Weapon/Item/Enemy FAQ by Da Bomb

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-------[Weapon Enemy & Hardware Guide - The Thing]--------                    
----------[By Tom 'Da Bomb' Brookes]----------

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therefore illegal. This is Copyright 2003 Tom Brookes. This guide may be seen
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----------[Version History]----------

Version 0.1        Date           Work Completed
July 30, 2003 - I started the guide and finished up to the shotgun description
in the conventional weapons section.

Version 0.2
July 31, 2003 - I finished up to blowtorch and started editing

Version 0.75
August 2, 2003 - I finished all weapons & hardware, and most of the enemy

Version 0.9
August 3, 2003 - I finished the enemy section and added a few combat tips.

Version 1.3
August 19, 2003 - I performed some editing and finished the FAQ.

Version 1.6
August 31, 2003 - Corrected some spelling mistakes and improved the margins.

1.   Introduction
2.   Conventional Weapons
           - Pistol
           - Machine Gun
           - Shotgun
           - Sniper Rifle
           - Taser
3.   Explosives & Incendiary
           - Grenade Launcher
           - Blowtorch
           - Flamethrower
           - Regular Explosive Grenade
           - High Explosive grenade
           - Incendiary Grenade
           - Stun Grenades
4.   Medicinal Hardware
           - Medical Kit
           - Adrenaline Shot
           - Blood Test Kit
5.   Others
           - Torch
           - Flares
           - Fire Extinguisher
           - Keys/keycards
6.   Enemies
           - Scuttlers
           - Biped Beasts
           - Bull Beast
           - Tentacles
           - Shock Troops
           - Enemy Rankings
           - How the thing works
7.   Combat Tips
8.   Disclaimer
9.   Conclusion

Hello, and welcome to my guide about this great game, The Thing. Included in
this FAQ is a description of each weapon, its strengths and weaknesses and when
to use them, as well as an explanation to all hardware used in the game, and a
description of all enemies (other than bosses). Plus, several combat tips will
be included to help you in your struggle against the Things...

----------[CONVENTIONAL WEAPONS]----------

The pistol is, in my opinion, a highly underrated weapon. This trusty sidearm
may lack the power of the shotgun or sniper rifle, but it's a smooth, fast
firing weapon (that takes 8 seconds to use a clip) with a high degree of
accuracy will surely take down scuttlers in 2-3 hits and bipeds in around 10.
Ammunition is easily found in the first level, but soon becomes increasingly
hard to find, so it may be beneficial to ditch this weapon when ammunition for
it is low in exchange for a weapon with more plentiful ammo. With a clip
capacity of 10, this is best used in the first 2 missions against all scuttlers
and the few bipeds that are at large. Give this to a teammate for a small trust
increase. This is found on the 1st level, which is the level it should be used
the most. Overall, this sidearm gets a 4/10, mainly because ammunition is
sometimes sparse.

MP5 Machine Gun
This is your starting weapon and will remain your main firearm for most of the
game. This fast firing weapon comes with a 50 round clip, but 7 seconds of auto
fire will use a whole clip, so reloading is quite common. In short bursts, the
machine gun offers reasonable accuracy, but the full auto fire needed to take
down enemies quickly (due to the poor damage caused per round) will spray
bullets only in the vicinity of a target. Therefore, this should be used
against medium sized enemies such as biped beasts or bull beasts to ensure that
you do not waste too many bullets. On the other hand, ammunition is common at
the start of the game, so picking up about 6 clips at a time is a common
occurrence. In the probable event that you fight a scuttler or other small
enemy with this, remember controlled bursts, and you will be fine. The machine
gun is also useful against the first boss, because its fast firing will make
quick work of the tentacles and other monstrous 'things' on the boss, and you
will nearly always hit the target due to the fact that it is stationary and
large. Give this to a comrade for a medium trust boost, but also to prevent
fear. Overall, this versatile weapon gets a 7/10 due to its many strengths, and
only 2 weaknesses.

12 Gauge Tactical Shotgun
Now we are talking! This powerful weapon is one of the best in the game, and it
shows. With large damage caused to anything at close range, and a clip capacity
of 12, the shotgun will easily dispatch most common enemies in a few shots.
Ammunition is relatively common, though not a common as that of the machine
gun's, but the good accuracy caused by the spread and the medium firing rate
(it takes 9 seconds to use up a clip) ensure that ammunition will seldom be
wasted. The main problem with this weapon though, is that, like all other
stereotypical shotguns in games, it has a very poor range. You are usually
forced to fire within 2 meters of a target to have any significant damage
caused. This means that you have to either creep up on an enemy to pump a quick
shot into it, or otherwise fire at close quarters when the enemy's back is
turned. This limits the times when you can use this safely and effectively,
which lessens the rating of this particular weapon. Use against scuttlers for a
1 hit kill, bipeds to injure them quickly or bulls to weaken them enough. Give
this to another squad member for a medium trust increase, or to reduce fear
drastically. Overall, the shotgun, though extremely powerful, gets only a 7/10.

Sniper Rifle
This is sadly, the worst lethal weapon of the game. Why? Usually, sniper rifles
are great for taking out all kinds of enemies in a single shot, but in this
game, that is not the case. With a small clip capacity of 5, a way too fast
fire rate that will burn the whole clip in 4 seconds and a surprisingly weak
shot, the sniper rifle will rarely be used and should be given to a teammate
once received for a large trust increase. Unfortunately, doing that may
backfire because there are very few rounds available for this weapon, so you
will end up fighting hordes of enemies on your own while your squad member
screams for ammo. There is also no auto aim feature for the sniper rifle, so
that makes things much more difficult for beginners. The only saving grace for
this is that a sniper scope is available, so you can take out enemies from far
away with supreme accuracy. Use this only when you can pick off a trooper when
he is unaware of your presence or too far away to pose an immediate threat.
Overall, stay away from this because it gets a 4/10.

Taser Stun Gun
As its name depicts, this weapon is used only to stun enemies, but may come in
handy from time to time. Taser stun guns are the premier non-lethal weapons in
the world, mainly by leading police agencies and security organizations. In the
game, it can be used to hamper muscle cohesion and tension, forcing the enemy
to immediately drop their weapon and fall to the ground unconsciously.
Unfortunately, the taser only works on humans and costs about 40% trust loss,
and it cannot be given to a teammate either. Use this only when you need to
disable hostile squad members without too much force, or if you need to knock
out an infected squad member so that he does not retaliate when shot. Overall
the taser gets a 3.5/10 due to its speed, but it loses points because it can
rarely be used. Discard this if needed, as it is not worth an item slot.

----------[EXPLOSIVES & INCENDIARY]----------

Grenade Launcher
The grenade launcher fires grenades faster, further and with more accuracy.
Most enemies hit with this will be blown to pieces; therefore you should use it
to damage multiple enemies. Enclosed spaces are not the way to go with this,
though, as being hit by a grenade causes and instant kill. Ammunition is also
scarce in some areas, but not too many rounds are needed to get you through the
harshest parts of the game. Use this against groups (as previously stated) or
just against tough bosses, as using it against anything else is a waste.
Detonating explosives is also not to be done with the grenade launcher.
Unfortunately, this cannot be given to teammates to improve trust or lessen
fear, so that may cause a little havoc during combat. Overall, the grenade
launcher is powerful, but has a limited range and requires scarce ammunition,
so it gets a 6.5/10.

This is a competent substitute for a flamethrower, as it too launches flames
and toasts any nearby enemies. Fuel will last for about a minute, so only quick
bursts should be used. Use the hit and run technique by running at an enemy,
flaming it, and then retreating, to make sure that this weapon's short range
does not harm the effectiveness. Use this also to pen things in so that you can
shoot freely (while the flames last) without the chance of injury. Note that
you should not fire near teammates, or pen yourself in with a few other aliens.
Overall, this gets a 6/10.

This is one of the better weapons of the game, as it is one of three weapons
that will kill all adult things by the use of fire. Use the same "hit & run"
technique described above, but take note of the larger range this weapon has
over the blowtorch. Give this to a squad member for medium trust increase
and/or medium fear reduction. A good trick to use in order to kill many small
scuttlers is to send a few bursts to a common spawning place or position where
many scuttlers land so that they will all be set on fire quickly, without the
use of much fuel or ammunition. Use against all adult things when they are at
low health, but not on scuttlers or troopers (though it is fun to watch them
run around on fire). Overall, the flamethrower is a powerful weapon that is
very necessary in completing the game, so it gets a 7/10.

Regular Explosive Grenade
These basic grenades are commonly found throughout most of the game, but are
the weakest lethal grenades to use. Throw them using , but note that the
longer you hold this button down, the further you will throw the grenade. A
maximum of 10 can be stored in your inventory, so use them wisely against
groups of slow enemies, or others that cannot move (either because they are
rooted to the ground, like the bosses, or because they are trapped). Never use
these in close quarters, as they take off a lot of health if you are nearby, or
100% health if you are on it. Overall, the regular grenade (colour coded as
green) deserves a 4.5/10 because of their small splash damage, area of
explosion and limited usefulness.

High Explosive grenade
Also known as the abbreviated HE grenade, the high explosive delivers much more
power than the regular grenade, as well as more splash damage and explosion
area. Colour coded in white, the HE will quickly take off 90% of the health
from bipeds & bulls, and will hurt bosses a great deal. That is where you
should use them: against stationary bosses to wear down their health quickly,
or against a group of troopers, but nothing more. The regular grenade can
handle everything else. 10 can be carried in your inventory, and as before, 
throws the grenade. 5.5/10 is the score for this grenade, as though it is more
powerful than the above, it is still limited in terms of versatility.

Flame Grenades
These are in two words, The Best! With many bipeds, bosses and bulls to kill
only by flames, these grenades come in real handy. When thrown, the grenade
will explode, taking off the first set of health. This may be less than the
regular grenade's damage, but the flammable fuel that leaks out over a large
blast radius will cause any nearby foe (or friend) to be set on fire. Because
of this, keep teammates out of the way, and once you have thrown the grenade,
run back several paces to avoid unnecessary health loss. Only 10 can be
carried, so use this only for bosses when they are nearly dead, or stationary
adult things. Overall, the flame
grenades get a 7/10 because of the larger blast radius, and because it is the
only grenade that can actually kill an adult thing.

Stun Grenades
The stun grenades are similar to the SWAT flash bangs, but they are pretty
useless in this game, mainly because they cause no harm. The blast radius is
small so only an esoteric few are actually dazed, and the few that are can
continue in a few seconds. Stunning things is useless, because it is very easy
to fight off 1 or 2, but feel free to use it against large groups (excluding
scuttlers) or a band of troopers. Only 10 can be carried, but it is unlikely
that you will ever find that many. Overall, the stun grenade gets a 3/10
because it causes no harm.

----------[MEDICINAL HARDWARE]----------

Medical Kit
A compact medi-kit can heal all wounds in a matter of seconds and add around
35% health, with a maximum of 200. 10 can be carried in your inventory at 1
time, so you are usually well prepared for whatever waits. Remember to check
the medi-bins or carcasses for spare health packs. The medi-kits used by the
medics heal 100% health, but they are unattainable for you. Remember to use
medkits wisely; only for use when near death or if a teammate needs to be
healed. Let medics heal you instead of using your precious medkits, though.

Adrenaline Shot
This small syringe can mean the difference between life and death for NPC's, so
conserve these for when you need them most. The adrenaline shot will
drastically lessen fear so that the teammate performs better and will not enter
a crack up stage. Note that if someone cracks up, they will not be able to
fight and will eventually shoot themselves. Use against squad members that
scare easily and are currently terrified, or in a crack up stage.

Blood Test Kit
This handy device will prove that you are not infected, and may shed some light
on the credibility of others. If infected, this kit will show that, and the
case will smash. This is very useful for showing others that you are not
infected (to improve trust) or to show that others are. Note that after you
test Pierce, all other NPC's will not submit to a test.


The torch lights up darkened areas to improve visibility and therefore help you
see the horrors that await. This will also help guide you up unsafe areas
(shadowy ramps) and locate bonus items that you can pick up. Each torch has
unlimited power, so only 1 is needed, but many lie around over the course of
the game.

The flares are similar to the torch, as they pierce the shadows to reveal
items, enemies or passages. A maximum of 10 can be carried at a time, and these
only last for 3 minutes each. The flares are useful because you can throw
several down on the ground to provide extra light. As these sport a small
flame, they can be used to detonate fuel barrels in order to injure enemies or
clear a path without the use of ammo.

Fire Extinguisher
This handy tool is commonly found and will help put out flames to reveal
pathways or just prevent you from getting hurt. Many of the facilities featured
in the game are badly damaged, and so fire prevention systems may not be
working. Also use this to stop teammates from dying if they have accidentally
been engulfed in flames. Note that you cannot use this on yourself (if you are
on fire) and cannot be aimed. Make sure to put out all the flames before
continuing on your path.

Keys & Keycards
These can be used to open locked doors to gain access to usually inaccessible
areas. If you approach a locked door with the proper key or card, it will
automatically open.

This section will describe the strengths and weaknesses of each enemy, how many
rounds it takes to kill them, what attacks they use and how to beat them. Here

Description: Grotesque head resting on multiple legs with an overall size of 40
cm. Usually white or red in colour.

Primary attack: The main attack is to jump up and lunge, which takes off around
10% health, as these small, juvenile creatures use their surprising agility to
their advantage. This is easily dodged but can prove very annoying and health
consuming when there are several jumping all at once.

Other Attack: At close range if you are barely moving, the scuttlers will bite
you and take off around 5% health per bite. That may not sound like much, but
they are quick gnashers that can kill you with this simple attack in around 15
seconds. This especially happens in enclosed areas such as vents, when movement
is restricted. Be on the lookout!

Forms: There are 3 types that loosely fit the description that you will
encounter. The first have a small pouch of liquid that can be fired to slow you
down. These make annoying screeching sound and mainly serve to irritate you.
The second are the Lab scuttlers, which are tougher than the usual and
sometimes take 2 shotgun hits to kill them. The third are the weakest form that
can easily be killed and appear in the first few levels. Notice the colour
change between the two.

Weapon to use: These scrawny creatures are mainly cannon fodder, so it is best
to use the pistol and take 2-3 rounds to kill one. In this way, 4-6 can be
killed per clip, that is, if you hit the target. The next in line is the MP5,
as it can kill one in a burst or two (around 10 shots), but that is mainly
because of the bad accuracy. Ammo is common for the MP5, though, so   that is
why it is your second choice. The final is the shotgun, which can kill in 1-2
shots, so up to 12 scuttlers can die per set of shells. This is the third
choice because spare ammunition is limited, so do not use this to kill every

Personality: The scuttlers like to use the element of surprise to get a few
quick hits, so always be on the lookout. Their favourite places to hide are
from bodies, vent shafts or from ontop of a building. Teamwork in groups is
also a usual ploy to hurt you, so prepare to be surrounded. Scuttlers are also
intelligent sometimes. If on fire, they will try to spread the flames to you so
that their deaths are not worthless.

   1.  Always to keep moving in order to avoid their jumps
   2.  Grenades are pretty useless on them as they are too
       fast to properly time the grenade.
   3.  Try not to shoot other teammates while firing at the
       scuttlers, as that could mean the end of them.
   4.  If you see scuttlers coming out of a vent, then try
       to shoot the vent so that no more can come out.

Overall, the scuttlers are nothing more than a nuisance that should be dealt
with quickly by using the pistol. 5/10.

Biped Beast (adult thing)
I named these beasts as bipeds because they walk on two feet ('bi' in Latin
means 'two' and 'ped' comes from the Latin word pes, which means foot, so it
means two foot). Anyway, these are the first adult things you will encounter
that need to be dealt with in a certain way. Once weakened to red health, you
must flame these things in order to actually kill them.

Description: Two footed creature with large claws. Usually the height of 7
feet, but can be as low as 5.7 feet. Range in colour from red to a tan brown.

Primary Attack:  The most common attack performed by the biped beasts is a
simple claw swipe, where they use their 35cm claws to take off around 8-10%
health. This is easily dodged in open areas, but is fatal in enclosed spaces
due to the high speed the swipe can be performed.

Other Attack: Though this really is not an attack, the bipeds will sometimes
release a group of scuttlers ranging from 1-4. This can be highly annoying, as
it took a lot to kill the first beast, and now you have to kill more!

Forms: Again, there are 3 types of bipeds in the game, which have a variety of
different strengths and weaknesses. The first group are the usual bipeds, which
are a tan brown in colour and walk with a slight limp. The second appear to be
insects, more specifically, an ant. Imagine a red ant standing on two legs with
a few small claws on the rest of its arms, and you have an idea of what the
second thing looks like. Note that these are slower than the usual things. The
final group are the hosts, which appear somewhat lobster like. These usually
only appear when one of your comrades turn into a thing, and are weaker than
the other two above, and also are around 6 feet in height.

Weapon to Use: The shotgun is your best bet against the bipeds, as 6 shots will
usually take off most of its health. If ammunition for the above is in short
supply or you simply do not have a shotgun, then your next best bet is the MP5.
Full auto fire should be used, as the poor accuracy will not waste too much
ammunition due to the large size of these monsters. 30 rounds should bring one
down to red health. If one is far away, then do not be afraid to use the sniper
rifle to lower it to yellow health in 2 shots. Surprisingly, the pistol will
also make quick work of these, as a clip will lower the biped's health to the
required amount. To finish it off, use the flamethrower, or if not, the
blowtorch. Flame grenades are wasted on these.

Personality: The biped beasts are near relentless and merciless; so most NPC's
will quickly die at their hands. They have a habit of running away if on fire,
or if they have just been set on fire, and are sometimes quite evasive.
Fortunately, they are not too intelligent, and will sometimes back into a
corner or seal itself in, giving you the opportunity to flame them.

   1.   Keep firing and moving. In this way, enemies will
        fall quickly and you will not have taken a hit.
   2.   Grenades are hard to use against these because they
        are quite quick, so do not use them unless you have
        penned it in.
   3.   Many find it hard so set these enemies alight
        without being damaged, so the best way to finish the
        job by engulfing them in flames is to either flame
        them while their back is turned or dodge its charge
        and flame it then.

Overall, the biped beasts are a huge step up from the scuttlers and will take
some getting used to, but they still only get a 6/10.

----------[BULL BEASTS]----------
These are another breed of adult things that need to be killed in the same
fashion as the above: weaken it to red health and then flame it.

Description: A fat, but agile beast with a muscular build. They are around 1
meter in length with small back legs, multiple front teeth and a horizontally
closing jaw.

Primary Attack: The bull beast gets its name from its primary attack; they
charge. Unfortunately, this is a powerful attack that is tough to avoid
sometimes. These monsters will somehow charge at a high speed using their
muscular front legs to propel it forward. 15% damage is usually done by this
attack, but sometimes more.

Other Attack: At close range, the bull beast will once again use its powerful
front legs by standing on its rear two legs and hitting you with the remaining
two. This takes around 30% health off, so avoid it at all costs.

Forms: So far, I have found no variations of the bull beast, so this section
has no info.

Weapon to Use: To wear down its health, you should use the same weapons you use
against the bipeds: the shotgun, MP5, or if need be, the pistol. The
flamethrower is the only way to go to set these alight, as it is very hard to
do with the blowtorch.

Personality: The bull beasts are terrified of fire. The same is with the biped,
except this fear will blind the bull in terms of thinking, so it is usually
transfixed on the flames and will not trot away from it. This is not always
true, but it may help develop a tactic to use. The bulls seem to mainly appear
in groups, so it may be another part of their personality to use teamwork. 
Fortunately, they are not very
clever, and seem to be totally instinctive, and so have a tendency to spawn
scuttlers when near death.

   1.   The best way to flame one of these is to wait until
        it has charged. When it stops and trots back for
        another, you will have a good opportunity to set it
        on fire, but note that the bulls sometimes will turn
        quickly and use their secondary attack on you if you
        try this approach.
   2.   Another way to flame these is to pen them in with
        flames by using their fear of fire against them.
        When they stationary and have no where to go, chuck
        a flame grenade to finish the job. This may waste
        grenades, though, so I would vote against this
        unless a group of them is penned in.
   3.   A good way to injure this adult thing is to
        wait until charged. Backpedal as fast as you can
        while maintaining fire on this beast with the
        shotgun or MP5 and it will soon be nearly dead.

Overall, the bull beast is a tough competitor that will prove fatal if not
dealt with correctly, but their purely instinctive nature makes them
predictable and easy to confuse, so they earn a 6.5/10.


Description: Humans, wearing black, light armored suits.
Approximately the same height and weight as Blake.

Primary Attack:  The troopers will simply shoot to kill when attacking, so they
can be extremely dangerous. Their arsenal consists of shoguns, machine guns,
pistols, flamethrowers and in rare cases, grenades.

Other Attack: Fortunately, there is no other attack for the troopers, so that
makes them a little easier to predict.

Forms:  There are no forms of the troopers, though some can actually turn into
things on rare occasions.

Weapons to Use: The shotgun is a good bet to take these guys out, as 2 shots
can kill, but I believe the best choice is the MP5. Its quick firing will bring
down troopers in seconds, and it will not run out of ammunition because the
troopers usually drop 50 MP5 rounds. The sniper rifle is a good weapon to use
if you want to pick off a trooper or two, but be conservative with it due to
very limited ammunition supplies for it.

Personality: This is part of the game that was badly done, because the AI of
the troopers ranges from intelligent and trained in fighting to just plain
stupid. For example, troopers will often hide behind crates, throw grenades and
attempt to surround you, which are a few examples of intelligence. On the other
hand, troopers will trot through
hot, harmful steam, will walk slowly when they are being shot at so that
killing them is easier, and will run away if being fired at. The latter seems
normal, but if I came up to you with a shotgun, would you run away, even when
there is no chance of getting away? They could at least shoot me or find cover.
So all in all, the troopers are just stupid.

   1.   Snipe off everyone that you can before entering an
        area. Troopers are very harmful, so doing this will
        lessen the chance of serious injury.
   2.   Let the troopers fight the things while you either
        just shoot the thing a few times to injure it
        further. In other words, let the trooper fight it
        out, as they nearly always die.

Overall, the troopers are too stupid and weak, even if they have good weapons,
so they get a 5.5/10.

----------[ENEMY RANKINGS]----------

Size = The size of the creature. 10 means the enemy is small, and is the best
Agility = How agile the creature is. 10 means it is very agile and is the best
Strength = How strong the attacks are. 10 is the best score.
Endurance = How tough the creature is. 10 is the best score.

Name       Size  Intellect Speed Strength Endurance  Overall
Scuttler    8(small) 3     8.5    3         4         5.3
Biped beast 2(large) 5.5   6.5    8         8.5       7.8
Host beast  3.5      5     6      6         7         5.7
Trooper     3        7     5      7         5         5.4
Bull thing  3.5      5     6      9         9         6.5

Note that these are not the same score given in my explanations, but that is
because there were more factors to weigh that were not mentioned here.

1.   Biped beast things
2.   Bull beast things
3.   Troopers
4.   Host Things
5.   Scuttlers

---------[HOW THE THING WORKS]----------
This section will describe how the thing impersonates an individual and what
happens to the victim.

----------[Imitation Process]----------

"What we are dealing with is not human, but it takes on human form."

In order to properly assimilate a sentient being, the thing has to attack its
victim on a molecular level. After attacking the victim in a violent manner,
the cells of the thing start to assimilate the victim's cells:

O = Victim's cells
E = Enemy cells
1. The enemy cells mix with the
   victim's. It has been theorized that
   thing cells somehow disguise
 O O     EEEE          themselves to prevent immune system
O   O    E  E          response.
 O O     EEEE

 O O
O   O
 O O
2. The intruder cell attacks the other
   cell and pierces the cell
 O O                   wall with small strands. This leaves
O   O \                the victim's cell helpless.
 O O   \
         E  E
                    3.  The intruder cell merges with the
                        Victim's cell. The victim's cell
    O  O O              bulges to near breaking point
  O  EEEE  O            as the new cellular material enters
   O E  E O             it.

3. The enemy cell is now totally inside
   the victim's. It now rewrites the
    O   O              victim DNA with its own, and
  O      O             then it exits the cell. Note that the
 O   EEEE              enemy cells are smaller, but are more
    E  E  O            densely coded, so they contain the
O   EEEE   O           same amount of DNA.
  O   O  O

Now that 1 cell has been taken over, the thing cell will now attack another
while the infected cell attacks its own kind. The immune system cannot respond
because the victim cell appears to have been untouched. So within 60 minutes,
depending on the size, complexity, and type (whether it is a mammal, animal
ect.) the whole body is taken over. It is still unknown if things can imitate
other forms of life such as plants or insects.

----------[Thing Physiology]----------

"It could have impersonated a million life forms on a million planets. It could
change into any of them at any time."

The things store genetic codes from past victims to help to conceal itself. I
doubt that it could turn into any of its past victims, but only the most
recent. The thing cells are densely coded and can probably store genetic codes
from only the past few victims. The main advantage of having several different
genetic codes stored in a cell is that the thing can use hose past codes and
transform itself partially or fully. For example, in the movie, Blair turns
into a monster, and has part of himself a head of a dog. The Blair imitator
still had the dog genes in it, so it could partially turn itself into one. This
is also seen in the game, when the Norwegian is shown in the first boss. Most
things will revert back to their supposedly original state when exposed, and
add on a few 'adjustments' from past victims to make it more of a threat. That
is why there are several forms of each thing.
    It has also been theorized that things can alter the size of their cells.
In the movie, Blair turned into a huge monster, which means that either Blair
increased the size of his cells drastically, or just gave us the impression of
bulk, without having the volume. But then again, Blair could turn into the
Husky at any point, so we must assume that he decreased the size of his cells
to fit the size of the dog.

---------[COMBAT TIPS]----------
The thing is a tough game to survive in, especially on the harder difficulties,
so I have provided a few tips to help you. If you have any more not mentioned
here, please send them in!

1. Protect all important NPC's; if you lose one
    necessary to the mission, you fail it.
2. Do not let your NPC's do what they want; some are
    too headstrong and like to race into battle, so you
    must prevent them from being killed.
3. Try not to go full auto fire - short bursts are
    more accurate
         and therefore effective.
4. Try to keep your medics alive so that they can heal
    you if you are injured.
5. Uncooperative squad members should be coerced by
    pointing your gun at their head.
6. Try to load your teammates up on plentiful
    ammunition such as MP5 ammo. The last thing you
    want in the middle of a battle is for your squad to
    keep asking for ammunition. They only have 1
    weapon; you can have many.
7. Pay attention to your squad members, as fear is
    incredibly important. If a member is terrified,
    simply give him an adrenaline shot. If you have
    none, then give him some more ammunition or a
    better weapon and kill all enemies nearby.
         This should calm him down.
8. Peer around corners by using the 1st person
9. Try to take out sentry guns before they notice you
    either by turning them off or firing at them from
    around a corner.

I hope you have found this guide beneficial, useful, or just interesting, and I
would like to thank the following:

- My hands for typing
- Gamefaqs, for being such as great site
- The Thing, for being such a great game
- You, for reading.