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How do I beat (mateus)?

I keep on dieing.I really need help like a strategy.

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EGGMaster157 answered:

First char = healer
Let this guy be or with raise, or with cure, and put a log ranged weapon

Second char = Warmage
Choose to put fira, firaga or firaja with him.

Third char = You
Think on both healing, atacking and casting fira
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laracroft9000 answered:

You need to make sure you have someone that will use posions make sure you turn on your gambits. Or all battles will be hard you could also make sure cure is the gambit. I found that if you use the hardest hitters it is easy to put Mateus down. Vaan, Brosh and Ashe. If one should fall put in some one else from your party.
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xX_warrior_Xx answered:

EGGMaster has got the right idea. I would suggest this method to just about anyone for almost any boss/esper. Your main job is to KEEP YOUR HEALER ALIVE!!! If your healer dies, then you will have to take the time to revive them using a Pheonix Down while the ice acers and mateus are beating the crap out of you and killing off your party members. if you run low on MP then if you have the augment that allows you to gain MP as you damage things then start attacking until you have a decent amount of MP while in the meantime, you use potions and hi-potions. Heh too bad Larsa leaves, I'm sure people get a little too used to his infinite hi-potions and quick healing.
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