Question from hero4000

Where can I find Beastlord Horn ?

I looked at the guide but it says that there is only 2 places to get them but i never got them from those creatures, it says i can get them from Steal from Fenrir, and Steal from Catoblepas is there other places that i can find it sence those r a 1 time deal thing?

Accepted Answer

Kraleck answered:

Humbaba has Beastlord Horn as a Rare Poach or a set 8% Drop (with Knight's Monograph in Key Items).
Poach items are 95% for Common loot and 5% for Rare loot.
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lobsterfest answered:

You can poach humbabas, found in the mosphoran highwaste
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Crimson_Chocobo answered:

In Mosphoran Highwaste. Humbaba has Beastlord Horn with 8% drop rate (Knight's Monograph).
Chain them to increase the drop rate.
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