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                                       -Shadow Hearts-
                                      Lottery Guide/FAQ
                                         Kenny Ryan 
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Hello! It's me Hello Hello, and I've finally gotten around to making an FAQ of
my very own. I was thinking that GameFAQs has given so much to me, that it's 
about time that I gave something back. This is my first FAQ, so give me a break
if it's not perfect. This FAQ is for the Lottery system in the sleeper hit 
Shadow Hearts for the PS2. While the lottey system isn't really mandetory for 
prosperity in Shadow Hearts, some of the items it gives out can make things a 
LOT easier. I sincerely hope this guide helps you in some way while you are 
enjoying Shadow Hearts.

(I should probably also warn you now that I am a Speedtyper, which means there 
 will probably be typos... Lots of them. I also warn you that this guide will 
 contain SPOILERS, so read on at your own risk!)


Q: What is the lottery in Shadow Hearts? How does it work?

A: The lottery is a simple mini-game of sorts. To initiate it you must have at
   least one lottery ticket in your invetory, and you must find a lottery
   member. If you have a ticket in your invetory after the member's regular 
   diologue, the member in question will ask if you are interested in playing 
   the lottery. If you say yes, the Judgement Ring will appear and and begin 
   spinning endlessly until you press X. Once you press X the ring will go 
   around one more time but it WILL land where you pressed it. There are always
   various prizes in each game of lottery, which are separated into colours on 
   the Judgement Ring. The colours they receive depends on the value of the 
   prize. The most valueable prizes are always Red, and then they go on in 
   value to Yellow, Aqua, Green, and White. White is always Tissues, which are 
   worthless except for in one part of the game.

Q: How many lottery members are there?

A: 16

Q: Are some members missable?

A: YES! Once you get to certain points in the game, some members will be 
   unreachable. You'll have to play through the game again on a New Game or 
   New Game+ to play with them.

Q: Is there a secret member?

A: Yes. On top of members 1 through 15, there is also member No. 00. 
   You can only  play him if you've played ALL of the other members 
   first. If you missed a member you will not be able to play member No. 00.

Q: Are there a limited supply of lottery tickets?

A: YES! I can't stress this enough. NEVER waste a lottery ticket! Always save 
   before you play the lottery! That way if you don't get the prize you want 
   you can just reload your game. Wasting tickets is especially dangerous in 
   the first half of the game, as all of the members are MISSABLE, and if you 
   waste tickets you may not have enough left to play all of the members,
   causing you to miss some, and thus keeping you from ever playing No. 00 in 
   that perticular game. If you want to play it safe then NEVER use more than 1
   ticket per member until you reach No. 00. Once you reach No. 00 you're safe
   and you can do whatever you want.

Q: So how many tickets are there total?

A: This guide says 23, but there are probably more.

Q: Is it really a lottery?

A: Yes... No... It depends on how you look at it. If you mean in the absolute
   literal sense, then no. You spin the the Judgement Ring, and try to stop the
   needle where you want. Now you can look at it another way too, in the sense 
   that the Judgement Ring as a tool for executing actions doesn't really 
   exist. The game explains that the Judgement Ring represents the flow of 
   life, with Motive as the conscience of life, Action as the possibility of 
   life, and Outcome as the destiny of life. With that you could look at it as 
   if it is an actual traditional Lottery where it's all random, and you only 
   win by chance, and the Judgement Ring is a tool used to alter destiny, where
   if you hit the Red mark, then destiny makes you beat the odds, and win the
   ultimate 1 in 100,000,000 odds prize. (Of course the problem with that
   theory is that some members actually talk about the Ring. Then again, that
   doesn't hold much ground either because the people in this game brake
   character freaquently.) Really though, look at it whichever way you want.

Q: It's too hard! Is there a trick to it?!

A: Not really. Practice, and patience are the 2 big factors to being successful
   with the Judgment ring. Just keep working at it, and make sure to save 
   often, so you don't waste any tickets.


This is pretty straight forward. Just follow the directions below, and obtain 
the tickets. 

(Tickets that are listed with * at the start are unconfirmed. They were 
 submitted by contributors, but I have not had the chance to check them
 myself for confirmation.)

-Defeat Felinus in Zhaoyang Village.

*After you meet Margarete and she blows a hole in the ground across from 
 the shop, if you look around near the hole, there is a lottery ticket.

-Re-Examine the hole in the wall where you find the puppy in the Fengtian 

-In Dalian's Harbor, on the walkway, in a chest.

-In Dalian, find Man with Turtle's turtle in very few tries.

-On the Smuggler's boat, on the bridge, next to the wheel.

-In Mr. Zhen's bar, in one of the barrels behind Drunken Lee/Guzzling Ray.

*In Shanghai near the salesman that won't sell anything (he says he's gotta 
 go before the japanese soldiers come) - around the corner from the bar.

-Behind the bottom left pillar, in the room where Zhuzhen casts the unlocking 
 rites, in the Temple Ruins.

-Beat Man With Dog's dog game in Huayuan. 
 (Don't look at me, I don't name these people.)

-In the Urininal/Yellow thing, in the room before the Save Point, in Kowloon 

-In Kuihai Tower, go around back of the B.Dragon alter and open the chest.

-In Blue Castle's Tower, in the second room, in the bottom right corner of the 
 left Jail Cell.

-In Gismot's bar, in Prague, in the male's washroom, in the upper right corner.

-In Rouen, to the right of the dumpster that Newlywed Jane is standing next to.

-In Rouen, in the back alley, in the barrels, in the top left corner, next to 
 the Church door.

-In the London Rat's hideout, in the upper right corner of the LOWER floor.

-In London, in Knowledgable Carl's house, in the cabinet on the left.

-In the Orphanage, in the guestroom, in what looks like a fireplace at the top 

-At the end of the hallway, in the 2nd room, in the Calios Mental Hospital, in
 a chest.

-INSIDE the Neamton Basement, to the right of the Judgement Door.

-In the Dollhouse, in the the room with the Animal Head/Switch, on the bottom
 of the screen, on the table.

-On your first time through the Stone Temple go Left, Up, Left, Down, Down,
 Left, and Up, to find a big chest containing a Ticket.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Tickets 2-10 are MISSABLE. Get them as soon as possible!!!


I've set the member data up like this

No. __ (This is the member's number.)

Name: (The name of the member in question.)

Location: Where the member in question can be found.

Missable?: (Whether or not the member is missable, and at what point he/she 
            does become missable.)

Prizes: (Here I list all of the prizes, their colours, and their function.)

Notes: Just notes.

No. 15 
Name: Building-loving Man
Location: Fengtian (Next to the fountain)
Missable?: Unreachable after completion of Fengtian Sewers!
[Red]    Jade Lariat      (The width of the hit area increases 20%)
[Yellow] B. Tortoise Fang (Ring sweeps twice as fast, but attack doubles)
[Aqua]   TalismanOfMercy  (Restores unconscious person's HP 50%)
[Green]  Pure Seed        (Restores 6 SP)
[White]  Tissues          (Almost useless. Use to get the Air Gravestone)

Notes: Do NOT get the B. Tortoise Fang! Anything that makes your ring sweep
       faster = BAD!

       Also, after the explosion No. 15 will move to the inside of the Fengtian

No. 14
Name: Filthy Samo
Location: In Dalian's Restaurant
Missable?: Unreachable after boarding the Smuggler's boat!
[Red]    Pocket Watch   (Renders Judgement Ring abnormalities ineffectual)
[Yellow] W. Tiger Hair  (User's hit area is cut in half, but Attack doubles)
[Aqua]   TeaOfTheHealer (Restores 75 HP and 50 MP)
[Green]  Pure Leaf      (Restores 3 SP)
[White]  Tissues        (Almost useless. Use to get the Air Gravestone)

Notes: Samo will play with you the morning after you beat Yamaraja: Wind.

No. 13
Name: Courier Subordinate (Sergeant Kato)
Location: The Smuggler's Boat, on the Bridge
Missable?: Unreachable after battle with Li Li!
[Red]    Iron Clogs     (Agl down 15 points, but half indicator speed)
[Yellow] B. Dragon Horn (All allies' hit areas are cut in half, Atk doubles)
[Aqua]   Witch's Broth  (Restores 50 MP and 3 SP)
[Green]  Pure Leaf      (Restores 3 SP)
[White]  Tissues        (Almost useless. Use to get the Air Gravestone)

Notes: You can play with Kato after the monsters appear.

No. 12
Name: Sharp Van
Location: The smuggler's boat, in the cabin (After the boat enters Shanghai)
Missable?: Unreachable after completion of Kuihai Tower!
[Red]    Star Card        (Enables discount ring at shops.)
[Yellow] R. Phoenix Talon (All allies rings twice as fast: Attack doubles)
[Aqua]   TeaOfTheHolyOne  (Restores 300 HP and 200 MP)
[Green]  Pure Seed        (Restores 6 SP)
[White]  Tissues          (Almost useless. Use to get the Air Gravestone)

Notes: Star Card = AWESOME! Don't let it slip through your fingers!

No. 11 
Name: Master Xiaofang
Location: Ni Wan Palace
Missable?: Unreachable after meeting Master Xifa
[Red]    Flash Badge   (Agl up 25 points, but 2X indicator speed)
[Yellow] Kirin Scale   (User's hit area doubles; Indicator sweeps half-speed)
[Aqua]   Priest's Wine (Restores 100 MP and 6 SP)
[Green]  Pure Seed     (Restores 6 SP)
[White]  Tissues       (Almost useless. Use to get the Air Gravestone)

Notes: Xiaofang as a lottery member is hidden on the Yellow level (that means 
       before the red portal), in the very bottom of one of the dead-ends. 
       Also, the Flash Badge is an awful, awful, awful accessory, now is the 
       time to get that Tissues you need for the Air Gravestone later on.

No. 10
Name: Invincible Nee
Location: Kowloon Fortress
Missable?: Unreachable after Kuihai Tower
[Red]    Mind's Eye       (Hit area invisible, but physical attack doubles)
[Yellow] Moon Swallow     (Makes all allies' attacks all critical hits)
[Aqua]   TalismanOfWisdom (Restores unconscious person's HP 30% and 50 MP)
[Green]  Pure Seed        (Restores 6 SP)
[White]  Tissues          (Almost useless. Use to get Air Gravestone)

Notes: In my opinion the Mind's eye is the best item in the game, so don't miss 
       it. It takes a little practice to get used to an invisible Judgment 
       Ring, but once you get the hang of of it you will be basically 
       unstoppable. (Although you can say goodbye to perfects for your regular 
       attacks, heh.) I reccomend giving this to Yuri.

       Furthermore, Nee is also missable if you answered Deihuai wrong when
       Alice is hooked into Spirit Machine thing. The correct answers are the
       first choices. (Yes, I know you wanted to flirt with him, but too bad.)

No. 09
Name: Private Matsuura
Location: Kuihai Tower (After Japanese Army infiltration)
Missable?: Unreachable after Kuihai Tower
[Red]    Warlock Earrings (Sp Attack up 20%, Sp damage received up 20%)
[Yellow] Star Swallow     (Makes user's attacks all critical hits)
[Aqua]   Soul Bendiction  (Cures all Status abnormalities)
[Green]  Pure Seed        (Restores 6 SP)
[White]  Tissues          (Almost useless. Use to get Air Gravstone)

Notes: Warlock Earrings are okay... Better than nothing I guess.

No. 08
Name: Guard Homas
Location: Prague
Missable?: No.
[Red]    Brsrkr Earrings  (HP increases 20%)
[Yellow] Seal of Luck     (Lck increases 1 to 3 points)
[Aqua]   TalismanOfPurity (Restores unconscious person's HP 30% and 3 SP)
[Green]  Thera Root       (Restores 300 HP)
[White]  Tissues          (Almost useless. Use to get Air Gravestone)

Notes: The Brsrkr Earrings is another accessory that helps make Yuri even more 
       unstoppable then he already is.

No. 07
Name: Hunter Warda
Location: Bistritz
Missable?: No.
[Red]    Oracle Earrings     (MP increases 20%)
[Yellow] Seal of Life        (Max HP increases 3 to 5 points)
[Aqua]   Tea of the Holy One (Restores 300 HP and 200 MP)
[Green]  Mana Root           (Restores 200 MP)
[White]  Tissues             (Almost useless. Use to get Air Gravestone)

Notes: You can't play with Warda until you have completed the Blue Castle's 
       Tower. Also Oracle Earrings are a definite staple for Zhuzhen and Alice,
       so make sure you get them!

No. 06
Name: Hooked-nose Robin
Location: Rouen, in the alley
Missable?: No.
[Red]    Accelerator      (Multiplies pedometer readings)
[Yellow] Seal of Aura     (Max MP increases 3 to 5 points)
[Aqua]   Alchemst' sWater (Restores 200 MP and 10 SP)
[Green]  Pure Root        (Restores 10 SP)
[White]  Tissues          (Almost useless. Use to get Air Gravestone)

Notes: You can't play with Robin until you've beeten Olga for the second time. 
       Also, the Accelerator makes getting Margarete's Leather Suit a LOT 

No. 05
Name: Drunken Orro
Location: London
Missable?: No.
[Red]    Priest Earrings (MP consumtion decreases 20%)
[Yellow] Seal of Speed   (Ag increases 1 to 3 points)
[Aqua]   Thera Extract   (Fully restores HP)
[Green]  Thera Root      (Restores 300 HP)
[White]  Tissues         (Almost useless. Use to get Air Gravestone)

Notes: Priest Earrings rock on Zhuzhen, but have fun trying to get 
       them when the Red space is like less than a milimeter wide, LOL!

No. 04
Name: Introverted Chopin
Location: Calios Mental Hospital, in the torture chair.
Missable?: No.
[Red]    p0Eternity Card (Enables discount ring at shops)
[Yellow] Seal of Force   (Pow increases 1 to 3 points)
[Aqua]   Mana Extract    (Fully Restores MP)
[Green]  Mana Root       (Restores 200 MP)
[White]  Tissues         (Almost useless. Use to get Air Gravestone)

Notes: Chopin doesn't appear until you've opened up the Neamton Monastery on 
       the Britan Map. Oh, and discount cards = awesome, so make sure you grab
       the Red prize!

No. 03
Name: Pot-lover Macken
Location: Orphanage, in the Pot that Jack used to summon Mammon.
Missable?: No.
[Red]    Crucifix       (Renders Status abnormalities ineffectual)
[Yellow] Seal of Wisdom (Int increases 1 to 3 points)
[Aqua]   Pure Extract   (Fully restores SP)
[Green]  Pure Root      (Restores 10 SP)
[White]  Tissues        (Almost useless. Use to get Air Gravestone)

Notes: Surprise, the ring for this game is INVISIBLE! You can cure it though, 
       by equipping a Pocket Watch. Also you can't play with Macken until the
       Orphanage becomes an actual Orphanage, which occurs after the scene with
       Koudelka in the London Rats' hideout.

No. 02
Name: Fake-nose Man
Location: Rouen, in the Back Alley
Missable?: No.
[Red]    10 Gauge         (Margarete's Ultimate Weapon)
[Yellow] Dice of Caesar   (1 to 3 allies gain triple strength, misses possible)
[Aqua]   Seal of Strength (Str increases 1 to 3 points)
[Green]  Eye of Ouroboros (Fully restores MP and SP)
[White]  Tissues          (Almost useless. Use to get Air Gravestone)

Notes: You must have triggered the Margarete Confessional scene, and you must
       have Margarete in your party to play with Fake-nose man. Meet these
       conditions, and No. 02 will take the place of No. 06.

       Also be warned that No. 02 leaves for good once you win the 10 Guage.

Vice Chariman (No. 01)
Name: Keith-like invisible man
Location: Blue Castle, in the throne room.
Missable?: No.
[Red]    Thief Earrings   (Trophy money and item get chance up 20%)
[Yellow] Key to Success   (Atk Power increase with continued successful action)
[Aqua]   Seal of Vitality (Vit increases 1 to 3 points)
[Green]  FruitOfYggdrasil (Fully restores HP and MP)
[White]  Tissues          (Almost useless. Use to get Air Gravestone)

Notes: Obviously you can't play with Keith if he is in your party.



Chairman (No. 00)
Name: Roger Bacon
Location: Roger Bacon's House
Missable?: No. (Well, if you missed another member you can't play with him.)
[Red]    CottonUnderpants (Pure and white, they cut Normal Attack by 50%)
[Yellow] Comet Mask       (Accessory that gives +10 P-Def, and +6 S-Def)
[Aqua]   Seal of the Soul (Max SP increases 1 or 2 points)
[Green]  TalismanOfPower  (Fully restores Unconscious person's HP, MP and SP)
[White]  Tissues          (Almost useless. Use to get Air Gravestone)

Notes: Like I've said multiple times, if you missed ANY members you can NOT
       play with Roger...EVER! If you missed one of the missable members in
       Asia (Members 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 09), then you can NOT play with
       Roger in that game EVER! You will have to try again on a New Game, or
       New Game+.



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