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Each characters' best weapon to use???

Hey guys,,. im just askin' wat is the best weapon for each character to wield?? i mean, weapon that can maximize the character's potential and/or the weapon that suits that character the most.. thx in advance.

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Omni_1337 answered:

There isn't really an absolute best weapon for each character, your best bets is to read and pick one yourself that you think suit your playingstyle best.
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Chino_sacto88 answered:

Just as Omni said. But for Penelo (for example) there isn't really any good weapon for her. What you really want to do is keep her as a main spellcaster. She is good with the magicks. Basically the people at Square Enix meant for this. So you would HAVE to use someone as a spellcaster. As in the old games. Where for example FF7 Aeris is a very good spellcaster.
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