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Where do i put the three stones i n the valley of the fallen to get the flame sword?

I found these stones, the odd stone, the strange stone and the curious stone, i also fund an identical location to where i found the stones, in the desert of tears. I have no clue how to place these stones to get the sword help please.


greybeard answered:

The first plinth where you place the first stone is in some ruins in a valley back in the farming community area.

The second plinth is high up in the large cave very near to where the farmer's son is locked in the suspended cage. You have to climb a huge stack of crates to reach it.

The final plinth is found very easily when you've worked your way through the 'temple' at the end of the Valley of The Fallen. You come out of the tombs into an outdoor area just before the boss fight with the skeleton king chappy. The final plinth is on the right in this open area, you can't really miss it.

I too assumed the final plinth would actually be in the desert area and spent ages searching for it but the only thing you'll find there is the standing stones 'altar' where you finally go to pick up the Fire Blade.
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