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Were do i find gazer's?

I found them before but i can't remember and their not in the lsnus mines so were are they.

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frozen_josh answered:

Gazer is indeed found in the Lhusu Mines, but also has another (annoying) spawn requirement that you must spend 7 minutes in the area before it will appear, which is why you wouldn't have seen it.

It can be found (after waiting the 7 minutes in that partiuclar zone) in:
- Site 2
- Site 3
- Shunia Twinspan

Also be aware that in the latter two of those zones that when it appears it may be under the Vanish status, meaning you wont be able to directly attack it. If so, you can either wait for it to wear off so that it becomes normally exposed, hope for it to attack you so stats is removed, or best of all, reflect magic off of your character(s) so that it bounces onto the Gazer, making it retalitate and attack you, getting rid of the Vanish status.
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