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(create your own question)How do i defeat the Pylraster?

I'm about lvl 60-61 and i need help defeating Pylraster any tips?

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Could u also cast ardor 2 help kill it while using physical attacks?

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frozen_josh answered:

Pylraster has one huge weakness, and that's that it doesn't ignore evade, whilst only using physical attacks.

Therefore, having a decoyed character with:
- Ensanguined Shield + 2 shield block licenses (=100% evasion, despite stats screen saying 90, so no need for evasive weapons)
- Gambit for Self: Decoy prioritised first.
- Indigo Pendant accessory or high magic stat to ensure decoy doesn't miss.
- Healing gambits prioritised next in case it hits another character while you're recasting decoy (and to compensate for Poison / Sap from shield obviously).

Then its just a matter of letting the other two deal the damage. Just equip them with your best weapons, give them haste + berserk, and it shouldn't take too long.

In order to get Ensanguined Shield in case you don't already have one - there are 3 sources, all one-time only chests:
- easiest: entering the Feywood from Giruvegan, in the first area near where the Giruveganus spawns, there should be a trap. On top of that trap will likely be a chest, and upon opening it a chance another chest will appear (potentially twice). The bottom one (not necessarily third), with 25% chance to spawn, contains the Shield, whether you equip DA or not.
- next easiest: there is a chest in the eastern part of Port Villa in Balfonheim. It spawns every time, and if you equip the Diamond Armlet has a 10% chance to contain the shield (90% Megalixir). Its one time only, so you'll have to reset until you get it, otherwise you miss out on this source forever.
- chest near the entrance in [Special Charter Shaft] in secret part of Henne Mines. You must NOT equip DA, else you'll miss out on it.
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Kitten3150 answered:

You should be safe around that gonna be honest now....i didn't use any type of strategy besides equip my 3 strongest characters with the strongest weapons i had and watched their health...i just beat on it til it I would equip 1H weps and a shield though, if you use 2H you're probably going to be leaving yourself wide open for a lot of damage....and don't forget bubble belts. Don't waste your magic casting bubble or using Quickenings, just save it to heal. Though i do agree with the haste and berserk idea listed above.
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EyesOfTheEmo answered:

What i did was cast haste, bravery, decoy, reverse, and berserk on my main fighter. while him and my secondary fighter were pounding on him i took control of my caster and made sure decoy and reverse stayed in effect throughout the battle. you may have to manually recast decoy after every 2 or 3 casts of reverse to make sure it doesnt expire.
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EyesOfTheEmo answered:

If you wanted too but reverse has an extremely short time span so only do it if you have haste as ardor is a slow spell
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EyesOfTheEmo answered:

i would personally recomend firaga over ardor as it is Much faster.
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