have a look at 
the door, and then decide to jamb it open and go get something to eat.

Wait till they leave, then go through the door they jammed open. Go into the 
first door on the left, walk up to the security monitor, and hit the control
switch to your right. This kills the forcefield guarding the door opposite the
one that was jammed open. Go back and through that door.

Go into the access port in the wall and kill the parasites inside. Go down the 
ladder. Go straight ahead to the Klingon control panel if you need health, 
otherwise go left through the red door. DON'T go through the yellow door ahead
of you. Instead, carefully go up the yellow ladder to the right. Listen to the
engineers talk until two of them leave and the other goes over to a control 
panel on the far wall. Go back down the ladder and carefully lean to make sure
the other two are really gone, then go into engineering staying along the wall
farthest away from the one remaining engineer.

Use the gray control panel ahead of you that looks strangely reminiscent of the
one you used to shut off power for Telsia back in the Klingon engineering
section. This will set off a series of explosions that will send the remaining
engineer running. Quickly walk up the wide red ladder near where the first two
engineers where working, and go up. Take the door to your left. Phaser the 
large grate, and crawl through the decaying Jeffries tubes. Keep your Phaser
handy because this place is crawling with parasites. Keep going till you reach
a ladder. Climb down to end the level.

8.20 "Infiltration"

Go out the blue door and left through the gray door. Go through the crew 
quarters and out either of the two gray doors on the other side. Go right and 
quickly walk past the blue door (stick to the left) and duck into the gray door
on the right. Hit the Klingon console in the corner to cause an explosion.

Jump over the wreckage in the middle of the room and watch the security camera.
It cycles through three views: Telsia in sickbay, two Scavengers guarding a 
doorway, and the camera just outside the gray door to your left. The two 
Scavengers will argue a bit outside the door, then walk off. Don't go out yet 
because one of them will come back. He'll stand around a bit and then start 
pacing back and forth. Wait till he's walking away from you and then go out the
door, straight ahead, and through the red door on the left.

There's a cutscene here. The first time I played through this I panicked when I
say Munro standing in front of the mirror, so I instinctively hit alt fire 
launching a grenade right in my own face. :D Luckily for me there's an autosave 
in that cutscene. _

Anyway, the Scavengers wont pay to much attention to you now. Go out the door 
to the right of the mirror, not the one you came in through. Go down the ladder
and in between the two guards and into the crew quarters to find ammo and 
health. Go back and take the red door to your left. Take the ladder down and be
careful. That's a long way to fall.

Go ahead through the red door, ahead through the blue, right down the corridor,
and through the next blue. Then go left, and then right and through the first 
red door on the left.

Pointless note: If you turn left down the corridor instead of right, and follow
it to the end, you'll find a wall panel on which someone has scrawled "No 

Walk up to the Doctor and Telsia who is on the table. Don't kill him (yet). 
He'll tell you to get him some "Veritrax Twelve from the lab. The blue 
hypospray." Walk past him and go around the corner and into the orange door to
your left. Do NOT get the Veritrax Twelve off the table near the computer, 
instead grab the Solinol Tranquilizer off the table with the bottles on it.

Go back to the Doctor, walk up to him and shoot him full of the tranquilizer. 
You have to get pretty close, so bump right into him before firing. After he
goes down a cutscene kicks in.

Alternately if you're bored you can do a few things that aren't really 
conductive to the mission, but they're somewhat entertaining:

1: Use the Veritrax 12 on the Doctor. He sets off the intruder alert, and then
whips out a knife. You have to kill him and the rest of the Scavengers in the
area, then walk up to Telsia and the cutscene comes in just like normal.

2: Walk up to the Doctor and give him the Veritrax 12. He'll inject Telsia
who will then inform him that you are working with her. He then gets out his
knife and sets off the alarm just like before. Telsia doesn't seem to suffer
any after-effects from being drugged either. _

Alright, back to the game! Follow Telsia and she'll unlock the next door for 
you. It's a good idea to turn back on auto-run again. As soon as you get 
through the door, hit the door panel to the left to close it and keep any other
Scavengers from getting through. Go up and talk to the Captain. Your story is
pretty transparent, so the shooting starts pretty quick. Take out the Captain
and the three officers with him. You may have to close the door you came 
through again during the fight. Use the health and ammo terminals on either 
side of the door, and then hit the panel on the arm of the Captains chair
to open the door. 

Walk along the corridor and go through the next door back into the Klingon 
section. A cutscene will come up again, so get ready because as soon as it's
done you'll be in another firefight. Don't be afraid to use the Phaser Rifle 
alt fire if need be. Take out all four guards and then grab any crystals you
need out of the crates. Go back to the bridge of the Starfleet ship and use the 
health and ammo terminals if you need to.

Go through the next series of doors and down the lift to the next level.

8.21 "The Hunter"

Yet another cutscene ending in an immediate firefight. _
At first it seems nearly impossible to beat this guy, but once you figure it 
out it's laughably easy. As soon as the cutscene ends, get a crate between you 
and him. This weapon of his-- the Tetryon Pulse Disruptor-- can cut right 
through some crates, but it'll give you a few seconds of cover.

While his shielding is up (he has a golden aura around him) he is totally and
completely invincible, don't even waste your ammo. The only time his shield
goes down is after he's been firing for awhile. This creates an interesting 
way to beat him. Get under the catwalk (his weapon can't cut through it) and
get right underneath him. He'll fire at you for a few seconds, then wait a bit.
Use  this opportunity to run out from under the catwalk and fire off a shot. 
Use either the Phaser Rifle alt fire, Scav Rifle alt fire, or Grenade alt fire. 

The higher the difficulty level, the more he moves. On easy he pretty much 
stays in one place and lets you take potshots at him, but on the harder levels
whenever he's not firing, he's running to a better position.

There are two terminals here: one for health, the other for ammo. Use them only
when he's on the same side that they are (I.E. don't use the terminal on the
right side while he's standing on the left side because he'll have a clear shot
across the cargo bay. 

It takes about ten shots (less with the Phaser Rifle) to bring him down. Once 
he goes down, quickly use the platform that you knocked down in the first 
level of this mission to get up to the catwalk. Walk up to him and he'll 
congratulate you, give you his weapon, and then die. 

Remember the door you came through the first time you came into this cargo bay?
Better pay attention now because the Klingons will be busting through any 
minute now. The Klingons will yell and curse a bit, then cut the door down. The
weapon the Hunter gave you works _great_ here. Take them all out before they 
can even get through the door. 

Jump down and use the terminals one last time... if there's anything left in 
them, and go out the door that the Klingons cut down. Use lean and your new
gun to get back to the extraction point. You've already been through here once
so it shouldn't be that difficult. Once you get back to the bridge, the 
Klingon Captain comes at you with a knife, so be careful. Take him out and make
your way back down the ladder to the extraction point.

Watch the cutscene and the mission will end.

8.22 "Fallout"

Watch the cutscene of Tuvok chewing you out, and then go into the locker room.
Talk with Biessman, Chell and Telsia, and then go to the equipment room and 
talk to Oviedo. Then go to the Hazard Team lounge and talk with the rest of 
your team. Once you talk to everyone in the room, Tuvok calls you to the 
Astrometrics lab. Walk up to the Turbolift and.. Agh!... uh.. I mean Hi Tuvok.

This level is done and gone. Enjoy the cutscene. :)

8.23 "Proving Ground"

Not quite as nice as the last Borg cube you where on, eh?

Jurot "senses" them and tells you that they don't consider you a threat... yet.
Take out the disnode ahead of where you start to bring down the forcefield. Go
down the corridor and past the drones working at the consoles and out into the
huge open area. Nelsen will panic as a drone starts walking towards him, and
ask you if he should take him down. Don't do anything, and the drone will walk
right past. Go on to the next area.

Seven works at the console for a bit trying to take down the forcefield, but
it's not working, so she orders Chang to blow out the power source. As soon as
he sets the charge, get across the room, or at least hide behind something. 
As soon as the explosives go off, the Borg start beaming in en-masse.

They don't attack you for a second, but then they start shooting. Take them all
out (don't forget the drones on the upper level). Apparently these Borg have
adapted to living in the Forge by learning how to shoot. Isn't it just great
how writers make everything to work for them? :D

Go through the forcefield, and take out the regenerating drone. Keep going down
this corridor until you get to a series of assimilation chambers. Inside the 
first one on the right is Lt. Foster! While Jurot and Seven argue over whether 
or not it's a good idea to save him, walk down to the forcefield blocking the
corridor at the end. Chang will come down there, and after few seconds he'll 
somehow disable two of the forcefields. 

Go through the one on your right. Now this can be a bit tricky, and you have to
be fast, so make *sure* you have Auto-Run on. Once you run into the first 
assimilation chamber, the table moves up. Run to the right and walk onto the 
small ledge that goes around each table. Hit the panel on the table and ride it
to the upper level. Quickly turn around and duck through the pipes in the are 
behind you. Go left-- take out the drones if they get in your way, but 
otherwise leave them.  Go up to the table and walk up onto it like you did 
before, then hit the panel and ride it down. Run straight ahead and shoot the 
drone next to Foster. Run up to his table and hit the panel. Janeway will
congratulate you, and Foster will be beamed to sickbay. 

If the drone next to Foster manages to get his table up into the upper level, 
he's gone, so make this quick. It's not all that hard to do, so if you screw it
up just try again from a save. (I'd hope you'd have saved at some point before
you got here). :-P

Alternately you can just be a callous jackass and walk away. Jurot and Chang 
will yell at you, but Seven will commend you for not risking the mission.

Whether you manage to save Foster or not, go behind his table and hit the panel
to take down all the forcefields. Go back into the main corridor, and keep 
going. Inside the last forcefield on the right are a few drones on the upper 
level. They're not a threat to you, but sometimes your teammate's AI will cause 
them to get stuck there trying to shoot them, so take them out. Continue down
the corridor taking out the regenerating drones as you go. 

Once you get to an area with a long blue ramp, look to the right before heading 
down the ramp. There should be a damaged grate on the wall. Shoot it out and 
crawl through. Crawl through to the end. DON'T shoot out the grate ahead, 
carefully use your Phaser and shoot _over the top_ to take out the Disnode.
Now shoot out the grate and jump down. The rest of your team will come around 
from the other direction. For some reason the AI can't tell that these drones
are offline, so they have to shoot all of them. _

Anyway, go around the corner ahead of you and SAVE HERE!!!
Take out the first regenerating drone and the rest will wake up. Take them all
out without walking forward. Other drones beam in on the far side of the chasm.
Find Nelson, and follow him. Take up a position right next to him and start 
sniping drones with I-MOD alt fire. After he yells "I don't have a good shot!"
a drone will beam in directly across from him. Nelson will get hit at least 
once; that's a given. But if he gets hit again he dies, so take out that drone 

Jurot will beam him back to Voyager whether he's dead or just injured, so keep
going. As soon as you get to the end, you'll see two green forcefields.
However two drones will beam in directly in front of you. Take them both out
and the forcefield will go down. Use the ammo terminal and then follow Seven.

Seven will start working on the forcefield, but the rest of your team will be 
ambushed. Take up a position at the end of the corridor. Chang and Jurot will 
run back to you, so be careful not to hit them. Take out the drones as they 
come down the corridor. After awhile Chang will set another explosive charge.
Run back into the room and it should take out a few drones. The blast will
knock Chang down, but he's ok. Keep him and Jurot covered as much as you can. 

You will most likely run out of ammo several times here, don't panic, there are
several ammo terminals in this room, and if they're all empty, refer to section
7.1 on what to do if you run out of I-MOD ammo. Once the forcefield is down, 
hit the health and ammo terminals once more if you can, then run through to end 
the level.

8.24 "Information"

Use the ammo terminal directly ahead. Like Seven said, it really doesn't matter
which way you go:

Left: Take out the regenerating drone ahead of you, then go straight ahead and
take out the next two drones. Use the Plasma Filter if you can. Use the health 
terminal and then go right around the corner. At the next junction several 
drones will beam in. Take them out and then go straight ahead.

Ahead: Follow the corridor. Go right and use the ammo terminal, then turn 
around and take out the regenerating Borg. Several more will beam in, take them 
out as well. Once you get to the junction several more drones will beam in. 
Take them out and then go right.

Go into the next room and take out the regenerating Borg and the ones that 
beam in. There's a forcefield ahead of you, but the disnode is on the other
side! So WTF are you supposed to do?! 
Well, to the left of where you cam in is a small area with two regeneration
chambers. Go past them and duck into the broken out section of the wall to your
right. Crawl through the conduit and Phaser the disnode through the vent. 
Go back to your team and go through the downed forcefield. 

Use the health and ammo terminals on either side of the vent you shot through,
and then go right into the large chamber. Take out the drones that beam in, and
then take the lift in the middle of the room down. Take out the next wave of 
drones, and then grab some ammo from the terminal on the wall before going down
the next lift. Take out the drones that beam in here (the Grenade Launcher 
works well) and then walk around the structure in the middle of the room to
start a cutscene. There's a Plasma Filter behind you, so be careful. Some nice
person has already taken out the disnode ahead of you, so keep going down the 

DO NOT WALK INTO THE NEXT ROOM!!! Take out your Tetryon Pulse Disruptor and 
look for the disnode on the right wall of the next room. It's behind a grate, 
but you can still take it out. There's a small space to the left of the grate.
Target your weapon there, and fire a single alt fire shot. It should bounce off
the angled part of the wall, and hit the disnode. If it doesn't work, try 
again. Once you hit it, Seven will compliment you on your shooting, and you can
safely move into the room. Grab the ammo and health here, (don't forget the
crystal near the disnode) and then go through the downed forcefield.

Several more drones will beam in as you make your way down the corridor. Take 
them out and walk onto the lift at the end. Take it down to end the level.

8.25 "Covenant"

Go right and use the ammo terminal, and then head left around the catwalk. Be 
careful, don't fall into the yellow haze. After you get about halfway around,
several crones will beam in ahead of, and behind you. Once you get around to 
the other side, then go down the corridor. Don't go into the room fully yet, 
hang back in the corridor and wait for the Borg to come down the hall before 
you take them down. Once you've taken them all down, go into the room. Grab the 
ammo and health around the room, but be careful, there are several points in
the room that cause more drones to beam in. 

Once you're done, go down the lift ahead and to the left of where you came in.
This next room is similar to the first, but there are more drones. Directly
ahead of the lift you came down on is another lift. Take it down, but make sure
you stand in front of the rest of your teammates and get your Grenade Launcher
ready. As soon as the lift reaches the bottom, several drones will beam in, 
drop an alt fire grenade on them BEFORE the lift reaches the bottom. There's
a forcefield in the corridor, but no disnode in sight. Another puzzle for ya. 

Remember that Plasma Filter in the elevator shaft? Yeah. 
Ride the elevator back up, and (while standing as far back in the elevator as 
you can) shoot out the Filter and jump through the resulting hole. Crawl along
and blow out the disnode hanging on the ceiling. Keep going down the shaft 
until you get to the end. Jump up on the ledge to the left and use the health
terminal. Then take a running jump across to the ammo terminal on the other 
side. And yes, that stupid buzzing noise when you jump is enough to drive you
insane, just switch off your speakers. _

Go back to where you left your team, and continue. Don't even waste your ammo 
on the drones regenerating on the far side of the room, just walk in and a 
cutscene starts.

Ok, that was weird. And aren't humans at peace with 8472? Ah well, creative 
license I guess. _

Don't shoot any more drones. Seven and Jurot will debate whether helping the
Borg is a good idea, but Chang says he "Has it covered." Go back to the catwalk
around the edge of the room and go through to your right. The Tetryon Disruptor
kicks ass against 8472, so switch to it now. Avoid using federation ammo, try 
to stick to Dilithium weaponry.

Use the health to your right, and then go left. Seven will start working on the 
forcefield, and tell you that since your last battle with 8472 she has upgraded 
your weapons so the will be effective (even the weapons you picked up on away 
missions apparently). Once she gets the forcefield down, the level will end.

8.26 "Infestation"

Walk ahead and take out the 8472's that come down the corridor. Use the ammo
terminal to the left and then continue on. More 8472's will break through the
wall, and more will come from the next room. Cross over either of the bridges, 
but don't go into the next room. Take out the 8472's as the come through the
doorway. If you need health or ammo, duck through the webbing to the right of
where you came in, and use the terminals. Go to the left of where you came in,
but don't go into the next room. Several 8472's will drop down the busted 
elevator shaft, and others will come around from behind. 

Once they're all gone, continue down the corridor killing the 8472's as you go.
Go across the huge round catwalk and through the next section. Your best 
strategy through this big section is to hang back and let the creatures come to
you. Go around the next catwalk to the right, and use the health terminal. 
Don't go up the elevator just yet, more 8472's will drop down. Take them out,
and then ride the elevator to the top.

Once the lift gets to the top, get out your Stasis Weapon and grab the ammo
crystal to your right. The Stasis Weapon's wide blast is perfect for taking
out the 8472's on this next section of catwalk. You can see the Isodesium in 
the next chamber. Get out your I-MOD again and walk into the chamber... I've 
got a feeling you about to be double-crossed... 

This final battle is different depending on whether or not you managed to 
rescue Lt. Foster:

If you saved Foster: Chang's "little" trick serves to disorient the Borg a 
bit, but they still attack you. Take them all out as quickly as you can, a few 
more waves will beam in, but they're pretty easy to take out. After the Borg
have been destroyed, watch the cutscene, and the movie that seems to be leading 
up to something really great, but is a total letdown. :(

If you where a dope and failed to rescue Foster: A Borg version of Foster beams
in with the rest of the drones. He's much harder to beat and can take lots of
hits with the I-MOD. Once he goes down he asks Munro to kill him, but he can't.

8.27 "R & R"

There's a weird bug here where your teammates will walk off the transporter 
platform before they're fully materialized, so they're talking to Tuvok while
they're not even all there. :-P

Wait for Tuvok to debrief you, then go to the locker room. Your team will 
either congratulate you on saving Foster, or console you for his death. Telsia
asks you to meet her in the Mess Hall later. Once your done, go to the 
equipment room and talk to Oviedo about the Photon Burst. He gives you a 
prototype to test out on the Holodeck. Unlike the other times you can use the
Holodeck, this is actually a mission objective.

Holodeck simulation: "Qo'noS"

There are 25 Klingons scattered around the temple with Scav Rifles. The don't
really move around much, so they're pretty easy to take out. Use the pillars
around the edges for cover. There are four terminals here: two health and two
ammo. They're all on the outside walls, health is on the outside, and ammo is 
on the inside. This program isn't to hard, just strafe to avoid being injured 
and you should be fine.

Go out of the equipment room, and take the Turbolift to the Mess Hall.

8.28 "Visual Confirmation"

Interesting sidenote: Go out of the Turbolift and head left as far as you can 
go, and go through the door to find your quarters! Pretty basic stuff, but 
interesting nonetheless. :) The only difference I've found between the Male and
Female versions of Alex's quarters is that Alexander has a picture of himself 
and his teammates in Rugby tournament near the window, whereas Alexandria has a
signed picture of herself with Worf. Their trophies are identical.

Anyway, go left out or your quarters, or right out of the Turbolift and right 
again and continue to the end of the corridor to get to the Mess Hall. Talk to
Telsia. Nelix interrupts here as she's about to say something, and then she 
leaves. Talk to Tom, Chakotay, Chang, and Nelix. Then talk to Nelix again. This
will cause a cutscene to kick in ending the level.

8.29 "Offense"

After the cutscene, walk to the locker room. Talk to Telsia and Chang, and 
Chell and Csatlos, then grab your helmet off the top of your locker. Go to the
equipment room and grab your weapons off the racks, then go to the transporter
room and beam out with the rest of your team.

8.30 "The Breach"

It takes a second for the transporters to get you completely rematerialized. 
The gravity in this area is low, so you can jump quite high. (Reminds me of
force-jumping from Jedi Knight 2 ;-P)

Tuvok says that the environmental integrity must be restored before you can 
move on, so jump up on the crates ahead of where you beamed in, and jump to the
outcropping on the wall to your left. Jump from there to a set of platforms on 
the wall ahead. Jump from platform to platform till you get to the top. (On
harder difficulty levels there will be less of these platforms.)
Jump from there to the fighter platform to your left. Use the control panel in
the middle of the main platform to restore power.

Take the elevator behind you down to the lower platform. Go through the door 
that Chell opened. Follow the corridor. Chell will panic and shoot at some
parasites thinking that they're Harvesters, just ignore them. Go up the ladder 
to the right and grab the health if you need it. Chell will unlock the door and
you can all move on. Go into the elevator and ride it to the top.

Go down the blocked corridor. The door on your left is being jammed, so go 
through the door on your right. There are a few crates and several damaged 
stasis pods. Tuvok orders you and Telsia to find a way around the debris that 
are blocking the corridor. To the left of the stasis pods that are mounted on 
the wall are several brown crates with explosives in them. Make sure no one is 
nearby before blowing them up with the Phaser. 

Crawl through the now-opened ventilation shaft, and drop down. Quickly kill the
parasites to your left, and then follow the shaft and go up the ladder at the 
end. You're now on the other side of the debris. Go into the door on your right 
and into the medical bay. A chair is blocking the door, but you can't destroy 
it with weapons fire. In the right corner of the room is a medical bed with 
some sort of laser hanging over it. Use the control panels at the foot of the 
bed to target the laser on the chair. In case your wondering, you have to move 
it 28 times to the left, and up 7 times before it's properly targeted. In the 
middle of the back wall there are three control panels. Use the lit one to 
activate the laser beam, destroying the chair and allowing the rest of your 
team to come through.

Lead your team out the door you came in and Chell will open the next door for 
you. Go up the lift to end the level.

8.31 "Command"

Wait for the lift to get to the top, then get out. Be careful while going down
this next corridor. Lean around the corner and look through the door. There are
several Scavengers working on the door to the bridge of the gunship. Get out
your Tetryon Disruptor and kill them. Run into the room, get some cover, and 
take out the Scavengers as quickly as you can. Basically use the same tactics 
that you did during the Scavenger attack on Voyager. Once they're all dead 
Chell starts working on the door. Use the health and ammo terminals on either 
side of the door you came through. Chell gets the door open pretty fast, unlike
those Scavengers, so go through.

Chell seals the door, and Tuvok starts working on gaining control of the 
gunship. After that, a cutscene starts.

8.32 "Primary Encounter"

Walk down the corridor until the cutscene starts. Take out the maintenance 
bots; the Tetryon Pulse Disruptor or the Phaser Rifle work well. Once they're 
dead, go down the lift to your right. Take out the turret to your right as fast
as you can, and then take out the spider bots on the catwalk. Don't walk out 
onto the catwalk just yet though. Carefully walk out onto the catwalk and use 
your TED's zoom to snipe the bot straight ahead of you with the Phaser.

Carefully lean around the corner to your left and take out the bot on the upper
level, and the turret on the lower level. Walk forward along the catwalk but 
don't go to the end just yet. Lean around the corner to the left and take out 
the turret. The way to the next section is blocked, so walk to the end of the 
catwalk and take the elevator down. 

Be very careful down here. Walk around the narrow section of the corner 
(there's no need to jump) and go up to the broken in section. There's a portion
that's not as wide; jump across there. (You'll need to run.) Walk around the 
narrow section of the corner (again, no need to jump) to get to the control 
panel to the left. Then continue left again and get the ammo crystal. Keep 
going around clockwise till you get back and then retrace your steps, jumping
across the narrow section, and walking around the narrow corner. When you get 
back the lift is gone, but if you stand on the reddish colored plate to bring 
it back down. 

Take the lift back up, and go across the now-lowered section of catwalk. Take
the lift up, and take out the maintenance bots. Hit the panel to the left of 
the door and then ride the elevator up to end the level.

8.33 "The Skirmish"

Take out the bot right outside the elevator door. Go down the hall taking out
the bots as you go. There's a door to the left about halfway down the corridor.
Go close enough to open the door, but don't go inside. Use your Grenade 
Launcher pri fire to take out the bots inside. Use the terminals inside, and
come back here if you need any more ammo or health later in this level. Go
down the corridor, through the door, and take out the bot. Hit the panel to 
your right at the end of this corridor to open the door ahead. Go through the
door an about halfway down the stairs to trigger a cutscene. 

Quickly jump down the stairs and hit the big bot with the Tetryon Disruptor or
Phaser Rifle. If you back around the room clockwise while it chases you, you
can kill it easily. Since you run as fast (if not a bit faster) than it does,
this seems to work well. Chang tries the next door, but it's locked, so he
tells you that the only way to move on is down the lift where the huge bot came
from. Use the health terminals, and grab the ammo crystals on either side of 
the huge pillar in the middle of the room. Go back to the room I mentioned 
above if you need any Federation ammo. Once you're stocked up, go down the lift
to end the level.

8.34 "Defensive Measures" 

Go ahead into the next room. Quickly take out the flying bot first, and then 
the smaller ones. Blow up the explosive crates (the brown colored ones), there 
are ammo terminals and crystals behind some of them. Make sure neither of your
teammates are nearby when you do this however. Climb up on the stack of crates
in the middle of the room using the smaller ones as stairs to get another 

By the door to the left of where you came in is an inactive spider-bot. Next to
it is the Dreadnaught Weapon. Grab it and go out the door. Go around the corner
and test your new "toy" on the small bots. Works pretty well eh? Save the alt 
fire for emergencies because it really sucks up the ammo. Go into the next 
room. There are TWO huge bots and several smaller ones. Take out the big bots 
by running backwards down the corridor (they'll chase you can ignore your 
teammates) while shooting them with the Arc Welder. Then take out the smaller
bots before going into the room. Once you go in you'll be attacked by two 

HUGE BUG: If you have yet to download the v1.12 patch or buy the expansion 
pack, there is a huge bug in this section whereby any shots from the turrets 
that hit your teammates _after_ the turrets have been destroyed are counted as 
if YOU shot them. So if you haven't downloaded the patch and your teammates 
keep attacking you, then stop reading and go download it now! :P

Go back outside and use the health terminal outside the door. Go back into the 
room. The door out is blocked, so you'll have to find another way. To the left 
of where you came in is a crane-type vehicle with treads. Use the control panel
on the back of it to smash it into the support beams holding up the upper 
catwalk. Make SURE no one is standing in front of it or under the catwalk 
before you do this!!!

Go up the collapsed catwalk and go through the door. Take out the two bots and 
grab the crystal to your left. Go through the next door and take out the two
flying bots and the small one(s). Go through to the next room and take the 
lift up. Tuvok tells you you're getting close to the tram. Go out of the lift 
and straight ahead. That's a long way to fall, so be careful! :P

Keep going straight and watch the cutscene of you and your team riding the 
tram. Safety rails anyone? That thing looks damn dangerous. :P
After this, the level ends.

8.35 "Attunement"

Here's part two of the cutscene. Go straight ahead. Heed Chang's warning, that 
gas is dangerous. Ignore the lift ahead of you, and duck into the maintenance 
shaft in the right wall. Kill the parasites and crawl to the end of the shaft, 
but don't go into the room just yet. Lean around the corner and use your 
Phaser Rifle to take out the bot in the next room. On the far right side of the
wall farthest from you is a turret. Take it out from the shaft as well. Now go
into the room. There are three machines in this room. Once has a tube attached 
to the top of it, and is creating the gas leak. Blow it out with your Phaser to
stop the gas.

Go back through the shaft and rejoin your team. Get out your Photon Burst and
run through the corridor that was blocked by the gas. Fire at least three alt 
fire shots at the huge bot walking away from you. Now switch to the Arc Welder
and take out his buddies. If there are any ammo crystals left in the room with
the three machines, you can go back for them if you want. 

Note: Don't let any stray weapons fire hit the plasma tubes along the walls!
If you do they'll blow out a HUGE fireball...of course there's nothing stopping
you from using this to your advantage as long as your careful not to kill your 
teammates or yourself. ;)

Walk down the corridor and go through the door. There's a turret on the far 
wall, and also a pillar ahead of you. Put the pillar between yourself and the 
turret and focus on the bots that are attacking you. Once they're dead, take
out the turret with your Phaser by leaning around the pillar. There's another
turret mounted on the corner here, but it can't target you unless you actually
walk around the corner, so take it out now with your Phaser.

Go through the next door and take out your Photon Burst. A door at the far end
of the corridor will open and a huge bot will come through. Fire off three alt
fire shots and the switch back to the Arc Welder and finish off the other one 
that comes around the corner in front of you. Run up the sloped area to your
left and take out they flying bot. Grab the crystals and go back down.

Go through into the area to your right and take out the small bots. The problem
with the plasma focuser is obvious, but you can't get to the consoles from 
here. Use the terminals and then go back out to the main corridor.

Go into the next room and take out the flying bots. The gravity in this room is
very low, so jump up onto the floating platforms. Once you get to the second 
one, target the bots on the left side with your Phaser and take them out. Once 
you get to the third platform take out the ones on the right. You'll need to
run to get from platform to platform. Once your over the platform, tap the 
'Back' key to keep yourself from overshooting your mark. Once you get to the 
top, jump across the narrow section to the other side and use the elevator 
controls to bring the rest of your team up.

The door ahead of you is locked for some reason, despite the fact that Tuvok
said he disabled all the locks. However Chang will blow it open with a detpack.
Go through the blown out door and take out the small bots in the corridor 
beyond. Get on the lift and ride it down. Go ahead through the corridor taking 
out bots as you go. You're now in the other side of the plasma focusing 
chamber. Hit the blinking red panel to realign the stream. 

Tuvok congratulates you and tells you that you now have to load the charge.
Go through the door that was blocked by the stream, and go down the lift to end
the level.

8.36 "Array"

About now, Chang will whip out a Scav Rifle (why didn't he use it before?)
Go out of the lift and take out the small bot ahead. This will get two huge 
bots to come at you. Take them out with the Photon Burst or the Arc Welder, 
then take out the smaller bots. Go around the corner and use your Photon Burst
to take out the huge bot standing in the lift, then use the Arc Welder to take
out the smaller bots. Get in the lift that the huge bot was standing in, and 
take it down. 

Two huge bots will come from around the corner, kill them both quickly. Stay 
away from the rods, but take the small ladder to the left down. Walk underneath
and grab the two hidden crystals. You can't get through without raising the 
rods, so go back up the ladder and around the corner where the two bots came 
from. Take the lift up.

Once you get to the top of the lift, quickly take out the big bot, and then the
small ones. Go back down the lift and use the health terminal if you need to.
Go into the next room with the reactor core. Walk around it and wait for the 
lift with two huge bots to come down. Once it does, take them out. 

Go up the lift and take out the flying bots. Walk up to the control panel and
use it to lift the rods. Don't run back to the lift just yet though, three 
small bots will come through. Drop the rods back down and they'll walk right 
into them. A big bot will take stand at the far end of the bridge. Leave the 
rods lowered and go back down the lift to the bridge. 

As soon as the bot sees you it will run across the bridge...and right into the
rods! Dumb robot. Go back up top and raise the rods. Go back to the bridge. As
soon as you get about halfway across, the forcefield on the other side will 
drop and two turrets will swing out of the wall. The best way to deal with them
is to quickly run across the bridge hitting them with the Arc Welder while 
strafing back and forth. 

Once you get across the bridge, grab the ammo crystals near where the turrets 
where, and then use your Phaser to take out the small bot at the end of the 
corridor to your left. Then walk down the corridor and take out the two huge 
bots that run at you. You're now (finally) ready to load the charge. Hit the
panel ahead of you and then go down the lift behind you.

Quickly take out the two turrets to your right, and then, using your Phaser,
lean and take out the turrets along the left wall. Once all the turrets are 
down in that section, the forcefield drops and the hover-platform with the
charge moves on. Use that same strategy-- lean Phaser on the next section. 
In the third section there are bots as well as turrets, so be careful.
In the fourth section there are two plasma tubes that can be used to take out
the turrets if you Phaser them from a distance. Despite Tuvok's insistence, you
are not, in fact, timed through this part of the mission. 

Now, run through the crane arms and hit the panel to the left of the charge.
It will be loaded and you'll beam back to Voyager. Another somewhat successful
mission for the Hazard Team! :P

8.37 "Invasion"

Apparently that huge blast didn't even destroy the Harvester's ship, only 
disabled it. Run to the equipment room and stock up. Talk to the Doctor near 
the Holodeck if you need health. Then go out the door and follow the crewman
down the corridor. Once he gets to the end the Harvesters will blow through the
wall knocking down the crewman. Take out the Harvesters with the Arc Welder and
the crewman will run down back to the Doctor. Chang will run down to the 
Turbolift, so you're left alone. Go through the hole in the wall to the cargo 

Note: You can go into the Hazard Team locker room to find several Harvesters
attacking another crewman. Go through the far door and kill the Harvesters 
attacking crewman Laird. Once they're gone she'll beam out with a dead 
crewmember. Go through the door in the left corridor and run through the
crew quarters killing Harvesters as you go.

Pointless sidenote: In the third crew quarters next to the bed is a picture of
an Orion Slavegirl. :P

Go out the door of those last quarters and bounce a few grenades down the hall
to kill the Harvesters at the end. Run down to where the Harvesters were and go
straight through the door ahead but DO NOT go out onto the catwalk over the 
cargo bay! Walk through the door just onto the catwalk, then back up till you 
hit the door you just came through. It will malfunction and not open, but you 
can stand on the very edge in front of it. The catwalk will crash down to the 
floor of the cargo bay a couple of seconds after you step on it, so be quick. 
Take out the Harvesters on the floor of the cargo bay. The Grenade Launcher alt
fire works great against them. Try to target in the middle of big groups of 
them to save ammo. 

After awhile Biessman will come through a door on the far side of the cargo bay
and stand on what's left of the catwalk taking out the Harvesters. If you, by 
some chance, fall into the cargo bay, don't panic, just run for the lift 
underneath Biessman, stand next to him and finish the job. 

Once they're all dead, jump down into the cargo bay and grab the weapons that 
have spilled from crates. Then go over to the broken lift and ride it up. Go 
through the door behind Biessman and he'll follow you. Go through the hole in 
the wall into what used to be the Hazard Team lounge, and take out the 
remaining Harvesters. After that a cutscene will ensue ending the mission.

8.38 "Decisions"

This cutscene makes very little sense, but whatever. _
After the cutscene is a movie, and that's the end of this "level." :P

8.39 "External Stimuli"

Go straight ahead and around the corner. This next part is some sort of 
horribly overgrown jumping puzzle. First, take out as many Harvesters as you 
can with your Phaser. This would be a _very_ good time to turn off auto-run. :P
This puzzle does change a bit for the different difficulty levels. Like the 
rest of this FAQ, this explanation is based on the 'Normal' difficulty level. 

There's a black and red striped pipe in the middle of the section you're 
standing on. Walk down it. Drop down onto the next section and grab the 
crystals that are in the tubes. Then go left. If you _really_ need ammo there's
a terminal across a pipe to your right. Cross the gray tube and go right.
Cross the narrow beam ahead of you and drop down. Take a running jump across 
the right-most section of the gap to your left. Jump across to the next section
by the red/orange pipe, and then drop down. (Make sure your dropping onto the
structure and not into space!) Run over to the red forcefield to avoid the 
turret. Then carefully lean and walk forward to take it out with the Phaser. 

Use the control panel opposite the turret to bring out several ramps along the
side of the Forge for Chell and the others. Chell works at the control panel
by the forcefield for a second, and he successfully takes it down. Go through
and walk up to the hole in the floor. The team discusses it, and then Biessman
jumps through the hole. Jump through to end the mission.

8.40 "Matrix"

No, not "The Matrix", Matrix! :P

Walk through the low section and stick to the right through the section that's 
missing some of the floor. There's health and ammo below you, but you most
likely won't need it. Go through the door ahead and a cutscene will kick in.

Note: From here on out use your Arc Welder as much as possible. If you're out
of crystals use the Phaser Rifle or I-MOD.

The lovely "under fire right after the cutscene" stuff is back, so take out the
"Reavers" on the upper section. Use the only red control panel in the lowered 
section in the middle of the room to drop the forcefields ahead. Unfortunately
this also allows more Reavers through. 

Go right or left, it doesn't matter. Take out the Reavers that come down the 
ramp at you, and then lean around the corner both ways and take out the turrets
on both sides. Go through the door and go out on the upper level. Walk around
to the control panel and Chell will do the classic _Speed_ "loop the camera so
the bad guys can't see you coming thing." :P

During the cutscene Chell will unlock a door below. Go back down and go through
it to end the level.

8.41 "Onslaught"

Take out the Reavers that come down the hall, and then use the health terminal 
hidden to your left. There's also a crystal on the other side. In the next room
the Harvesters are transporting items from Voyager. The forcefield to your 
right drops for a second to let each item through. When it does, run through.
To your left is a panel to drop the forcefield permanently for the rest of your
team. Once you do, more Reavers and a few Harvesters will pour through from
straight ahead. Take them all out and go left. Use the terminals on the wall,
and then go down the ramp on either side.

Grab the crystals ahead of you and then take out the attacking Reavers. Grab 
the two crystals near the end of the other ramp, and then go down the ramp in
the middle. Get out your Phaser and open the door to your right. Kill the
Harvester that jumps on you as soon as you can. Continue down the corridor
taking out the Reavers and Harvesters and grabbing ammo as you go.

In the next room several Reavers will jump down on you. so be ready. Kill them 
and then go on to the next room. There are several small Reavers in what look
like incubation chambers here. Walk across the room and grab the crystals and
use the terminals to your left, then walk up to the two forcefields ahead of
you. They will drop and hordes of Reavers and Harvesters will pour through.
Kill all the waves, then use the terminals again and go through the two downed
forcefields. Use the control panel to your right to bring down the lift. Wait
about ten seconds and the forcefield surrounding the lift will go down. Get on
the lift and use the control panel on the back wall to ride up.

STOP!!! Don't walk across the room ahead! Save your game here and get out your
Grenade Launcher. Fire several alt grenades across the room at the incubation
chambers. Unlike the ones below, these aren't protected by forcefields. Keep 
firing grenades as the chambers blow and the Reavers run out. Try to strafe 
back and forth and you should easily be able to kill them all. Now, save again
(in a different save-game slot) and run across the room grabbing crystals and 
hitting health terminals as you go. Turn around and start taking out the waves 
of Reavers and Harvesters. This is probably one of the hardest portions of the 
game. You will most likely die here several times.

Chell will run across the room and start sealing the door. DO NOT SHOOT HIM!
Keep taking out the aliens. If you run out of crystals just start using the 
Phaser Rifle alt fire. If your health drops below 50 (70 on the 'Easy' 
difficulty) then turn around and use one of the terminals behind you. 

There's no way you can survive this, the trick is to live long enough for the 
cutscene to kick in. Once it does, you get a momentary break, but as soon as 
the cutscene is over your back in the thick of it again. However about this 
time the shuttles from Voyager arrive and so you'll have some help. Quickly use 
the health and ammo terminals and grab some crystals, then start fighting 
again. Once all the Reavers are dead another cutscene will start. Your team now
changes to Jurot and Chang. Use all the terminals and grab all the crystals in
this room. One of the lifts holding the incubation chambers will lower. Jump 
onto it and then jump down into the lower room. Use the terminals and grab the
crystals (if any) before going through the large door to end the level.

8.42 "Visual Magnitude"

Kill all the enemies ahead of you, hit the weird 'Avatar' things first. A 
cutscene will start here. Use your Phaser alt fire to blow out the chamber 
ahead of you and kill the Reaver inside. Walk around the edge of the shaft. 
After you get about halfway around, more Reavers will come through the door on
the far side. Take them out, then use the terminals on either side. Go through 
the door and take out all the attacking Reavers. Keep going until you get to 
the lift at the end. 

Go down the lift and into the next room. Take out the attackers; there are 
several on the upper level, take them out as quickly as you can. Go up the 
stairs on either side of the next door and grab the two crystals. Then cross 
over and grab the two on the other side. There are two anti-grav beams on 
either side of the room. Go up the rising one and use the health terminal, then
go down the other one and leave through the door ahead of you. Kill the two 
Avatars and go around the circular thing then go down the lift.

Get out your Phaser and kill the Harvesters on the far side of the chasm. There
are invisible forcefields across the chasm, but you can't see them unless you
hit them with weapons fire. Turn off auto run, use your Phaser and carefully 
fire all around the edge of the area your standing on till you find the 
forcefield (it's blue). Carefully walk onto each forcefield and fire all around
to find the next forcefield. Your team will follow you.

BUG: Rarely your team will get stuck. If this happens simply retrace your steps
back to the forcefield that they're standing on to get them. 

Once you get across you'll be greeted by a single Harvester. Take him out with 
your Phaser and then move on down the corridor and through the door at the end.
Grab the crystal ahead of you and then take out the three Avatars. Use the ammo
terminal and then go down the lift. Kill the creatures that attack you in this
room, and then grab the crystals and health and move on. (Notice a pattern 
here?) Go through the door to your right and walk ahead to end the level.

8.43 "Dissolution"

Go into the next room and kill the Avatars working at the control panel ahead 
of you, then take out the Reavers below before they can jump up and attack you.
Use the control panel where the Avatars where to bring a platform out for you 
to cross. Jump across to it, and then walk to the other side. Kill the Reavers 
that come through the door below, then grab the crystals and health and take 
the elevator down. Go into the next room, and use the ammo terminals if you 
need to, then go down the lift. Take out the Avatars in this next room with 
Phaser Rifle alt fire, and then ride the lift back up and use the ammo 
terminal(s) to recoup the ammo you lost. Go into the next room and kill the
Reavers. Take out the ones that come up the lift, and then get on that lift and
take it down. Yet again, take out the baddies, grab the ammo/health, and go
down the next lift. This next room is the same. Grab the crystals along the 
wall. Go down the lift to the next room. That big round thing is what you have
to destroy, but you can't get to it here because of the forcefield.

Go down the next lift and watch the cutscene. Get out your Phaser and take out
the four emitters along the wall that are sending out the yellow beams that
are holding up the dampening-field generator. Watch the movie of the Etherian 
ship escaping, and then quickly get out your Arc Welder. Take out the Reavers
that come through the door, then use the ammo terminals if you need them.

Go through the door and kill the Avatars in the corridor. Walk straight ahead
to trigger another cutscene. Grab the crystals on either side of the room, and
then use the health terminal. Go up the lift to your right and take out the
Reavers at the top. Go down the corridor killing all the creatures that attack
you. Walk up to the _huge_ Weapon Energy Terminal in the next room and use it.
It will increase all your ammo (except Phaser) to 999!Get into the elevator to 
your left to end the level.

8.44 "Command Decision"

Watch the cutscene and then use the health terminal. Stay out of the fire in 
the center of the room and then get out your Dreadnaught Weapon and head for 
the door. After the cutscene, use the Dreadnaught Weapon to kill the waves of
enemies. You can't get to the Vorsoth because of the forcefields. On the normal
difficulty he sends two Harvesters, a Reaver, and an Avatar per wave. On the 
harder difficulty levels he sends two Reavers and even two Avatars at you.

Quickly run as fast as you can around and take them all out with the 
Dreadnaught Weapon pri fire. After awhile several Etherians will beam into the
middle of the arena and start trying to take out the seed that's suspended in
midair on the anti-grav beam. You can't harm the Etherians, so don't worry 
about checking your fire. After you kill a couple more waves another cutscene
will start. The seed is destroyed but now the Vorsoth will drop the forcefield
and jump out at you. He doesn't move, but he's damn deadly. 

I suggest using the Grenade Launcher alt fire. While strafing back and forth 
between the two pillars. Stay between the pillars; if you get to far back his 
rocket attack splash damage will hurt you, if you get to far up you wont be
able to dodge his shots. Keep strafing back and forth right between the pillars
unless you run out of ammo or lose ANY health. (I mean if your health is at 92
go for one of the health terminals.) Although there's no visual way to tell if 
your hurting him, you are. After about a hundred grenades he'll go down.
After that there's a cutscene and then a movie ending the level.

8.45 "Epilogue"

Well there ya go. Feeling proud of yourself? =)
Enjoy the cutscene and then the movie.


9. Nishido's comprehensive guide to 'Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force' Expansion 
Pack Holomatch Game Modes


Hi! This is Nishido. I created this guide as a favor to asdfga3 and will be 
used as an accompaniment to his excellent    Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force 
FAQ. I created this guide to the expansion pack game modes due to the fact 
that asdfga3 doesn't have the expansion pack. For this reason I give full 
ownership of this guide to asdfga3 and you will need to ask for his 
permission to use anything contained in this guide.


So first things first then...

Is it worth buying the expansion pack. Well, when I got the expansion pack, 
it was when it was first released and it cost me £20, that's $32 for you 
Americans (any American currency mentioned will be worked out on an exchange 
rate of 1:0.6 of £:$ as this is about right - but don't quote me on that - 
). I believe that this much money was not worth it. This is because I 
expected more from an expansion pack. However, having said that, it no 
longer costs that much anymore and you can probably pick it up for about 
£5-10 ($8-16) and this is defiantly worth it.

So what does the expansion pack include?

Here are the quotes from the back of the case...

'All-new Multiplayer maps (some created by actual fans) mean more levels of 
adrenaline-pumping Holomatch combat.'

'Tour Mode thoroughly explores 10 of Voyager's decks including crew 

'It's extreme FPS action, with all new single player missions including an 
intense Captain Proton shoot-fest based on the TV series' Holodeck 

'Thirsty? Replicate drinks. Under attack? Engage red alert. Need to move 
supplies? Initiate transporters. Tour mode brings Voyager to life!'

Now here's what the expansion pack exactly contains...

Virtual Voyager Tour Mode!

- 10 decks (Transporter room, Engineering, etc!)
- Access replicators
- Launch shuttlecraft
- Engage red alert
- Review crew logs
- And much more!

21 New Multiplayer Map!

- 7 Holomatch maps
- 9 Capture the Flag maps
- 5 New game modes     <----- The best part of the expansion pack I might add.
- Intense new combat games
- New characters
    (including Captain Janeway as Borg!)

New Single-Player Missions!

- Captain Proton

- All-new alien creature aboard Voyager
- 4 Holodeck missions
- Working Tricorder and Captain Proton pistol
- New "Borg Slayer" game
- Holodeck firing range and garden

Also, if you are the proud owner of Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force then you 
may notice that Jeri Ryan (Seven Of Nine in the Voyager series) is not the 
voice of Seven Of Nine. Well the expansion pack set that all right with the 
Jeri Ryan voice pack. Now you no longer have to plod along on that Borg 
mission, with her sounding like a man. :P This in my opinion is a big bonus.

Note from Asdfga3: If you download the v1.2 patch for EF1, it fixes Jeri Ryan's
voice, as well as adding the extra Holomatch *skins* (not maps), and fixes most
of the bugs. It does not add anything else mentioned here... but of 
course it's absolutely free. =)


What I'm going to be concentrating on is the Holomatch Game modes. The best 
part of the expansion pack. The expansion pack brings you 5 new game modes..

1. Disintegration
2. Specialties
3. Elimination
4. Assimilation
5. Action Hero

Now I will go into more detail about each mode.

(By the way, you can also have a combination of these modes in one game. For 
example, you could play Disintegration, whilst playing Elimination at the 
same time!)


1. Disintegration -

In this mode each player is the owner of a very powerful Phaser Compression 
Rifle. You have no other weapon so must rely on your rifle. However, fear 
not, as every other person (from Starfleet captain, to a Borg drone) each 
have exactly the same arsenal. If you are familiar with the Phaser 
compression rifle in Holomatch then you'll have noticed that it has two 
firing modes.

Primary fire    - Quick, short Phaser bursts. Inaccurate at long distance 
Secondary fire  - Very accurate, loud and strong energy burst. Can 
obliterate your opponent from full health in just two 		 shots.

In disintegration mode, your Phaser rifle can no longer use the primary fire 
function. Instead it only has the secondary fire, but is twice as strong. 
Dealing out enough damage to 'Disintegrate' your opponent to swirling, 
orange flash of light in just a single shot. However, as you may have 
noticed, this firing mode is very slow. You can only fire once every couple 
of seconds. This means you have to be fairly accurate (and yes it does help 
to have a better internet connection).

Types of modes compatible -

Team Deathmatch
Capture The Flag

My map recommendations for disintegration -

ctf_geothermal maps
ctf_faceoff maps


2. Specialties -

Have you ever played Team Fortress Classic (Half-Life mod). If so this is 
the sort of thing you're looking at. You have a choice of 6 different 
character classes.

1. Infiltrator 		      (Munroe model)
2. Medic 		      (Jurot model)
3. Sniper 		      (Telsia model)
4. Technician 		      (Chell model)
5. Demolitionist 	      (Chang model)
6. Heavy Weapons Specialist   (Biessman model)

And now the descriptions -

Infiltrator -

	Health -  50
	Armour -   0
	Weapon - Phaser
	Item   - Personal Transporter

	Personal Traits - Speed boost. Jump boost.

	Description -

Think of the infiltrator as a scout. He can run fast and jump high. But 
doesn't have much in the way of defense. Poor weaponry and low health. No 
armor to be seen. He's good for capturing the flag but don't expect to kill 
many people with him.

Medic -

	Health - 100
	Armour -  75
	Weapon - Phaser, Hypospray
	Item   - Field medkit

	Personal Traits - Able to heal team members and give them medkits. She 
        is also able to recharge her health automatically.

	Description -

Every good team needs a medic. Send her off with an attacking group and 
she'll make sure that every member is spick 'n' span when they come back 
with the enemy flag. However, she isn't so necessary in team Deathmatch as 
death doesn't have as much toll on winning and loosing as it does in capture 
the flag. If you every see a medic on your team ask her to press the 'use' 
key on you. When she does this she'll give you one of those gold medkits. 
This can come in handy in those sticky situations.

Sniper -

	Health  - 100
	Armour  -  25
	Weapons - Phaser Compression Rifle, Infinity Modulator (I-Mod)
	Item    - Portable Decoy

	Personal Traits - Only class able to use the TED zoom feature.

	Description -

The sniper is good for those big, open maps. She is able to zoom in so at 
times she may be able to see the enemy, yet the enemy cannot see her. Do 
not underestimate the sniper. While she may not have a vast amount of armor 
she can confuse even the smartest of us. This is due to the decoy. A very 
clever invention. When placed, a holographic model of herself can be seen. 
This is a benefit in the heat of the action, or it could be placed in a 
well-known, sniper spot to draw away enemy fire.

Technician -

	Health  - 100
	Armour  -  50
	Weapons - Phaser, Arc Welder
	Item    - Portable shield

	Personal Traits - Is able to give team members various power-ups.
			  Is able to break through enemy shields.
			  Is able to place a weapon recharge module for himself
                          and his teammates.

	Description -

It's always funny watching Chell (yes Chell, that spooked out Bolian from 
Single Player) going round and kickin' ass. I love the technician. One of my 
favourite classes. Probably because he is able to do so many different 
things. He has an arc welder for a start. An excellent weapon. He also has 
one of those swirling, weapon things above his head (I always forget their 
name). But that's not all. Here's a hint. When you begin as a technician, 
press the 'use' key on a wall in your base. Then any of your teammates can 
go up to it and recharge ALL of their ammo. Also, press the 'use' key on as 
many team mates as you can. He can give them various power-ups. Trust me, 
getting a personal cloaking device from him is a big help. ;)

Demolitionist -

	Health  - 100
	Armour  -  50
	Weapons - Scavenger rifle, Grenade Launcher
	Item    - High explosive charge.

	Personal Traits - Can secure bases with trip mines and lay a trap with 
        his placeable charge. ;)

	Description -

If you want to protect your flag vigorously, or lure unsuspecting enemy 
personnel into a deadly trap then this is your guy. Trip mines are very 
nice. Place them around your flag and in areas where the enemy cannot see 
them until it's too late. Just don't walk into them yourself. His charge is 
good as well. You can place it around a corner and then catch the attention 
of the enemy. They run after you and you run round the corner. Get to a safe 
distance and when the enemy is in range -[ BOOM ]- Take 'em all out. ;) 
Also, with his Scavenger Rifle, the Demolitionist makes for one excellent 
Defense/Offence trooper.

And last but not least...

Heavy Weapons Specialist -

	Health  - 200
	Armour  - 100
	Weapons - Tetryon disrupter, Photon Burst
	Item    - None

	Personal Traits - Slowed.

	Description -

Slow, stupid, but very, very deadly. This is your man if you don't care how 
long it takes to get there, just as long as you kick ass when you do. The 
fact that he's the slowest class can be very frustrating is no match for the 
fact that he can take out entire rooms of unsuspecting enemies in a few 
seconds. Basically... I think the name and weapons says it all...

Types of mode compatible -

Team Deathmatch
Capture The Flag

My map recommendations -



3. Elimination -

This is probably the least played game mode. I'm not sure why. It just is. I 
like it though. If you have ever played Counter-Strike (Half-Life mod) then 
you'll recognize Elimination. Basically, it's last man/team standing wins. I 
think that's all I can say for Elimination. Although I would say that it 
works well with Disintegration.

Types of mode compatible -

Team Deathmatch

My map recommendations -

It all depends on what game mode your using elimination with.


4. Assimilation -

Here's where James Nukem's 'Derelict' series of maps shine. In assimilation, 
one team is Starfleet, and the other team is Borg. It's the Borg's job to, 
guess what, assimilate the other team. [Big surprise there]. And it's the 
Starfleet team's job to kill the Borg queen. Yes, that's right, there's a 
Borg queen.

If you're Starfleet, don't panic. Just make sure you find an I-Mod quick. 
Kill the Borg queen and you get 500 points! But be warned... the Borg queen 
can assimilate you in a touch of a button. Borg drones take a bit longer to 
assimilate someone. But once you're assimilated you are then on the Borg 
team. And you have to then go and try and assimilate your old team members.

If you're Borg then you get a type of transporter. It can be used once every 
now and again and when you use it you become invisible to everyone else. You 
can move a lot faster and can, well, fly. However, in this state you may not 
shoot or try to assimilate someone. For the pure fact that you can't.

Oh, and I almost forgot, the Borg can also shoot. Like in single player. 
However, if you kill a member of Starfleet by shooting them, then they do 
not get assimilated and so stay on the Starfleet team ready to try and kill 
you and your queen once again. Also, if you're the queen then you can 
regenerate your health over a period of time as well.

-[ Resistance is futile ]-

My map recommendations -

James Nukem's Derelict series. (With the help of Mr. T for Derelict 3)

I believe these were designed especially for Assimilation game mode. If not, 
well who cares. They work BRILLIANTLY with it anyway. Basically each map, 
either Derelict 1, 2 or 3 are all based around the idea that a Starfleet 
vessel has come in contact with the Borg! Now the ship is partially 

Bulk heads, conduits and Borg, oh my!

Now these maps may be a large file download for some of you, but trust me, 
they are well worth it. Perhaps you should download James Nukem's and Mr. 
T's latest (and final) effort for Elite Force - USS Magnificent. Now 
however, they are moving onto Elite Force 2 due out 24th June 2003. I'm glad 
I've pr-ordered it. :)

Types of mode compatible -

Team Deathmatch


5. Action Hero -

This is another mode, which isn't played that much. If you like Deathmatch 
(Free-for-all) then you'll probably like this. Basically, one person starts 
off as being the action hero. This person begins with lots of health, lots 
of armor, all the weapons, quad damage the works! Believe me, he/she is 
very hard to kill! But when someone does kill the Action Hero then they 
become it. However, being the action hero is not always good. On occasions 
people generally gang up on the action hero and ignore the other people a 
lot for the time. Perhaps they're jealous. Anyway... I recommend this game 
mode for all of you people who like to shoot anything and everything that 
takes a breath. :P

[Good Hunting]

Types of mode compatible -


My map recommendations -

I don't have any, as I never play Deathmatch.


Well that's it from me. I hope you enjoyed this guide to the expansion pack 
and I hope that you have learnt something.

Nishido - 'Would you like some analgesic cream?'


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