Additional Game DesignerAlex Scarrow
Additional Localization SupportBarry Kehoe
Additional Localization SupportLawrence Moran
Additional Production Support (Universal Interactive)Jeff Barnhart
Additional Production Support (Universal Interactive)Dylan Bromley
Additional Production Support (Universal Interactive)Justin Lees
Additional Production Support (Universal Interactive)John Mamais
Additional Production Support (Universal Interactive)Carlos Schulte
Additional Production Support (Universal Interactive)Chris Taylor
Additional ProgrammerAlan Hinton
Additional ProgrammerTom Szirtes
ArtistCumron Ashtiani
ArtistPaul Catling
ArtistSiggy Gaelen
ArtistJeff Goslan
ArtistPaul Herbert
ArtistMark Smith
ArtistTero Takalo
ArtistDominic Wright
Concept ArtPaul Catling
Creative DirectorWilliam Latham
Cutscene DirectorDominic Wright
Lead ArtistJoel Smith
Lead Game DesignerAndrew Curtis
Lead Game ProgrammerDiarmid Campbell
Lead Technology ProgrammerMichael Braithwaite
Lead Technology ProgrammerMicheal Braithwaite
Level DesignerAlex Scarrow
Level DesignerToby Stenberg
Level DesignerToby Woolley
Motion CaptureBob Keen
Motion Capture DirectionBob Keen
Original Game Concept (Universal Interactive)Ricci Rukavina
Pre-Production ProducerJon Robinson
ProducerChris Hadley
Producer (Universal Interactive)Pete Wanat
Production Assistant (Universal Interactive)Sean Mountain
Production Coordinator (Universal Interactive)Ian Stevens
ProgrammerAndy Bigis
ProgrammerPascal Gane
ProgrammerDave Griffiths
ProgrammerGeraint Johnson
ProgrammerChris Jones
ProgrammerSam Kuhn
ProgrammerMalcolm Lansell
ProgrammerVincent Penquerc'h
ProgrammerVincent Penquerch
ProgrammerScott Rowlands
ProgrammerTom Szirtes
ProgrammerAlex Tait
ProgrammerDave Wall
Sound & MusicKeith Tinman
Sr. Lead Engineer (Localization)Anthony Fitzgerald
Sr. Producer (Universal Interactive)Jonathan Eubanks
Technical DirectorMark Atkinson
VO DirectionLiza Riznikove
VO RecordingPatrick Bird
VO RecordingJohn Frost
Voice TalentChris Chase
Voice TalentKat Cressida
Voice TalentKevin Moore
Voice TalentJesse O'Connell
Voice TalentTy Rushing
Voice TalentMichael Sequeira
Voice TalentMichael Shae
Voice TalentIam Stevens
Voice TalentKalan Strauss
Voice: Capt. BlakePer Solli
Voice: Col. WhitelyWilliam Davis


Data and credits for this game contributed by Joni, Gbness, Mookiethebold, oliist, TechSmurfy, BGoldTLE, and adultnature.

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