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Where are the Alraune King, Onion Queen, Pumpkin Star, and Topstalk?

I have played the game a few times, but never found them. I read the one about the Mandragora Prince, so I'm good there. Thanks.

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_Lagoona_ answered:

.Here's from Split Infinity's guide:

Mandragora Prince, Alraune King, Onion Queen, Pumpkin Star and Topstalk spawn in [Ice Field of Clearsight]. To get them to appear you need to slay every single monster in this area (29 enemies total), then exit and reenter. Quickly run from shrine to shrine and do not stop! Several of these guys know Mystery Waltz, which increases enemy's level by 20% permanently, and if you take too long to locate them, you may run into lv99 enemies. Hey, once you reach lv99, try and go fight them.
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aaazeus answered:

Weel the only thing you have to do is kiil all those enemis that Lagooona have said and return two areas then return to the previous area and they will be runing around somewhere there but about these Mystery watz I have never seen them in 3 tentatives.
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