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Rumble Racing FAQ
Copyright (C) 2004-2007 Chris Beazell

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Table of Contents
1. Use and Re-use                 [copy]
2. What is Rumble Racing?         [what]
2.1. New/Changed tracks           [nctr]
2.2. Powerup changes              [pchg]
2.3. Air Mobility changes         [airm]
2.4. Announcer change             [anno]
2.5. Official license             [lisc]
2.6. Cars                         [cach]
2.7. Other notes                  [othr]
2.8. To sum it up                 [ovrl]
3. Controls                       [butn]
3.1. Configuration 1              [cfg1]
3.2. Configuration 2              [cfg2]
3.3. Configuration 3              [cfg3]
4. Techniques                     [skil]
4.1. Built-in Techniques          [buin]
4.1.1. Drafting                   [drft]
4.1.2. Infinite Nitro             [inni]
4.1.3. Stunts                     [styl]
4.1.4. Stunt Combo                [stco]
4.1.5. Double Launch              [dola]
4.2. Human-derived Techniques     [hude]
4.2.1. Sliding                    [slid]
4.2.2. Powerup loading            [polo]
4.2.3. Stunt loading              [stlo]
4.2.4. Being annoying             [argh]
4.2.5. Hangin' on for dear life   [bitc]
4.2.6. No-Stunt Lap               [zoom]
4.2.7. Double No-Stunt Lap        [uber]
4.2.8. Double Grab                [dogr]
4.2.9. Backwards Launch           [back]
4.2.10. Constant 360 Passes       [loop]
5. Powerups                       [pow!]
5.1. Nitro                        [sped]
5.2. Bad Gas                      [fart]
5.3. Super Traction               [glue]
5.4. Oil Slick                    [texs]
5.5  Big Hit                      [wham]
5.6. Shockwave                    [shck]
5.7. Bomb                         [boom]
5.8. Freeze                       [brrr]
5.9. Landslide                    [rock]
5.10. Tornado                     [whrl]
5.11. Invincible                  [mage]
5.12. Joker                       [rndm]
6. Cars                           [cars]
6.1. Rookie                       [newb]
6.2. Pro                          [prof]
6.3. Elite                        [1337]
6.4. Easter Egg                   [eegg]
6.5. Car Clone List               [ccli]
6.6. Notable Cars                 [noca]
6.6.1. Thor                       [thor]
6.6.2. XXS-TOMCAT                 [xxst]
6.6.3. Interceptor                [cops]
6.6.4. Vortex                     [suck]
7. Gameplay Modes                 [mode]
7.1. Single Race                  [sira]
7.2. Championship                 [chmp]
7.3. Stunt Challenge              [stch]
7.4. Showdown                     [duel]
8. Track Guides                   [trak]
8.1. True Grits                   [trgr]
8.2. Flip Out                     [flou]
8.3. Car Go                       [cago]
8.4. So Refined                   [sore]
8.5. Passing Through              [path]
8.6. Sun Burn                     [subu]
8.7. Falls Down                   [fado]
8.8. The Gauntlet                 [thga]
8.9. Touch and Go                 [togo]
8.9.1. Touch and Go Glitch        [tagg]
8.10. Surf and Turf               [sutu]
8.11. Coal Cuts                   [cocu]
8.12. Wild Kingdom                [wiki]
8.13. Over Easy                   [ovea]
8.14. Outer Limits                [ouli]
8.15. Circus Minimus              [cimi]
9. Infinite Nitro Techniques      [inte]
9.1. True Grits                   [intg]
9.2. Flip Out                     [info]
9.3. Car Go                       [incg]
9.4. So Refined                   [insr]
9.5. Passing Through              [inpt]
9.6. Sun Burn                     [insb]
9.7. Falls Down                   [infd]
9.8. The Gauntlet                 [inga]
9.9. Touch and Go                 [into]
9.10. Surf and Turf               [inst]
9.11. Coal Cuts                   [incc]
9.12. Wild Kingdom                [inwk]
9.13. Over Easy                   [inoe]
9.14. Outer Limits                [inol]
9.15. Circus Minimus              [incm]
10. Stunt Challenge Mode          [stcm]
10.1. Flip Out                    [stfo]
10.2. The Gauntlet                [sttg]
10.3. Wild Kingdom                [stwk]
11. Unlockables                   [lock]
11.1. Easter Egg Locations        [eggs]
12. Passwords                     [pswd]
13. Version info                  [vers]
13.1. What's in the future?       [futu]
14. Contact info                  [cont]
15. Thanks                        [thnk]

1. Use and Re-use                 [copy]
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2. What is Rumble Racing?         [what]
Rumble Racing is a fast-paced arcade style racing game with tons of cars ranging
from muscle cars and hot rods to a jet-fueled car and an RV.  It's the sequel to
Nascar Rumble for PS1, however, it's more like a complete re-make.  It
eliminates everything about Nascar Rumble that was annoying and improves on the

Being more of a remake than a sequel, Rumble Racing has a number of changes, the
more noticable of which are listed here.

2.1. New/Changed tracks           [nctr]
Rumble Racing features four tracks taken and improved from Nascar Rumble.
All other tracks are new.

Nascar Rumble track     Rumble Racing track
Rip Tide                Sun Burn
Silver Falls            Passing Through
Kirk Rock               Outer Limits
Circus Minimus          Circus Minimus

Changes/Additions to each NR track carried over:
Rip Tide - Not much different.  Some trees removed, a couple shortcuts made
easier to get into, one shortcut added.  New/moved powerup opportunities as
Silver Falls - Start location changed.  Rocks added to beach area.  Waterfall
shortcut is now lined up with the shortcut before it, so no more turning right
to go under the waterfall.  Fewer trees in the middle of the track.
Kirk Rock - new shortcut, after the corkscrew.  Go to the left wall and turn
hard right.  Links into what was previously the second shortcut.  Kirk Rock
welcome sign at the top of the switchbacks.
Circus Minimus - longer, two ramps added.  No more sub-10 second lap times.  The
Tornado seems to be absent from this track, which is good.

Rjyh101 (at) aol (dot) com has informed me that indeed there are Tornado
powerups on Circus Minimus.  It's still better than Nascar Rumble, where the
computers got them and fired them off every 2 seconds.

2.2. Powerup changes              [pchg]
Powerup system - You can now hold two powerups, and they will time out and
disappear if you don't use them within 30 seconds of picking them up.  You can
also choose which direction to launch some powerups.  Press rear view and the
powerup button to drop the powerup behind you, press the powerup button by
itself to launch it ahead of you.  You can also choose which powerup you use,
just push the appropriate powerup button.  The powerups option on the main menu
is limited to Active or Off, so no more "Tornado every 0.1 seconds" Mayhem
powerup mode.
Snowball - No longer travels around the track until it hits something.  Also,
you can no longer slow down to avoid getting hit by it, however, you could throw
off other players' aim by doing so.  No longer removes your ability to reset
your car.
Storm - Removed for some unknown reason.  Surely it could have been balanced for
RR similar to how the Snowball and Tornado were...
Tornado - Computers can no longer use them, and humans can only get them in the
lower four positions (that's 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th).  You can no longer slow
down to avoid being affected by it.
Shockwave - Much larger range.
Joker - Good powerups no longer activate immediately, you can choose when you
want the powerup.  Bad powerups still activate immediately, though.

2.3. Air Mobility changes         [airm]
Let's face it - You couldn't do squat while you were in the air in Nascar
Rumble.  With the addition of a stunt system, you can turn that air time into
valuable Nitro boost.  Simply hold the stunt button and press a direction to
flip in that direction.  Remember to release the stunt button when you're done,
or you'll be unable to steer.  The better the stunt, the more Nitro you get.
Not all stunts are possible in all locations.

2.4. Announcer change             [anno]
The announcer in Nascar Rumble was... lacking.  While his faux southern accent
fits in with the Nascar aspect of that game, it gets annoying quickly.  Rumble
Racing fixes this.  Jess Harnell still does the voices, but they are much

2.5. Official license             [lisc]
Gone is the Nascar license.  No Nascar affiliation whatsoever now.  Not that it
needed it.

2.6. Cars                         [cach]
Some look-alikes of cars from Nascar Rumble are in Rumble Racing.  Here's the

NR car         RR car(s)
Road Captain   Tiberius, Silver Streak
Jet Car        Thor
RV             Road Trip
EA Sports Car  Gamecus, Sporticus

In addition, the field is now 8 cars long instead of 6.  The easter egg cars
(akin to the ones unlocked by the wrenches in NR) are unlockable without having
first won the championship that that track is in, unlike NR.

2.7. Other notes                  [othr]
Lap times are down a great deal.  This means the action is much faster-paced
than in NR.  This, of course, does not count Circus Minimus, which was made
longer in this game.

2.8. To sum it up                 [ovrl]
- If you found Nascar Rumble to be a bit too aggrivating, chances are you'll
  like Rumble Racing.  Many things have been toned down.
- If you didn't play Nascar Rumble because of the Nascar license, well, shame on
  you.  The drivers and their cars were the only things Nascar about Nascar
- If you liked Nascar Rumble, chances are you'll like Rumble Racing as well.
- All in all, its gameplay is much more balanced than Nascar Rumble's was.

All of these changes make for much more challenging and fun gameplay, while at
the same time, not forfeiting its signature "pick up the controller and jump
into the action" controls.  The controls are as easy to learn as ever.

3. Controls                       [butn]
The layout of the face buttons, d-pad, and analog sticks actually doesn't change
between configurations, so I'll list all of that here and then the shoulder
buttons will be listed under their separate config numbers.

X - Accelerate
Circle - Brake
Square - Brake/Reverse
Triangle - Cameras
Right analog stick up/down - Accelerate/Reverse
D-pad left/right - Steer
Left analog stick left/right - Steer
D-pad up - Horn
Select - Reset Vehicle
Start - Pause

3.1. Configuration 1              [cfg1]
L1 - Powerup 1
L2 - Powerup 2
R1 - Rear View
R2 - Stunt (use the d-pad or the left analog stick to control your stunt)

3.2. Configuration 2              [cfg2]
L1 - Rear View
L2 - Stunt (use the d-pad or the left analog stick to control your stunt)
R1 - Powerup 1
R2 - Powerup 2

3.3. Configuration 3              [cfg3]
L1 - Rear View
L2 - Powerup 1
R1 - Stunt (use the d-pad or the left analog stick to control your stunt)
R2 - Powerup 2

4. Techniques                     [skil]
This section covers the various techniques you can use in the game.  Some
techniques are explicitly built into the game, whereas others are decidedly
human-derived.  Beginning with version 1.6 I will differentiate between the two.

4.1. Built-in Techniques          [buin]
Built-in techniques are a part of the game engine.  They're things that you
might do without really knowing it, but generally improve your game when you
consciously use them.

4.1.1. Drafting                   [drft]
Get directly behind someone.  If you're close enough, the black dot on your
speedometer will slowly turn yellow, indicating that you're in the draft.
Drafting will net you an extra 10 mph, which is critical for passing, so don't
overlook it.  You can draft while using a Nitro for an extra 27 mph.  Seeya!

Note that if you aren't nitroed, you can't draft off of someone who is.  The 
reverse is also true.

4.1.2. Infinite Nitro             [inni]
This technique is possible on most of the tracks, but not all of them.  The
objective is to perform the correct sequence of stunts so that you get enough
nitro to last you from the last stunt opportunity to the first one on each lap.
The result is you will always have that extra 17 mph you love so much.  You can
win without this, but it's more to your benefit to learn it.  To see how each
Infinite Nitro is done, check out section 9 (inte).

4.1.3. Stunts                     [styl]
It's simple enough to get the hang of, yet complex enough to drive you insane in
Stunt Challenge mode.  This is where you get all your style points.  The game
only seems to look for two criteria before giving you the points/Nitro for a
a) did the car flip upside down at some point during the stunt?
b) did the car land reasonably enough on its wheels (either 2 or 4) without too
   much of the body work scraping the ground beforehand?
If both of those conditions are true, you will get the stunt points and Nitro.
The rest is up to you.  The aggrivating part is, sometimes if you hit a wall at
the wrong angle during a stunt, it will say "hey, that player didn't land the
stunt correctly!" and give you one of the stunt failed messages.  I've also had
it do that and then upon landing correctly on the ground, it gave me the Nitro
I'd earned anyway.

4.1.4. Stunt Combo                [stco]
Ever notice that the stunt system takes just a fraction of a second to recognize
a stunt after you land?  Well, in many places on most of the tracks, you can do 
a stunt, land (oh-so-briefly), then hit another ramp and do another stunt.  Land
the second stunt successfully and the stunt combo is complete.

What exactly does this do?  Well, the game doesn't recognize your stunt until 
the end of the combo if done correctly.  The game seems to really like it when 
you do this, and will usually reward you with a good amount of nitro.

Need an example?  There's one in the Outer Limits Infinite Nitro:

"Going over the track in Shortcut 1: Aim not at the powerup in the tunnel to the
left, but at the one sitting on the ledge.  Stunt left/right, hit the ledge, and
then stunt back the other way, all without it recognizing the stunt until you
land on the road."

Recognized separately, you get about three dots of nitro for each barrel roll.  
But when recognized as a stunt combo, you get 1.5 nitros.  Certainly not much, 
but with the infinite nitro, it's just enough to keep you nitroed from that 
point to the second shortcut's jump.

4.1.5. Double Launch              [dola]
This technique simply (ab)uses the fact that you can use either of the powerups
in your inventory at any time by pressing the appropriate button.

To do a double launch, simply launch both of your powerups at the same time.
This gives you the added benefit that both of them will hit the target.  For
best results, hit your powerup 2 button a split second before hitting your
powerup 1 button, since pressing your powerup 1 button will move the powerup in
the 2nd slot to slot 1.

You can also do a double drop, just hold your Rear View button while you use the

You get mixed results combining anything other than the Landslide with the
Landslide.  This technique works best with the Bad Gas, Oil Slick, and Freeze

When your opponents are getting angered by suddenly being dual-oil slicked,
dual-bad gassed, or the worst, dual-frozen, you know you've got it.  If you
somehow manage a dual Tornado, well...  good for you.  Tornadoes are best
launched with some time between them if you have more than one, though.  That
way the opponents have just enough time to recover from the first one and get
going again when the second one smacks them around again.

4.2. Human-derived Techniques     [hude]
Human-derived techniques aren't really part of the game engine, but still
permitted by it.  It takes human imagination to come up with these techniques.

4.2.1. Sliding                    [slid]
Integral to making some corners, and entering and exiting some shortcuts.
Simply put on the brakes, turn, and hit the accelerator again to start your car
sliding.  Careful use of the directional buttons will control the slide.

4.2.2. Powerup loading            [polo]
The computer tries to do this, but doesn't get it right.  The objective is to
drop a powerup onto the respawn spot for another powerup such that the powerup
you dropped is unavoidable to anyone who dares go for a powerup.  Works best
when you're over 5 seconds ahead, that way the powerup you just loaded will
respawn before the next person comes through.

4.2.3. Stunt loading              [stlo]
After pulling off a successful stunt, drop a Bad Gas immediately after getting
your Nitro.  The Bad Gas will be in such a place that the next person to land a
stunt there will hit it immediately after getting their Nitro, setting them
back, unless they have an Invincible or Nitro to use to counteract it.  Be wary
of that spot the next lap, though.

4.2.4. Being annoying             [argh]
Just because you have two powerups in your inventory doesn't mean the person
behind you should have a chance to get any...  Drive through a powerup
opportunity with a full inventory.  It will turn orange and disappear, you won't
get the powerup, but then again neither will they.  Powerups take 5 seconds to
respawn, so keep that in mind.

4.2.5. Hangin' on for dear life   [bitc]
Right at the end of the race, if whoever is in the position behind you is right
near you, they will most certainly pull alongside and try to steal your
position.  Once you see which side they're on, steer into them before they get
the chance to get the front end of their car ahead of yours.  You will slow them
down, and they will push you across the finish line in the position you just
fought so hard to earn.  Might be cheap in player vs. player, but vs. the
computer, anything's fair game.

4.2.6. No-Stunt Lap               [zoom]
For further reference, see Infinite Nitro.

The idea behind the No-Stunt lap is simple.  Build up Nitro while doing an
Infinite Nitro, and then once you've got enough for an entire lap, do a lap
without any stunts whatsoever.  Stunts generally slow you down a slight bit, so
combining Infinite Nitro with the No-Stunt lap is a great way to shave some
seconds off of your lap times.

In fact, to even beat a few of the Rumble1 times, you need to run either
constant Infinite Nitro laps, or a No-Stunt lap.

I've included the number of nitros required to do a No-Stunt lap in the section
for each track, even the ones where an Infinite Nitro techinique isn't
possible/hasn't been discovered yet.  This was calculated off of the Rumble1
time for each track, so if you're slower/faster, you'll need more/less Nitros

4.2.7. Double No-Stunt Lap        [uber]
With refinement of your Infinite Nitro strategy and stunt sequence, on some
tracks, you can actually do two no-stunt laps off of one single lap of stunting.
This is known to work on the three stunt tracks, and may work on other tracks as
well, especially the shorter ones.

It's difficult, but it can be done, and the results are very rewarding.  For 
example, a one no-stunt lap run on Flip Out might result in these lap times:

(these are made-up lap times, but definitely possible to obtain)
Lap 1 - 1:10.58
Lap 2 - 1:07.43
Lap 3 - 1:05.67

A double no stunt lap run would look something like the following:

(once again, made-up lap times, but still very possible)
Lap 1 - 1:10.89
Lap 2 - 1:05.73
Lap 3 - 1:05.30

It's a technique mainly for those who are truly dedicated to shaving seconds off
of their overall times.  It can backfire in the worst possible way, though.  
Make extra special careful sure that you have enough nitros for at least two 
laps.  This is what requires the extra refinement.  One small change in the 
stunt sequence can really affect how many nitros you have at any given point.

4.2.8. Double Grab                [dogr]
Many tracks have a line of powerups going straight across the track at one point
or another.  When they're close together, you can slide your car through the 
line and get two powerups at once.  Great for annoying the opponent right behind
you that was lined up for one of the two that you took.

4.2.9. Backwards Launch           [back]
This technique allows you to affect the racers behind you in the middle of a 
stunt.  It's rather simple.  During any stunt where you're facing backwards 
(i.e. a vertical flip), launch a powerup.  It will go flying backwards and hit 
somewhere behind you.  Works really great if somebody's right on you.  Human 
players aren't expecting this either, and there's not a whole heck of a lot they
can do about it unless they have a shield or the powerup that counteracts it.

4.2.10. Constant 360 Passes       [loop]
This technique works in Co-op play to speed up both players' lap times.  To do 
it, both teammates must be together, and close enough to draft.  Have the 
teammate in the back draft off of and eventually pass the teammate in front.  
Repeat the process.  It's good for a few tenths of a second per lap, usually,
and isn't always possible due to space restraints and dropped powerups.  Usually
you'll find one or two sections on each track where it can be done, do it there,
and then go back to driving normally until the next section where it can be 

5. Powerups                       [pow!]
Throughout each track are multitudes of powerup opportunities.  They are white
spheres with black diamonds inside, and when you drive through one you recieve a
powerup.  You can hold up to 2 powerups, and use either at any time by pressing
the appropriate powerup button.  Powerups take 5 seconds to respawn.

Some powerups will counteract the effects of others.  It's important to remember
that the counteraction will take place before the effects of the
more-recently-used powerup.

Powerups can also be turned off in the main menu.  Why bother turning them off,
you ask?  Turning them off allows you to practice your track strategy and stunt
sequence without those powerups distracting you or messing with your lap times.
You will still get Nitro from stunts, but that's it.  Being that your track
strategy and stunt sequence should be completely independent of your powerup
strategy, this gives you a good opportunity to practice that.  Just be sure to
turn them back on before running an actual race.

Here are some common alternative names for the various powerups:
Nitro: Turbo, Boost
Super Traction: Grip
Invincible: Shield, Invuln
Big Hit: Ram
Landslide: Rocks
Freeze: Snowball
Joker: Question mark, That &$%@ question mark, etc.

5.1. Nitro                        [sped]
Gives you an extra 17 mph for 8 seconds.  Also gained through stunts, with
variable duration.  Each dot around the powerup is two thirds of a second.  Best
used immediately.

Nitro will counteract the effects of Bad Gas.

5.2. Bad Gas                      [fart]
Makes opponents go 10 mph slower and eject smoke from their exhaust for 7
seconds.  Launched in front of you, it will fly towards the closest car to you,
bouncing off of walls.  It will slow anyone within its blast radius.  Dropped
behind you, it will slow whoever hits the can.

Bad Gas will counteract the effects of Nitro.

Note: If you had a Nitro active, and you were in the draft, your Nitro will be
cancelled and you will lose the draft.  Any time you're hit with a Bad Gas, your
speed is dropped to 10 mph below your standard max speed.

5.3. Super Traction               [glue]
Gives you super grip for 14 seconds.  Your tires will light on fire while you
have the increased grip.  Best used in tight corners.

Super Traction will counteract the effects of Oil Slick.

5.4. Oil Slick                    [texs]
Makes opponents lose grip and slide around the track for 5 seconds.  Launched in
front of you, it will fly towards the closest car to you, bouncing off of walls.
It will affect anyone within its blast radius.  Dropped behind you, it will
affect whoever hits the can.

Also quite nasty when combined with the Freeze.

Oil Slick will counteract the effects of Super Traction.

5.5. Big Hit                      [wham]
An orange shield-like thing will appear in front of your car, and stay there for
14 seconds.  Now, when you come into contact with any non-coop player, they will
be sent flying.  Jolts you forwards a bit when used, so be wary of activating it
during a stunt.

5.6. Shockwave                    [shck]
Sends a sonic wave out from around your car, sending anyone caught in its radius
flying.  Best used when the target car is approaching you from behind, or when
you're chasing someone into a corner.  Don't use it during a stunt, if you're
not right side up the Shockwave will cause you to fall to the ground where you

5.7. Bomb                         [boom]
Make your opponents fly through the air.  Launched in front of you, it flies
towards the closest car to you, bouncing off of walls.  When it explodes, anyone
caught in the blast radius is sent flying through the air.  Dropped behind you,
it will affect whoever hits it, plus anyone who happens to be nearby.  Best used
to launch your opponents off of the track in order to take their position, or to
keep them behind you.

5.8. Freeze                       [brrr]
Snowball fight!  Launched in front of you, it flies towards the closest car to
you, bouncing off of walls.  When it hits the ground, it will freeze the
steering of any car caught in its blast radius.  Dropped behind you, it will
affect whoever hits it.  Freeze effect lasts for 8 seconds.  A car that has been
hit by it will turn white and trail a snow effect behind them.  Computer
opponents seem to ignore it completely, so when racing single player or co-op 2
player, get rid of it harmlessly ASAP by launching it in front of you.  Any
human player hit with it will find themselves unable to turn very well for its
duration.  They can still turn, but they get no steering response for quite a
while, then suddenly it's steering too much.  The select button is your best
friend if you've been hit with one of these.  It won't cancel it, but you can at
least try to get around the corners.  The steering freeze doesn't affect stunts,
or air turning, so drive off a ramp and turn without the stunt button before you

Also quite nasty when combined with the Oil Slick.

5.9. Landslide                    [rock]
Chuck a few rocks at 'em.  Launched in front of you, they actually start in the
air and will go over most cars if they are right in front of you.  If they hit,
the target car is spun around and flipped over.  Dropped behind you, it will
remove those pesky tailgaters.  They stay around, so don't fall victim to your
own rocks.  Best launched in front of you when the target is at a fair distance
in front of you.  Drop behind anytime.

Note: This powerup is unlike the Bad Gas, Oil Slick, Freeze, and Bomb in that
it travels straight from your front bumper, regardless of where you're pointed
at or where the person in front of you is.  Make sure to properly lead opponents
so that the rocks will hit.

Also, when dropping the rocks behind you, they will roll a bit before coming to
a complete stop.  So drop them just before where you want them to be.

5.10. Tornado                     [whrl]
Fear the wrath of the Tornado!  You will only receive this powerup if you are in
5th, 6th, 7th, or 8th place.  It is very rare even then.  When used, a tornado
touches down and follows the track, occasionally taking a shortcut or two.
Anyone caught in its high speed winds will be flung about.  The closer you stay
to it, the longer it stays around.  Get close enough to it and get some free
speed.  Also will detonate any track-side preplaced explosive barrels.  Best
used when you need a few positions and the people ahead of you are bunched up.

5.11. Invincible                  [mage]
Grants you invulnerability for 10 seconds.  When used, all bad effects on you
disappear, and are prevented for its duration.  You will have a little aura
thing flying around you when it's active.  Also makes you more resistant to
hits.  Use this after getting hit by a powerup, or to make sure you don't get
hit by one.  Also, use it to win shoving matches.  A nice quirk is that while
it's active, you gain an extra 2 mph.  So, with an Elite car, drafting with 
Nitro and Invincible active, you get a max of 209 mph.  Man, they pedal slow.

Counteracts all bad effects, including the Freeze and Tornado.
Notable effect: It also prevents the Joker from giving you bad effects.  Take 
advantage of this!

5.12. Joker                       [rndm]
Random powerup.  Press the appropriate powerup button to see what it is.  Can be
either good or bad.  If it's bad, it affects you immediately.  If it's good, it
stays in your inventory so you can use it to your advantage.  Never gives the
Freeze as a bad effect.  Best to let these run out, or only use them in these

1. You're so far ahead it wouldn't cost you a position
2. Just after landing a stunt, but before receiving the Nitro
3. When you've got a Nitro, Super Traction or Invincible in your inventory
   already (It's best to use that Invincible before using the Joker)

In addition, don't use them (unless of course you're Invincible) on the stunt 
tracks (Flip Out, The Gauntlet, and Wild Kingdom).  You don't want the 
possibility of an easily avoidable Bad Gas taking away all the Nitros you've 
built up.

Like the Tornado, there appears to be a point at which the Joker is no longer
given out, except that this time if you're lower down in the field, you have a 
lower possibility of getting them.  Thus, I don't believe it's possible to 
receive a Tornado from a Joker.

The Joker also times out much faster than any other powerup, in 10 seconds.
This makes it worthwhile to let them just run out if you don't want to risk
jeopardizing your race, as there are usually more than 10 seconds between
powerup opportunities.

6. Cars                           [cars]
There are many cars available in Rumble Racing.  Most have to be unlocked, but
it's as simple as winning a championship that they're in for most of them.
There are three official tiers of cars, which of course are Rookie, Pro, and
Elite.  The unofficial fourth tier is Easter Egg, because these cars are hidden
around each track as an easter egg that you have to find and hit.

Note: Take each car's stats very lightly.  Some of the later cars you unlock
will expose just how flawed these stats are.  The best way to see if a car is
good or not is to take it for a few test drives.

6.1. Rookie                       [newb]
These cars are available right off the bat.  Featuring an unimpressive top speed
of 140 mph, they are really only good for those newest to Rumble Racing.  Using
a nitro gets you up to 157 mph, and then drafting while that nitro is active
gets you 167 mph.  Getting hit by a Bad Gas drops your speed to 130 mph.

Available from the start:
The Banger
 Acceleration: -----
     Handling: -----
Stunt Ability: -------

Silver Streak
 Acceleration: ------
     Handling: -------
Stunt Ability: ------

Widow Maker
 Acceleration: ----
     Handling: ------
Stunt Ability: -----

 Acceleration: ----
     Handling: ------
Stunt Ability: -----

 Acceleration: -----
     Handling: ---
Stunt Ability: ----

Muscle Car
 Acceleration: ------
     Handling: ---
Stunt Ability: ---

 Acceleration: ------
     Handling: -------
Stunt Ability: ------

 Acceleration: ---
     Handling: ----
Stunt Ability: ---

Van Go
 Acceleration: ----
     Handling: ----
Stunt Ability: ----

 Acceleration: ----
     Handling: --
Stunt Ability: ------

Purple Haze
 Acceleration: ----
     Handling: -----
Stunt Ability: -----

 Acceleration: ----
     Handling: ------
Stunt Ability: -----

 Acceleration: ------
     Handling: ---
Stunt Ability: ---

 Acceleration: ------
     Handling: -------
Stunt Ability: ------

6.2. Pro                          [prof]
These cars start being unlocked after you beat the EA Rookie Cup.  They feature
a top speed of 160 mph.  Using a nitro gets you up to 177 mph, and then drafting
while that nitro is active gets you 187 mph.  Getting hit by a Bad Gas drops
your speed to 150 mph.  Once you unlock the Pro class at the end of the EA
Rookie Cup, all of the Rookie cars now have Pro versions available for

 Acceleration: ------
     Handling: -------
Stunt Ability: ------

 Acceleration: -----
     Handling: -----
Stunt Ability: -------

El Diablo
 Acceleration: ---
     Handling: ----
Stunt Ability: ---

Road Kill
 Acceleration: ---
     Handling: ----
Stunt Ability: ---

6.3. Elite                        [1337]
These are the cars used by the best of the best.  You start unlocking them after
the EA Pro Cup.  They feature an impressive top speed of 180 mph.  Using a nitro
gets you 197 mph, and then drafting while that nitro is active gets you 207 mph.
Getting hit by a Bad Gas drops your speed to 170 mph.  Once again, once you
unlock the Elite class at the end of the EA Pro Cup, all Rookie and Pro cars
now have Elite versions available for use.

Jolly Roger
 Acceleration: ------
     Handling: -------
Stunt Ability: ------

 Acceleration: -----
     Handling: ---
Stunt Ability: ----

 Acceleration: ------
     Handling: ---
Stunt Ability: ---

Blue Devil
 Acceleration: ------
     Handling: -------
Stunt Ability: ------

6.4. Easter Egg                   [eegg]
Easter Egg cars are the fun ones.  They have all sorts of interesting designs,
including an RV, a three-wheeled plane, and a rocket-propelled car.  These cars
are hidden throughout the game.  Unlocking them is covered in-depth in section
11.1 (eggs).

 Acceleration: ----
     Handling: ------
Stunt Ability: -----

High Roller
 Acceleration: ----
     Handling: ------
Stunt Ability: -----

 Acceleration: ----
     Handling: --
Stunt Ability: ------

Van Itty
 Acceleration: ----
     Handling: ----
Stunt Ability: ----

Buck Shot
 Acceleration: ---
     Handling: ----
Stunt Ability: ---

 Acceleration: ----
     Handling: -----
Stunt Ability: -----

Road Trip
 Acceleration: -
     Handling: -
Stunt Ability: ----

 Acceleration: -----
     Handling: -------
Stunt Ability: -------

Redneck Rocket
 Acceleration: ----
     Handling: ------
Stunt Ability: -----

 Acceleration: ----
     Handling: ------
Stunt Ability: -----

 Acceleration: ------
     Handling: ---
Stunt Ability: ---

 Acceleration: --------
     Handling: ------
Stunt Ability: --------

 Acceleration: --------
     Handling: --------
Stunt Ability: -------

 Acceleration: --------
     Handling: ------
Stunt Ability: --------

6.5. Car Clone List               [ccli]
Some of the cars in the list above have the same stats.  This means that if
you're good with one of the cars, you'll have a similar driving experience with
any of its clones.  This doesn't mean all clones of a car will handle exactly
alike, however.  For example, Maelstrom and Blue Devil handle a bit differently
from the rest of their clones, and Redneck Rocket for the most part just doesn't

Car            Clone(s)
The Banger     Escargot
Silver Streak  Tiberius, Maelstrom, Cataclysm, Jolly Roger, Blue Devil
Widow Maker    Serpent
Mantee         Malice
Muscle Car     Mandrake, Direwolf, Stinger
Maniac         El Diablo, Road Kill, Buck Shot
Van Go         Van Itty
Hog-en-ator    Sporticus
Purple Haze    Gamecus
Dragon         Revolution, High Roller, Redneck Rocket, Cobalt
Road Trip      None.
Vortex         None.
Interceptor    None.

6.6. Notable Cars                 [noca]
Naturally, in any racing game, there are going to be cars that stand out above
the rest.  This section is here to note interesting things about various cars.

6.6.1. Thor                       [thor]
Thor has a huge advantage over the rest of the field.  What's that advantage,
you ask?  Take a look at it on the car select screen.  Now look at another car.
See anything interesting?  No?

I'll tell you then.  Notice that with any car except Thor, when they gun their
engines on the select screen, they have wheelspin and you see tiresmoke.  Thor
has no such wheelspin or tiresmoke.  All it has is a big f***in' rocket.  Its
lack of drive wheels is its advantage, albeit in disguise.

Without further delay, here are Thor's advantages:

Thor has instant acceleration.  Without a doubt, it is the fastest car off the
line at the start of a race.  You can usually blast your way up to 3rd with very
little problem.  With a bit of refinement you'll be able to nab 1st off the bat.

Thor has constant thrust.  This means that it has a much better tendency than
any other car to move in the direction it's pointing during a turn.  It will
bounce along the roughest of terrain at its max speed.  All the other cars will
lose speed while bouncing.

Thor has air mobility.  Find a large ramp somewhere, go off it, and then steer
normally, without using the stunt button.  Notice you'll actually move in that
direction.  This is Thor's air advantage: the ability to adjust its course while
in the air.

Thor will take some getting used to, due to its instant acceleration, but once
you learn how to throw it around the track, you'll find that no other car can
quite hold a candle to it.

6.6.2. XXS-TOMCAT                 [xxst]
After reading about Thor, you may be wondering: Is there any other car that can
compete with Thor?

The answer is, technically, that they all can when used properly.  You make up
for your lack of acceleration with copious use of the draft and plenty of
powerups.  But lo and behold, there is another car with the same type of
advantage that Thor has.

And it is, of course, XXS-TOMCAT.

It has drive wheels, but oddly enough, no tiresmoke on the selection screen.  It
loses no speed as it bounces along rough terrain.  Its boosters will allow it to
perform aerial movement similar to that of Thor.  It isn't quite as agile as
Thor is in the air, but it makes for a suitable replacement when people start
complaining that they can't compete with Thor ;)

XXS-TOMCAT also has its own oddity.  It only has three wheels.  This, when
combined with the shape of its body, allows you to do a few fun things.

You can easily spin people around by ramming one side of their rear bumper.

It is barely affected by the Oil Slick powerup's initial line change, due to the
fact that the initial line change of the Oil Slick powerup affects the front end
of the car.

Its shape allows you to 'wrap' it around curved walls, to get a better line
through the corner.  This is useful on Flip Out when you're trying to stay up on
the inside edge of the track so you can get a fast laptime.

It also has the exact same stats as Thor.  This isn't useful for much, but it
does show that EA at least had the intention of making XXS-TOMCAT able to
compete with Thor.

6.6.3. Interceptor                [cops]
What about Interceptor?  Its stats are nearly perfect!

Too bad it has drive wheels and therefore suffers from lack of handling once you
lose grip.  If you can keep the tires glued to the road, you'll do well.  Its
front end is also light enough that it will pop a wheelie at the beginning of
the race.

It appears that EA failed to take Thor and XXS-TOMCAT's rockets into account
when they made the handling ratings, and brings the validity of all of their
ratings into question.

6.6.4. Vortex                     [suck]
Now you're thinking...  Hey, all vehicles have crap for handling except for Thor
and XXS-TOMCAT!  That's not right!

You're wrong.  And I was too, up until a few days ago.  What happened?  Through
a freak chance, I decided to drive some other cars besides Thor.  One of them
happened to be Vortex.

Vortex has great steering response and slides very little in the corners.  This
makes it a prime choice for those of you who are fed up with the lack of
handling with pretty much all the other cars.  Take it for a spin, even if
you've already tamed Thor, and compare it to the other vehicles to see for
yourself just how well it handles.

This is coming from someone who uses Thor pretty much exclusively, so when I'm
impressed about a car's handling, it's got to be good.

7. Gameplay Modes                 [mode]
Rumble Racing offers a variety of ways to compete.  In addition, once you get
that high-and-mighty feeling that comes with thoroughly crushing the computers
on any track at any time, you can turn up the difficulty.  This makes the AI
slightly more agressive and affects how many computer cars take the shortcuts.

Forgiving - Computer cars rarely drop or use items.  If at all, up to two cars
will take the shortcuts, however, if another car is bumped into a shortcut, it
will start taking them.  Very few stunts performed, if at all.

Intense - Computer cars drop and use items most of the time.  Up to 5 cars will
take the shortcuts.  Same spiel about cars being bumped into shortcuts.
Moderate stunt ability.

No Mercy - Computer cars drop and use items every time they receive one.  All of
them will take the shortcuts.  Expect them to stunt at every feasible
opportunity, and have Nitros most of the time, if not all the time.  This
behavior is what prompted me to start looking beyond the stunt tracks for
Infinite Nitro possibilities.

Championship mode also affects how many of the computers take the shortcuts.
Very few take the shortcuts on Rookie, Pro bumps it up, and Elite goes all-out.

Note that computer cars will never launch powerups forwards.  I consider this to
be the AI's main weakness.  It would definitely be harder if they could fight
you with powerups when they're behind you.  The only thing they'll do is
activate a Shockwave or Big Hit.  That's it.  Both of those can be stunted out
of as well.

I begin to wonder what exactly happened with this game.  It got great reviews
from pretty much all of the major game reviewers and magazines, yet it has
virtually no fan following and pretty much tanked right after release.  I hope
EA still has the motivation to make another one when the PS3 comes out.

7.1. Single Race                  [sira]
Single Race is your practice mode.  You can race any track you have unlocked.
Single Race mode is great for finding shortcuts for the first time and figuring
out the best line to take between them.  You can customize Single Race mode by
setting the number of cars (1-8), the number of laps (1-8), and whether or not
you can choose your opponents.  In 2 Player mode, you can choose how many teams
there are.  Also, in 2 player mode, you can choose Standard mode, which is
everyone for themselves, or Co-op mode, where you are teamed with your fellow
human versus 1 to 3 teams of computers.  Powerups launched ahead of yourself
will not affect your teammate, but powerups you drop behind you will, so
communicate with your teammate and tell them what you're dropping and where so
they can be on the lookout for it.

7.2. Championship                 [chmp]
Championship mode is where you fight the computers in order to assert your reign
over them and unlock everything.  As with Single Race mode, you can go it alone
or bring another human player along for the ride, either in a free for all, or
teamed up.

7.3. Stunt Challenge              [stch]
Stunt Challenge mode is here mainly for fun.  Running laps on your selected
track is completely optional.  You do get extra time for completing a lap, and
there are stopwatches placed strategically around each track that add to your
time as well, but in order to get the best scores, you have to find the correct
spot on each track and stay there, churning out as many high-point stunts as you
can.  You can also compete against another human player.  Show off your mad
stunt skills!

Note: The preset high scores are very competitive, almost to the point of being
too competitive.  Fortunately, they're all possible to beat.  For more
information on Stunt Challenge mode, check out section 10 (stcm).

7.4. Showdown                     [duel]
Got a friend that's bragging about how they own a specific track?  Does it seem
like they will never shut up, even if you beat them in single race?  There ain't
enough room in town for the two of ye, I reckon.  Have a showdown.  Whoever can
put together the best lap on the track of your choosing wins.  This mode isn't
really good for much else, you'll crush the computer if you select it in single

8. Track Guides                   [trak]
Most aspects of a track you can figure out simply by driving it a few times.
This section explains where each and every shortcut is on each track, and even
which ones you'll want to take to get the best lap times.  If the Infinite Nitro
technique is possible on a track, I will note that it is possible for you.  To
see how exactly the Infinite Nitro is done, head on down to section 9 (inte).
Also, for guidance, I will list lap times for each track in a tiered system:
Each track will have a No Shortcuts time, the preset Rumble times, and a Godlike
time, with the player name of the person that posted it.  The No Shortcut times
assume the best class of cars that is available when that track is first
unlocked in Championship mode.  All No Shortcuts times made with Tiberius.

Explanation of Godlike times: Godlike times are simply times that beat the
Rumble1 on a specific track.  However, a Godlike time you've just gotten isn't
truly Godlike unless it also beats the current Godlike time listed for the

I have also listed No-Stunt lap Nitro amounts for each track.  This is the
number of Nitros you must have active in order to complete a No-Stunt lap
without losing all of your Nitros during the lap.  I calculated them simply by
taking the Rumble1 time for each track and dividing it by the length of the
Nitro powerup, which is 8 seconds.  I rounded each one up to the next whole
amount of Nitro.

8.1. True Grits                   [trgr]
A fairly simple track, a few tight turns but generally very wide.  6 shortcuts,
optimal line uses 5 of them.

Shortcut 1:
On the starting straight, get all the way over to the right before the bridge,
crash through the Rumble Racing barriers, and go up the hill.

Shortcut 2:
Directly after Shortcut 1, continue through the gas station.  Avoid hitting the
pumps, they will explode on contact.

Shortcut 3:
A couple turns after Shortcut 2, turn left and run along the railroad tracks.
Get over to the left to avoid the train, and make a sharp left turn to get back
onto the track.  You can turn early to get all the benefits of hitting the
brakes (bouncing back and forth between the train and fence will slow you down)
with instant full speed and correct line once you're out of the shortcut.

Shorctut 4 (not optimal):
Go past the entrance to Shortcut 3.  As you approach the railroad tracks, you
will see a John Deere tractor on the right side of the track.  Turn right and
follow the railroad tracks.

Shortcut 5:
One turn after Shortcut 3, turn slightly left, crash through the Rumble Racing
barriers, and go through the barn.  Jump over the trains using the ramp.

Shortcut 6:
After Shortcut 5, you will go downhill and through a tunnel.  At the end of the
tunnel, the road branches, and the signs tell you to turn right.  Crash through
the Rumble Racing barriers on the left instead.  Get ready for a hard left turn
to get back on the track.  A slide or a grip powerup makes this turn easier.

Note: A properly placed bomb after the last corner can actually blast you back
up onto the bridge, so watch out.

Infinite Nitro possible.
No-Stunt Nitros: 8

Lap times:
No Shortcuts: 1:21.58
Rumble3: 1:05.58
Rumble2: 1:01.58
Rumble1: 0:56.08
Godlike: 0:50.95 - XT8147 (Elite Thor)

Overall times:
Rumble3: 3:22.25
Rumble2: 3:08.88
Rumble1: 2:57.11
Godlike: 2:43.71 - Bull (Elite Thor)

8.2. Flip Out                     [flou]
The first stunt track.  No shortcuts.  The result is a track that's nothing
other than straightforward: the person who laps the fastest will win unless they
screw up.  When the track splits into three pipes, the center pipe is my
preferred line, though if you're lined up for either of the others and there 
isn't much time to make adjustments, just go with the flow, it won't affect lap 
time much.

Infinite Nitro possible.
No-Stunt Nitros: 9

Lap times:
Rumble3: 1:21.21
Rumble2: 1:15.70
Rumble1: 1:07.80
Godlike: 1:05.03 - Bull (Elite Thor)

Overall times:
Rumble3: 4:11.31
Rumble2: 3:50.11
Rumble1: 3:33.18
Godlike: 3:22.45 - Bull (Elite Thor)

8.3. Car Go                       [cago]
An aggrivating track until you figure it out.  Drafting is paramount here.
After Shortcut 3, you will have to slide around the corner to make the middle
line or the line closest to the edge of the dock.

Shortcut 1:
After the 2nd ramp, go straight through the building where you see the Rumble
Racing barriers.

Shortcut 2:
Go straight forwards after Shortcut 1.  It's a no-brainer.  If you missed
Shortcut 1, turn left where the signs tell you to turn right.  You will crash
through (or at least drive by) a Rumble Racing barrier.

Shortcut 3:
Instead of taking the quick left-right to stay on the dock, continue forwards
and crash through the Rumble Racing barriers.

Alternate routes on the second dock (the one after shortcut 3):
Closest to edge: brake hard and slide.
Middle: brake quickly and slide.
Farthest: Just turn.

Infinite Nitro possible.
No-Stunt Nitros: 10

Lap times:
No Shortcuts: 1:43.43
Rumble3: 1:29.40
Rumble2: 1:19.88
Rumble1: 1:14.20
Godlike: 1:13.40 - XT8147 (Elite Thor)

Overall times:
Rumble3: 4:38.55
Rumble2: 4:09.80
Rumble1: 3:49.25
Godlike: 3:44.55 - XT8147 (Elite Thor)

8.4. So Refined                   [sore]
A fun track.  Next to last shortcut can be next to impossible to use for gain
unless you enter it correctly.

Shortcut 1:
After the start, you'll make a right, then a left, then after a straightaway
you'll make a quicker right-left.  The shortcut is to your right after that,
just turn into it.  Slide as necessary.  If you miss this entrance, there's
another one just around the bend.  It's harder to hit, but it'll still save you
some time.

Shortcut 2:
After Shortcut 1, get to the outside of the track and go up the ramp onto the
railroad tracks.  There are trains parked in the tunnel, and one exploding
train.  With proper discipline, you can sideswipe the exploding train to set it
off without messing yourself up.  The shortcut goes like this:

[-----] = train
{---} = exploding train
###### = tracks
@@@ = randomly firing explosion
() = powerup
' = area it's possible to glitch yourself into by riding the very edge of the
ramp and nearly falling off of it in the process

  /------------------|           |-----------|          |---------\         \---
|  |-----------------|    ()     |-----------|          |------------\         \

Watch out for the randomly firing explosion, it can mess up your fall back down
to the track.

Directly after Shortcut 2 is a hard to hit alternate route that doesn't count as
a shortcut but is marginally faster than going on the road.  General rule of 
thumb here is to aim for it, but if you hit the wall on either side of it, skip 

Shortcut 3:
After the alternate route, regardless of whether you use it or not, you will go
down a hill and start to turn left.  Turn sharply left to head towards Shortcut
3.  You'll go into a small canyon.  In single player, this area is riddled with
explosive barrels, but it's quite tame in 2 player.  Brake hard and make the 90
degree right hander under the bridge.  Go up the hill (you could go for a stunt,
but I don't recommend it unless you get serious height), and turn slightly to
the right.  Aim yourself down the center of the refinery and floor the
accelerator if you haven't already.  For a quick stunt, turn left immediately
after leaving the refinery and use the hill to get a barrel roll, or if your car
has the stunt ability, a vertical flip.  Angle it right and you can make
Shortcut 4 from here.  Otherwise, continue up the hill on the right, through the
Rumble Racing barrier, and into Shortcut 4.

Shortcut 4:
Directly after Shortcut 3.  Either stunt into it or drive up the hill.  Use the
stunt hill to get into it after missing Shortcut 3.  Get all the way over to the
left and turn right at the last moment.  Do your best stunt here, it's not
uncommon to finish the lap in the air.  Be wary of the air wall on the right of
the exit though, it's messed up plenty of my stunts and it will do the same for
you if you're not careful.

Shortcut 5 (not optimal):
Either directly from Shortcut 3, or from missing shortcut 3 or 4 altogether,
continue to just before the track turns right onto the front straight.  Make a
hard right here.  There are two ramps, the one on the left gives you a higher

Infinite Nitro possible.
No-Stunt Nitros: 10

Lap times:
No Shortcuts: 1:44.20
Rumble3: 1:23.00
Rumble2: 1:16.58
Rumble1: 1:12.26
Godlike: 1:01.86 - XT8147 (Elite Thor)

Overall times:
Rumble3: 4:17.40
Rumble2: 3:58.88
Rumble1: 3:42.51
Godlike: 3:19.93 - XT8147 (Elite Thor)

Easter egg (no, not the hidden car): before the start/finish line, there is an
RV camp.  Among the items is a grill shaped like a UFO.  Hit it.  It will
explode and the announcer will say "Was that a UFO?"  Now there will be a UFO
flying around the track.

8.5. Passing Through              [path]
This is a shortcut heavy track, but don't let that overwhelm you.  The first 3
shortcuts link directly into one another.  The 4th and 5th are just common

Shortcut 1:
After the start, get over to the left and then turn slightly left to begin your
shortcutting fun!  Watch out for the air wall that extends needlessly into the
track right at the left corner of the entrance.  You will jump across the track
onto a small dirt covered hill.  Watch out for the tree.  You will now fly back
across the track.  Watch out for that tree!

Shortcut 2:
After flying across the track from Shortcut 1, you land in it.  Be careful to
not hit the trees on the left side.  You will fly across the track and into a
narrow path between two rocks.  If you aren't centered going into the narrow
path, the air walls will be the death of your stunt.

Shortcut 3:
After bouncing across the track from shortcut 2, go through the waterfall.

Shortcut 4:
After landing from Shortcut 4, cut across the infield area.  Depending on your
speed exiting Shortcut 4, you'll land in it.  As long as you've got it floored,
you're fine.

Shortcut 5:
After the beach, you make a hard right hander and go into switchbacks.  Jump
over the switchbacks altogether.  Note: You can actually land a stunt on the
vertical surface to the right of the track after the switchbacks.

Note: On the beach, stick to the left side.  If you have Nitros already, you can
land a stunt down off of the rock, otherwise stunt right/left.

Infinite Nitro possible.
No-Stunt Nitros: 9

Lap Times:
No Shortcuts: 1:50.48
Rumble3: 1:27.55
Rumble2: 1:15.10
Rumble1: 1:09.35
Godlike: 1:07.51 - XT8147 (Elite Thor)

Overall times:
Rumble3: 4:29.05
Rumble2: 3:52.73
Rumble1: 3:36.53
Godlike: 3:30.13 - Bull (Elite Thor)

8.6. Sun Burn                     [subu]
A short track that is very competitive.  It's got a decent mix of on- and
off-road action, with curves all over the place, so you'd better have a car with
decent handling.

Shortcut 1:
Just before the bush marking the inside of turn 1, there is a Rumble Racing
barrier.  Crash through it.

Shortcut 2:
Almost directly from Shortcut 1, continue through the building, scattering the
couches across the track.

Shortcut 3:
After Shortcut 2, make a hard left and go between the building on the left and
the bush.  Continue across the street and over the pool.

Shortcut 4:
After a slightly turning straightaway, the road turns to the right and then back
to the left.  Only do the right turn.  Alternative is to get on the outside wall
and use its banking to angle yourself into the shortcut.

Shortcut 5:
Directly after Shortcut 4, most likely you will fly over it without touching the
ground inside it.

Shortcut 6:
In the city area, after the right turn, the road meets up with another road
coming from outside of the course.  Ahead are some palm trees with a Rumble
Racing barrier between them.  Crash through it and go between the buildings.

Shortcut 7 (not optimal):
Bypass Shortcut 6, and you will see another Rumble Racing barrier between a bush
and the building.  Crash through it.

No-Stunt Nitros: 7

Lap Times:
No Shortcuts: 1:03.21
Rumble3: 0:55.96
Rumble2: 0:52.25
Rumble1: 0:50.00
Godlike: 0:44.06 - XT8147 (Elite Thor)

Overall times:
Rumble3: 2:52.88
Rumble2: 2:41.55
Rumble1: 2:38.35
Godlike: 2:22.10 - XT8147 (Elite Thor)

8.7. Falls Down                   [fado]
Another fairly short and very competitive track.  Has two possible shortcut
lines, they produce almost identical lap times.  Which one you take is up to
you.  From my experience, Shortcut line 1 is a fraction of a second faster.

Shortcut 1 (Shortcut line 1):
Just after the first tunnel, drive between the edge of the rock and the sign
telling you to turn left.  You will fall off the waterfall.  This would be a
good time to stunt.  They really should have put a tunnel through the rock about
a quarter of the way up, I tend to have too much speed and fly into it.

Shortcut 2 (Shortcut line 2):
Just after the first tunnel, you will see a large rock formation.  In front of a
cave is a Rumble Racing barrier.  Drive through it.

Shortcut 3 (Shortcut line 2):
Shortcut 2 leads almost directly into this.  Drive over the switchbacks and
between the two rocks.

Shortcut 4 (Shortcut line 2):
After Shortcut 3, there will be a bridge with a guard rail along the left side.
There is a gap between the guard rail and the rock before the bridge, however.
Go through this gap and bounce around the river.

Alternate routes:
Tunnel 1: After the start/finish.  The road goes through a split tunnel.  Choose
a side, it doesn't really matter.
Tunnel 2: After the shortcut lines combine at their ends.  Once again, it is
split.  The left side allows a more natural line, however, the computers (and
humans, too) love to litter this side with powerups.  The first time you take
the right side, the announcer will say "Honk your horn!"  Honk your horn (Up on
the d-pad) and receive that nice warm fuzzy feeling inside that tells you you're
being an idiot and you're proud of it.

The ramp just after Tunnel 2 can give you a great number of different launch
trajectories.  Sometimes it will dump you back down to the ground faster than
you can do a barrel roll.  Sometimes it will launch you so high you'll hit the
bridge that goes over the track (and yes, it's solid at that height).  Most of
the time it'll launch you somewhere in between those two extremes.  Be ready to
start up the correct stunt for the trajectory you get.  On some occasions I've
launched myself so high that it reset me at a lower altitude, thus preventing me
from doing a double vertical flip =\.

Infinite Nitro possible.
No-Stunt Nitros: 7

Lap Times:
No Shortcuts: 1:14.68
Rumble3: 0:54.61
Rumble2: 0:50.35
Rumble1: 0:48.10
Godlike: 0:45.60 - XT8147 (Elite Thor)

Overall times:
Rumble3: 2:51.15
Rumble2: 2:41.60
Rumble1: 2:29.91
Godlike: 2:27.46 - XT8147 (Elite Thor)

8.8. The Gauntlet                 [thga]
The second stunt track.  No shortcuts.  You have stunt options all over the
place, and line makes a big difference in lap time.  Find a fast ramp/stunt
sequence and stick to that until you find something faster.

Infinite Nitro possible.
No-Stunt Nitros: 8

Lap Times:
Rumble3: 1:11.28
Rumble2: 1:03.85
Rumble1: 0:58.83
Godlike: 0:56.11 - XT8147 (Elite Thor)

Overall times:
Rumble3: 3:38.21
Rumble2: 3:16.33
Rumble1: 3:04.10
Godlike: 2:55.70 - Bull (Elite Thor)

8.9. Touch and Go                 [togo]
A fairly long track, with an alternate route right at the beginning.  Which way
you take can and will make the difference between winning and losing.  Unless
you're really really really really good at turning and losing as little speed as
possible while doing so, I suggest taking the right path, which is significantly
straighter (and has a shortcut).

Shortcut 1:
After taking the right path, you'll drive in front of the airport.  The normal
line continues straight and makes a hard right to go down a ramp.  Slide right
and break the glass.  Be careful not to fall out, but be ready to barrel roll if
you do.

Shortcut 2:
After going into the first tunnel and coming back out, there is a cargo plane on
your left.  Drive up the conveniently placed ramp, through the plane, and then
through the lobby of the airport.

Shortcut 3 (not optimal):
Instead of driving through the cargo plane, go around the left side of it and up
into the left side of the airport.  You will end up high up in the air.

Shortcut 4 (not optimal):
After going into the second tunnel and coming back out, there is a parking
garage and a bunch of Rumble Racing barriers to your left.  There are two
entrances to the parking garage, take the closest one.  Get ready to make a
quick left-right-left.

Shortcut 5:
After going into the second tunnel and coming back out, there is a parking
garage and a bunch of Rumble Racing barriers to your left.  There are two
entrances to the parking garage, take the farthest one.  Crash through the gate
and up into the parking garage.

Shortcut 6:
Directly from Shortcut 5, or with a quick hard right-left after Shortcut 4's
left-right-left.  You will crash through a huge sign with the Rumble Racing logo
on it.  There is a ramp at the end of the tunnel, but be wary of the air wall on
the right side of the track just after it.

No-Stunt Nitros: 10

Lap Times:
No Shortcuts: 1:34.80
Rumble3: 1:29.00
Rumble2: 1:20.96
Rumble1: 1:12.86
Godlike: 1:11.81 - XT8147 (Elite Thor)

Overall times:
Rumble3: 4:33.05
Rumble2: 4:10.26
Rumble1: 3:48.38
Godlike: 3:42.85 - XT8147 (Elite Thor)

8.9.1. Touch and Go Glitch        [tagg]
There exists a glitch on Touch and Go where you can put yourself through a wall.
It doesn't really affect lap time all that much, at least from my experience.  I
watched my dot on the track map during a replay of me hitting it and the dot 
didn't move after hitting it.

Right where Shortcut 5 launches you across into Shortcut 6, you can go through
the wall on the left side.  From the multiple times I've done it, I've found
that you have to hit the wall in midair to trigger the glitch.  You get ejected
out onto the track near the end of Shortcut 6, facing the wall.  Turn left and
complete your lap.

If you don't do it just right, or you're on the ground, you'll get bounced
backwards from the wall.  Try again next lap.

8.10. Surf and Turf               [sutu]
A very narrow inner-city track.  Start/finish is on a beach, so be careful not
to slide into the water coming out of the last turn.  Due to the lack of room to
dodge, powerups are generally much more effective here than on any other track.

Shortcut 1:
Count the turns: from the start/finish, a quick right/left, then a right, then a
left, then a right, then another quick right/left followed by a left.  On the
right side of the track, you'll see a building, with a column supporting the
corner of it.  Drive under the building to the right of the column.

Shortcut 2:
Shortly after Shortcut 1, the other corner of this building is supported in a
similar manner to Shortcut 1.  Cut to the right of the column.

Shortcut 3:
Directly after Shortcut 2, drive under the building across the street.

Shortcut 4:
After Shortcut 3, you'll go through a nasty hairpin, a left, and a right.  There
is a blue fountain on your right.  Drive over it.

Alternate route:
Directly from Shortcut 4, launch yourself over the track and into the mall.

Shortcut 5 (not optimal):
Skip the alternate route, and cut across the orange fountain on your left.

Shortcut 6:
After the alternate route rejoins the track, you will make a hard left and go
down the street.  At the end there is a right hander with a fruit stand in the
middle of it.  Plow on through the fruit stand.

No-Stunt Nitros: 8

Lap Times:
No Shortcuts: 1:17.05
Rumble3: 1:10.93
Rumble2: 1:06.33
Rumble1: 1:03.35
Godlike: 0:59.78 - XT8147 (Elite Thor)

Overall times:
Rumble3: 3:37.15
Rumble2: 3:22.51
Rumble1: 3:19.75
Godlike: 3:09.65 - Bull (Elite Thor)

8.11. Coal Cuts                   [cocu]
Longest track in the game.  Period.  Also the most annoying.  Shortcuts are hard
to get into, due to the fact that you have to be spot-on, or you'll hit the side
and bounce away.  The optimal line actually only makes use of three of the
shortcuts.  Shares a portion of its track with So Refined.

Shortcut 1 (not optimal):
After the start, you will see a huge pile of coal leading up to a mine shaft.
Drive up the pile and into the shaft.  Note that while the bridge over the track
appears to have edges, they are apparently only for show.  You will have to
brake and brake hard to make the corner and stay on the bridge.  This shortcut
intersects with Shortcut 2 while in the mine shaft.  The easiest line to take
actually crosses you over onto the other set of tracks.

Shortcut 2 (not optimal):
Skip Shortcut 1.  Head around the right-hander, and under the bridge from
Shortcut 1.  Partway around this next corner is a mine shaft, drive into it.
This shortcut intersects with Shortcut 1 in the mine shaft.  The easiest line to
take actually crosses you over onto the other set of tracks.

Shortcut 3:
Skip Shortcuts 1 and 2 and hang a right.  This one has almost a straight entry,
and is therefore the easiest one to get into.

Shortcut 4 (not optimal):
Skip Shortcut 3.  You'll go through a right, a left, a right, and a tighter
right.  There will be a mine tunnel on your left.  Steer into it.

Shortcut 5:
Either from Shortcut 4, or from having missed it/taken Shortcut 3, there will be
a mine shaft on the right side of the track.  Drive through it.

Alternate route:
This is actually the alternate route from So Refined, only in reverse.

Unfortunately, there is an air wall that prevents you from turning around and
entering So Refined's railroad shortcut.

Shortcut 6:
After a while of driving on the curvy section of So Refined, there is a concrete
wall to your left.  So Refined makes its exit here.  Continue on.  After a few
corners, you will encounter a part of the track that has two small piles of coal
on either side of it.  Continue down this straightaway.  The track will veer off
to the left, go straight and you'll find that there is a gap between the rocks.

Shortcut 7 (not optimal):
Skip Shortcut 6, but go between the rock field and the rock wall that marks the
left edge of Shortcut 6.

No-Stunt Nitros: 12

Lap Times:
No Shortcuts: 1:50.41
Rumble3: 1:45.90
Rumble2: 1:37.30
Rumble1: 1:28.48
Godlike: 1:26.48 - XT8147 (Elite Thor)

Overall times:
Rumble3: 5:21.13
Rumble2: 4:54.66
Rumble1: 4:33.61
Godlike: 4:26.16 - XT8147 (Elite Thor)

8.12. Wild Kingdom                [wiki]
The third stunt track.  Ramps are all over the place here.  In addition, there
are some huge ramps at the beginning of the track.  Don't go too crazy.

Infinite Nitro possible.
No-Stunt Nitros: 9

Lap Times:
Rumble3: 1:25.06
Rumble2: 1:17.05
Rumble1: 1:08.98
Godlike: 1:08.53 - XT8147 (Elite Thor)

Overall times:
Rumble3: 4:20.21
Rumble2: 3:55.96
Rumble1: 3:31.61
Godlike: 3:31.55 - XT8147 (Elite Thor)

8.13. Over Easy                   [ovea]
A scenic track.  Plenty of long, sweeping curves.  There is a city section to
worry about, though, so don't get too cocky.  Shares a portion of its track with
True Grits.

Shortcut 1:
After quite a while, the track splits and you see a broken out bridge on the
left.  Go over it.

Shortcut 2:
In the city section (True Grits), you will make a hard left turn followed by a
hard right.  After this, turn left and crash through the Rumble Racing barrier.

Shortcut 3:
After going through the tunnel and past the barn, there is a left-hander with a
house, a tree, and a doghouse.  Cut between the edge of the house and the wall,
making sure to avoid the tree and the doghouse.  If you can't make this shortcut
consistently, don't attempt it.  It doesn't have a huge impact on laptime.

No-Stunt Nitros: 9

Lap Times:
No Shortcuts: 1:19.11 (haha, it beats Rumble3)
Rumble3: 1:22.55
Rumble2: 1:13.80
Rumble1: 1:09.96
Godlike: 1:06.90 - Bull (Elite Thor)

Overall times:
Rumble3: 4:11.55
Rumble2: 3:47.10
Rumble1: 3:36.80
Godlike: 3:25.90 - XT8147 (Elite Thor)

8.14. Outer Limits                [ouli]
Second longest track in the game.  It is, however, the most technical track.
You will almost always be steering in one direction or another.  If you take the
shortcuts, you get stiffed on powerups.  There are only two powerup
opportunities per lap if you take the shortcuts.  The tradeoff is that the
shortcut line is much faster than the no shortcut line.

Shortcut 1:
After bouncing down the front straight, you will hang a right and then a left.
It's right there, on the right side of the track.  It launches you across the
track, at which point you have three choices: 1) Go straight, and take the
outermost line and nab the powerup, 2) turn slightly to the right, nab that
powerup, and bounce off the wall, or 3) turn hard right, stunt right, and land
on the track with a small Nitro boost.

Shortcut 2:
Just after the corkscrew, get all the way over to the left.  When the track
starts to turn right, turn hard right (braking/sliding may be necessary).  You
will then make a left turn and jump over the track into the second part of the
shortcut.  Around a corner and through the air you go.

Shortcut 3:
Directly from Shortcut 2.  You land in it.

Shortcut 4:
After Shortcut 3, you will go uphill, through a tunnel, and turn left.  Slide
early and get to the inside to go up a hill and skip the switchbacks.  There
are rocks in this shortcut that will slow you down.

Shortcut 5 (not optimal):
Drive past Shortcut 4, and then up the hill on the outside of the first

Shortcut 6:
Just around the corner after the Welcome to Kirk Rock sign, there is a bush on
the outside of the track.  Drive through it.

Shortcut 7:
After landing from Shortcut 6, drive between the two large rocks.  It's right in
front of you.  Turn right at the end to jump to the ledge across the track and
nab a powerup.

Alternate routes:
Tunnels: After Shortcut 3, as you're going uphill, you can either stay on the
road, or go up a ramp and through a much smaller tunnel.  This tunnel does most
of your turning for you, and should leave you right on track for Shortcut 4 with
minimal adjustment.

If you drop a powerup such as Bad Gas, Oil Slick, Bomb, or Snowball in the
middle of the road going into the corkscrew, the computer opponents will make no
effort to dodge it.  Exploit this to your fullest ability.

Infinite Nitro possible.
No-Stunt Nitros: 9

Lap Times:
No Shortcuts: 1:19.00
Rumble3: 1:18.58
Rumble2: 1:10.73
Rumble1: 1:06.55
Godlike: 1:02.23 - XT8147 (Elite Thor)

Overall times:
Rumble3: 3:59.70
Rumble2: 3:38.93
Rumble1: 3:28.13
Godlike: 3:22.50 - Bull (Elite Thor)

8.15. Circus Minimus              [cimi]
The shortest track in the game.  No shortcuts.  Lap times are really fast here.

Infinite Nitro possible.
No-Stunt Nitros: 2

Lap Times:
Rumble3: 0:16.16
Rumble2: 0:15.10
Rumble1: 0:13.05
Godlike: 0:12.88 - XT8147 (Elite Thor)

Overall times:
Rumble3: 0:53.15
Rumble2: 0:49.08
Rumble1: 0:46.40
Godlike: 0:45.85 - XT8147 (Elite Thor)

9. Infinite Nitro Techniques      [inte]
I've included all of the tracks here, even though Infinite Nitros haven't been 
found on all of them and some of them just aren't possible.  This way, if one is
found, it's easier for me to add it to the guide.

You may notice that I never tell you to stunt up by itself.  This is because 
stunting down gives you more nitro than stunting up.

All Infinite Nitros are possible with Thor/XXS-TOMCAT, and may be possible with
other cars as well.  For best results, use Thor/XXS-TOMCAT.

9.1. True Grits                   [intg]
This one can't really be started until the end of the first lap.  It's one of
the more difficult ones, having only three stunts per lap.

Large hill on the right side of the track before the start/finish line: Stunt
any diagonal
Ramp at end of Shortcut 1: Hug the right side of the shortcut and then stunt
Ramp after the barn: Stunt any diagonal if you're brave enough, otherwise stunt

9.2. Flip Out                     [info]
This is fairly straightforward, however, the racing line mentioned here will
help you get those 1:06 and 1:05 lap times you want so much.

First ramp: Stunt up+right
Second ramp: Stunt up+right
Third ramp (yellow side): Stunt up+right (possible only with nitros)
Go around the building and up the ramp to the ledge on the inside of the corner,
stay on this ledge until the yellow ramp is in sight.  (No-Stunt lap: Stay on
this ledge until just after the blue ramp before the pipes)
Yellow ramp: Stunt up+right
Blue ramp just before pipes: Stunt up+right
Head into the center pipe.
Coming out of the center pipe: Depending on where you're pointed coming out of 
the pipe, you can stunt up+right.  If you're not sure, stunt down.
Go up this ramp to the ledge and stay on this one until just before the next set
of ramps is in sight.  (No-Stunt lap: Stay on this ledge until just after
driving past the last of the ramps, then drop down and cut slightly across the
ramp on the inside of the corner)
First ramp in set of ramps (preferably the one on the right): Stunt up+right
Third ramp in set of ramps (either one): Stunt down+left (turns you left upon 
landing, very handy)
Weave your way through the buildings, trying to stay as close to the buildings
as possible without running into them.
In the half-pipe, drive on the right-hand side of the channel of sludge in the
center.  It's not necessary to get to this ledge, and in fact, doing so will
hurt your laptime.  (No-Stunt lap: don't take either of the ramps at the end of 
the half-pipe)
Ramp at the end of the half-pipe (either one): Stunt up+right (don't do this 
just before starting your no-stunt lap, drive between the ramps instead)

This alone won't get you the fast laptimes you're looking for.  It simply builds
up nitros for you so your third lap in a championship race can be a No-Stunt

9.3. Car Go                       [incg]
This one took me a bit to figure out, but it's fairly simple once you get the
hang of it.

Ramp just after start/finish: Stunt down
Ramp after going around the building: Stunt down
Ramp at the end of Shortcut 1: Stunt down (only possible with nitros)
Ramps in Shortcut 3: Stunt down
Coming out of the building at the end of Shortcut 3: Hit the ramp below you and
then stunt down.  It's tricky, you have to be pointing exactly forwards for it
to work.  Otherwise, your stunt stands a great chance of being denied.
Slide around the corner and go down the middle path through the cargo boxes.
Ramps in the middle path: Stunt down

9.4. So Refined                   [insr]
This one is like the True Grits one in that it can't really be set up until the
end of the first lap.

End of Shortcut 4: Turn right just before the end, but be wary of the air wall
that messes up so many of your stunts.  Stunt any diagonal.  Done correctly,
you'll have between 6 and 8 Nitros, counting any you had before the stunt.
Ramp at end of Shortcut 1: Stunt down
End of Shortcut 2: turn right and stunt left/right.  Aim for the alternate
route, but if you hit the wall on either side of it, you'd be wasting time to
continue trying to get in it.  Just go around it if/when this happens.
Take Shortcut 3.  Brake and turn hard to avoid the explosive barrels in single
player.  Drive up the hill and into the shortcut.  You can get air here, so
stunt left/right if you feel like it.
End of Shortcut 3: There is a ramp to your left.  Drive up it and aim towards
shortcut 4.  If the last number of your license plate is even, today is a
Tuesday, or you've recently gotten a fortune cookie telling you to eat more
Chinese food, you can land a stunt down.  Heh.  Otherwise stunt left/right.

9.5. Passing Through              [inpt]
You have a lot of different options for stunts to do here, what I've listed is
close to the bare minimum.  Don't go too wild.

Ramp at the end of the first part of Shortcut 1: Stunt down
Ramp at the end of Shortcut 1: Stunt left/right
Ramp at the end of Shortcut 2: Stunt any diagonal
Ramp at the end of Shortcut 3: Stunt down
Going across the track and through the waterfall, some cars can stunt left/right
Ramp at the end of Shortcut 4: Get all the way over to the left and stunt any
Rock on the right side of the track a few turns after Shortcuts 4 and 5: Stunt
Rock on the left side of the beach: Stunt down (only works with a nitro active)
Jumping over the switchbacks:  Depends on trajectory.  Cut it close to the left
side of the track and stunt any diagonal, otherwise stunt down.  If you don't
get the turn right and are headed towards the ledge on the right, stunt

9.6. Sun Burn                     [insb]
No Infinite Nitro discovered yet.

9.7. Falls Down                   [infd]
I only race shortcut line 1, so the Infinite Nitro is for that line.  It's most
likely possible on shortcut line 2 as well.

Waterfall: Stunt any diagonal.
Immediately after landing and shooting through the hole in the rock: Stunt
Ramp before the bridge just before the start/finish: Stunt down (should get two 
vertical flips+altitude reset partway through second flip)
Rock under the bridge: Stunt down

Note that the ramp before the bridge just before the start/finish will give you
a different launch trajectory depending on how you hit it.  For best results,
don't ride the left-hand wall all the way up it, steer onto it from the road.
You can and will, from time to time, get enough height that a) it resets you at
a lower altitude, or b) you crash into the bridge.  Either way it messes with
your stunt, so be ready for either of these and adjust your stunt accordingly so
you can land.

9.8. The Gauntlet                 [inga]
Go wild.  Literally.  It's hard not to get an Infinite Nitro on this track.  The
line I list is my preferred line.

Red ramp just after start/finish: Stunt down
Go through the lower left-hand tunnel.  In 2 player coop, you may want to take 
the tunnel that your teammate isn't taking, to avoid bumping each other into the
crates just past the ramp.  Generally whoever gets to the tunnels first/is on 
the inside takes the left one, last/outside takes the right one.  It doesn't 
have much of an impact on lap time, and after the first lap, you shouldn't have 
to do it anymore.
Blue ramp: Stunt any diagonal
After going around the corner, hop over to the red ramp.
Red ramp: Stunt down
Coming out of the trough: Stunt any diagonal.  Try to aim at the blue ramp just
a bit down the road on the right.
Blue ramp: Stunt any diagonal.  If you miss the blue ramp and go off of the red
one instead, stunt down.
Go through the lower right-hand tunnel.
Blue ramp: Steer slightly to the left and stunt any diagonal.
Inside corner of the track: Stunt left/right
Red ramp (joined with the blue one): Stunt down
Coming out of the trough: Stunt down
The next small bump: Stunt left/right
Red ramp: Turn slightly left and stunt any diagonal.
Any of the yellow speed bumps: Stunt left/right
Blue ramp: Stunt any diagonal
Pick a tunnel.
Yellow speed bumps just after start/finish: Stunt left/right.  This stunt isn't
possible at the start of a race, so don't try.

9.9. Touch and Go                 [into]
No Infinite Nitro discovered yet.

9.10. Surf and Turf               [inst]
No Infinite Nitro discovered yet.

9.11. Coal Cuts                   [incc]
I'm pretty well sure that it's impossible to do an Infinite Nitro on Coal Cuts.
Prove me wrong.

9.12. Wild Kingdom                [inwk]
Just like Flip Out and The Gauntlet, go wild.  I'll list my preferred line here
as well.

Ramp just after start/finish: Stunt any diagonal
Either ramp before the big drop-off: Stunt any diagonal until right-side-up,
then stunt left/right.
Next big ramp: Stunt any diagonal.  You'll actually pull off two complete
diagonal rotations, ending right-side-up with just enough time to make small
adjustments before you land.
Drive between the two dinky little ramps, and around the next corner.  The next
ramps aren't for a bit.
Red ramp with curved edges: Go up a curved edge and stunt any diagonal.
You can try to get on the platform in the middle but it's generally not worth
the effort.  Just drive around them.  Hop down into the right-hand side of the
Coming out of the trough: Stunt down
Avoid the red ramp at all costs.
Avoid the dinky little ramps.
Take the last red ramp before the start/finish if you like, stunt any diagonal.
Stunt down off of any dinky little ramps you hit.

9.13. Over Easy                   [inoe]
No Infinite Nitro discovered yet.

9.14. Outer Limits                [inol]
Yes, of course the most technical track in the game has an Infinite Nitro.

Going over the track in Shortcut 1: Aim not at the powerup in the tunnel to the
left, but at the one sitting on the ledge.  Stunt left/right, hit the ledge, and
then stunt back the other way, all without it recognizing the stunt until you
land on the road.  If the powerup's a Nitro, more power to ya.  It'll be the
only powerup you get on this or any lap when going for the Infinite Nitro.
Going over the track in Shortcut 2: Stunt down
Ramp at end of Shortcut 2: Stunt any diagonal
End of Shortcut 4: Stunt left/right
Ramp at end of Shortcut 6: Stunt left/right
End of Shortcut 7: Stunt down (only possible with nitros)

9.15. Circus Minimus              [incm]

First corner: Swing out wide so you can get a straight line up the ramp.  Stunt
Second corner: Swing out wide so you can get a straight line up the ramp.  Stunt

It's also worth noting that sometimes you can get enough air for a diagonal 
stunt off of these ramps.  I haven't quite pinned it down yet, and a vertical 
flip is good enough for the Infinite Nitro anyway.

10. Stunt Challenge Mode          [stcm]
So far, you've had fun just racing normally.  What if you want to take a break
from racing neck and neck and just show off?  Stunt Challenge mode is perfect
for this.  You get three tracks to choose from: Flip Out, The Gauntlet, and Wild
Kingdom.  Your time is initially limited to 2 and a half minutes, but
fortunately, there are ways of increasing the time limit.  Strategically placed
around each track are stopwatch powerups that add 20 seconds when picked up.
Also, completing a lap will add 30 seconds to your remaining time.

To have a chance in this mode, you should use Thor.  I used Thor to set all of
my records.  There really is no substitute for Thor in Stunt Challenge mode,
especially since the preset scores are as competitive as they are.

It's beneficial to take a lap to collect stopwatches before starting your stunt
sequence.  This will give you much more time to work with.  The scores are all
beatable without doing so, but it greatly helps to grab as many of them as you

10.1. Flip Out                    [stfo]
Stopwatches: 6

Stunt Scores:
Rumble3: 114249
Rumble2: 132937
Rumble1: 243990
Godlike: 253859 - XT8147 (Elite Thor)

The spot we're aiming for is the third ramp (the one with the yellow and red
sides).  It's sloped on both sides, which makes it highly preferable, and we can
get a decent launch off of it, resulting in 7687 points per stunt.

Target stunt: Stunt right until the tip of the wing on Thor is pointing down and
left, then down+right.

10.2. The Gauntlet                [sttg]
Stopwatches: 5 (or am I missing one?)

Stunt Scores:
Rumble3: 106310
Rumble2: 116248
Rumble1: 196493
Godlike: 222624 - XT8147 (Elite Thor)

The spot we want here is just after the first corner.  You'll need to hit the
blue part of the ramp to get a good launch.  There's another ramp just after
this for launching in the other direction, which works quite well for us.

Target stunt: stunt right exactly one turn, then down+right.

Wow, can't believe I neglected to put that in there.  Sorry 'bout that.

10.3. Wild Kingdom                [stwk]
Stopwatches: 6

Stunt Scores:
Rumble3: 260872
Rumble2: 285420
Rumble1: 847528
Godlike: 911495 - XT8147 (Elite Thor)

The best possible spot is the huge ramp just after the first corner.  Get a
running start up the thing and you'll get a great launch.  There's a ramp in the
opposite direction as well, which makes this a shoe-in for the stunt spot.

The stunt you need to do is tricky, it relies on exact timing or you won't get
nearly as many points.

The Stunt: Stunt right for one barrel roll, then exactly at the end of the
barrel roll, stunt down+right.  34250 points when done properly.  Cut to the
down+right too early, you'll get 30187.  Too late, you'll get 20500.

When I got my 911495, I got 5 of the 6 stopwatches.  Breaking a million is 
certainly possible, I screwed up several of my stunts in the 911495 run.

11. Unlockables                   [lock]
In order to get the unlockables for racing a cup, you must beat that cup with a
gold trophy.  To get the easter egg cars, all you need to do is go onto the
track in single race, find and break the egg, and then quit the race.  It's for
that reason that I recommend not unlocking the easter egg cars in normal
championships.  Unlock each easter egg car as soon as possible after unlocking
the track that it's on.

Race this cup...  ...to unlock...
Rookie Cup 1      Rookie Cup 2, So Refined, Dragon
Rookie Cup 2      EA Rookie Cup, Passing Through, Mandrake
EA Rookie Cup     Pro Cup 1, Sun Burn, Pro Class, Maelstrom
Pro Cup 1         Pro Cup 2, Falls Down, Cataclysm
Pro Cup 2         Pro Cup 3, The Gauntlet, Escargot
Pro Cup 3         EA Pro Cup, Touch and Go, El Diablo
EA Pro Cup        Elite Cup 1, Surf and Turf, Elite Class, Road Kill
Elite Cup 1       Elite Cup 2, Coal Cuts, Jolly Roger
Elite Cup 2       Elite Cup 3, Wild Kingdom, Malice
Elite Cup 3       Elite Cup 4, Over Easy, Direwolf
Elite Cup 4       EA Elite Cup, Outer Limits, Blue Devil
EA Elite Cup      EA Stunt Cup, Grand Champion video
EA Stunt Cup      Circus Minimus

On this track...  ...the easter egg unlocks...
True Grits        Revolution
Flip Out          High Roller
Car Go            Sporticus
So Refined        Van Itty
Passing Through   Buck Shot
Sun Burn          Gamecus
Falls Down        Road Trip
The Gauntlet      Vortex
Touch and Go      Redneck Rocket
Surf and Turf     Cobalt
Coal Cuts         Stinger
Wild Kingdom      XXS-TOMCAT
Over Easy         Interceptor
Outer Limits      Thor

11.1. Easter Egg Locations        [eggs]
Track             Location
True Grits        Shortcut 5, turn left between the exit of the barn and the
Flip Out          After the track splits into three pipes, and you launch
                  yourself out of whichever pipe, turn around.
Car Go            Take the normal line as opposed to taking Shortcut 3.  Get
                  over to the left, beside the orange crates.  At the end of the
                  dock, turn to your left and go behind the last set of crates.
So Refined        Turn around at the start.  After the last building on your
                  left, turn into the dirt, and go around behind the building.
Passing Through   Just as you enter the beach section, turn right and go into
                  the water.  Go all the way around the large rock formation at
                  this end of the beach area.
Sun Burn          Skip the first shortcut.  Drive around the bush, and continue
                  turning right.
Falls Down        In Shortcut 1.  It's in a tough to reach spot on the left side
                  of the wall after you go over the waterfall.  Turn left just
                  before going over the edge to try it.  I recommend going to
                  Outer Limits and unlocking Thor before attempting to get this
                  easter egg.  Thor makes this egg much easier to reach.
The Gauntlet      In turn 5, there are some crates towards the inside.  Go
                  around the outside of them, and steer into the alcove in the
                  last set.
Touch and Go      As you approach Shortcut 2, brake and go around the left side
                  of the plane instead.  Go up the ramp.  Go towards the
                  unoptimal shortcut 3.  You will jump two small gaps, in
                  between is a small building with a powerup on it.  Turn right.
Surf and Turf     After Shortcuts 1 and 2, brake before entering Shortcut 3.
                  Enter Shortcut 3 slowly, and turn left.
Coal Cuts         Go past the entrance to Shortcut 1, and around the left-hander
                  that comes up.  Drive under the first three bridges going
                  overhead.  Brake and turn right before the fourth.
Wild Kingdom      After turn 3, you will see three bridges going over the
                  straightaway.  Hit your brakes and turn left after the second
Over Easy         Turn around at the start.  After you go through the tunnel to
                  the city, turn right.  Turn right at the intersection, then
                  turn left.
Outer Limits      Turn around at the start.  After some left-right weaving you
                  will see two large rocks to your right.  Ahead is a rock
                  formation that stretches all the way across the track.  Slow
                  down under the rock formation and turn right.

12. Passwords                     [pswd]
Too lazy to go through the game and unlock everything the way you're supposed
to?  Ugh, I don't know why I'm helping you.

The passwords must be entered exactly as shown.

I have tested all of these myself, and they are typo-free.

If you have a Maxdrive and either the AR Max or the Maxdrive disc, I've
uploaded a Maxdrive save to GameFAQs that has everything unlocked.  Enjoy.

Just in case you didn't know, the password entry screen is under Game Options.
Select Load and Save, and press right/left to change the option from Memory Card
(PS2) to Password.  Press X and you'll get the password entry screen.

Thanks to jslbmiller (at) bellsouth (dot) net for bringing this to my attention.

One last note before the passwords: Each cup password unlocks everything that
all the codes before it unlock.  So to unlock all the tracks and championships,
you only need to enter the last cup code.  You'll still need to enter the codes
for the easter egg cars, though.

Enter this password...  ...to unlock...
KOZIEC1PU               Rookie Cup 2/So Refined/Dragon
KZOIEC2PI               EA Rookie Cup/Passing Through/Mandrake
OORKIEPUC               Pro Cup 1/Sun Burn/Pro Class/Maelstrom
P1PROC1PU               Pro Cup 2/Falls Down/Cataclysm
Q2PROC2YT               Pro Cup 3/The Gauntlet/Escargot
P3PROC3LM               EA Pro Cup/Touch and Go/El Diablo
AEPPROPUC               Elite Cup 1/Surf and Turf/Elite Class/Road Kill
ILETEC1MB               Elite Cup 2/Coal Cuts/Jolly Roger
ILCTEC2VB               Elite Cup 3/Wild Kingdom/Malice
ILQTEC3PU               Elite Cup 4/Over Easy/Direwolf
LEAITEPUC               EA Elite Cup/Outer Limits/Blue Devil
YEAMPLOWW               EA Stunt Cup/Grand Champion video
ZEAGTLUKE               Circus Minimus
(Easter Egg Cars)
PTOATRTOI               Revolution
HGIROLREL               High Roller
OPSRTISUC               Sporticus
VTYANIYTT               Van Itty
UBTCKSTOH               Buck Shot
BSUIGASUM               Gamecus
ABOGOBOGA               Road Trip
1AREXT1AR               Vortex
KCEROCTEK               Redneck Rocket
TLACOBTLA               Cobalt
AMHBRAAMH               Stinger
CDAAPTNIA               Interceptor
THTORHROT               Thor

13. Version info                  [vers]

Version number     Date     Notes
     1.6        01/01/2007  * Small updates throughout.
                            * Axed the Fast Laps section, let's face it,
                              nobody's emailing me times :(
                            * I can't believe I neglected to mention the
                              controls for the game.
                            * Reorganized techniques a bit, and added a few
                              while I was at it.
                            * Fixed an error in the description of Shortcut 1 of
                              Surf and Turf that's been there since v1.0.  D'oh!
                            * GamePlayWorld doesn't seem to exist anymore.  If
                              they get going again I'll re-add permission for
                              them to host the FAQ, but until then, it's gone.
                            * What HTML version?
 1.5 stealth    11/14/2005  * Gave GamePlayWorld permission to host the FAQ.
     1.5        09/25/2005  * One year anniversary!  Woohoo!
                            * Small updates throughout.
                            * Updated documentation on the Touch and Go glitch.
                            * Whoops, I forgot to mention the target stunt for
                              The Gauntlet in Stunt Challenge mode.
                            * Extended the Fast Laps section to include top
                              Overall times.
                            * Added Overall times for each track with that
                              track's laptimes as well.
                            * HTML version stalled.  Will I ever finish it?
                              Will I find decent hosting for it?
     1.4        05/04/2005  * Small updates throughout.
                            * Began work on HTML version.
                            * Resolved various organizational issues that came
                              up while creating and editing the HTML version.
     1.3        04/02/2005  * Small updates throughout.
                            * Mentioned how exactly to get to the password entry
                              screen for those who didn't already know.
                            * Added Rumble and Godlike scores for Stunt
                              Challenge mode, as well as strategies for each
     1.2        12/22/2004  * Yes, I pulled the FAQ from the update queue to
                              update a Godlike time.  Go me.
 1.2 pulled     12/22/2004  * Small updates throughout.
                            * Added the car used for each Godlike time.
                            * Instructions for doing each Infinite Nitro.
                            * No-Stunt lap nitro amounts for each track.
                            * Touch and Go glitch documentation.
 1.1 stealth    12/13/2004  * I had the wrong date in here for the 1.1 update :(
     1.1        12/11/2004  * Player names added to Godlike times.
                            * Noted that an Infinite Nitro is indeed possible on
                              Outer Limits.
 1.0 stealth    09/28/2004  * Updated a Godlike time.
     1.0        09/25/2004  * Original version

What's up with all the "stealth" versions?  Well, periodically I'll make an
update to the FAQ that's upload-worthy but not version-number-increase-worthy.
I don't generally reveal the existence of stealth updates until the next version
number change.  You can tell if the version of the FAQ that's up is a stealth
version or not by comparing the date on the page linking you to the FAQ to the
date the version was released in the above list.

13.1. What's in the future?       [futu]
Here's a list of things I plan on adding to the FAQ at some point in the future.

* Projected "fastest possible" lap times and overall times for each track,
  taking the rate of change of each Godlike time into account.
* HTML version with screenshots and videos - on hiatus

14. Contact info                  [cont]
Email: xt8147 (at) gmail (dot) com

If you're emailing me about something in this FAQ (why else would you be
emailing me?), please make sure to mention it on the subject line.

All contributions sent to me will be given proper credit.  Glitches, omissions,
you name it.  Send it on in.  If you'd like me to credit a nickname (i.e. your
GameFAQs username, your username on some other forums, your AIM screen name,
etc.) just let me know in your email.  Otherwise your email address will be

Keep in mind that English is my first language.  Be wary about sending in
grammar complaints.  Spelling corrections, I have no problem with.

I also have a few gmail invites handy, so if you want one, let me know.

15. Thanks                        [thnk]
In no particular order...
* EA Games - for bringing us this wonderful game.  Make us a sequel already!
* My friend Stephen Bull - Too many contributions to name them all.  Someday
  I'll get a 1:05.whatever lap on Flip Out, I swear!
* Alexander Davidson - for Metapad, simply the best FAQ writing editor ever.
  Check it out at http://liquidninja.com/metapad/
* Nami Tamaki - For being such a great singer and providing me with music to
  listen to while revising this FAQ.
* Everyone who's emailed me - for their information and helping me make this FAQ
* GamePlayWorld - for choosing this FAQ as the only RR FAQ that they would host,
  even if their site no longer exists.
* GameFAQs.com - for hosting this FAQ.
* You - for reading this FAQ.


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