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The fate of your action lies in the Judgment Ring...Berserker_Blade8/10
Very CheekyCC DeVille10/10
Dark, Original, More Work... Welcome to the Dark Side of RPGs!Dark_Schala9/10
A fairly above average RPG, but has plenty of great ideas and potential.Exodist8/10
Absolutely unmissable. If you haven't played it yet, you need to - simple as that.Forman10/10
It begins here…Galactus217/10
'Shadow Hearts' plays an elegant plot with a fairly innovative gaming style...Garbol Shora7/10
Final Fantasy?! Pish, I have Shadow Hearts!Kashell Triumph10/10
An RPG with a quirky side, one to at least borrow from a friendlilithdarkstorm8/10
As Far As I'm Concerned, This Is Easily One of the Top 15 Games Ever Made.maeXcore10/10
A Diamond in the RoughMalachiX8/10
This beauty of a game badly needs more attentionMatt3210/10
Warning: Final Fantasy Comparisons Ahead!!!Maverick Edge9/10
This game revived my love of RPGs. Read on.MegaVirus10/10
An Unsung Heromgtonvac558/10
Gothic art style sacrificed, gameplay improved over prequelmobiusclimber9/10
Cool sequel, but worse than Koudelka !Mysticcat6/10
A fun throwback to the 32-bit RPG eranintendosega7/10
Extremely Fun, Dark And Unique, Whilst Overlooked At The Time, It Still Stands Tall TodayOutOfRange8/10
Probably one of the most overlooked RPGs and most overlooked series. [Rewritten]PeTeRL908/10
RPG fans, your savior has arrived.Psycho Penguin10/10
Heart Of OddnessRottenwood8/10
Has all the makings of a solid RPGShapeQuest9/10
An outcast among glam-o-rama RPGs and all-around good showSynister9/10
A unique contribution to the RPG genreSyonyx8/10

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