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Best Weapons and Armor for which character?

Whats the best set up for each character? The License system is rather annoying IMO, so who does best with what? I assume Vaan and Basch are Swords. Vaan with Light Armor and Basch with Heavy.

Balt with Guns and Fran with Arrows :)

what do you guys think? I'm running into problems and I just want a goal

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matt2769 answered:

Your question is largely a matter of opinion. The license system allows you to set up any character however you want. I've mixed and matched weapons and armor for all six characters. Just for fun, I had three characters running around with crossbows for example. You might take a look under the FAQ's at the Enforced Class System Challenge FAQ by atma 6. It's an interesting and challenging take on playing Final Fantasy XII.
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n1njAgamer answered:

Like it was mentioned before, a lot of it is basically whatever you want to do.

Personally, I like to go with what the person is best suited for. Basch-heavy armor, Fran and Penelo-magic armor, Vaan and Balthier-light armor, Ashe goes well magic/light armor. You probably already know, but heavy plays up mostly strength. Light-plays up mostly hp. Magic plays up mostly magic attributes.

Just have fun with it! P.S. as far as weapons- it doesn't really matter which weapons you give them. Only thing i can say is I like giving Basch hammers because they are higher in attack and it plays up his strength. Poles are really fun too it has high evasive. (but no shileds) I'm not really fond of bow and arrow because of low evasive, but again it's personal choice.
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wargod1134 answered:

every options you choose to go is good if you select the right equipment, my personal favorite combination is

Vaan:mystic armor of anykind, anytype of bow, with magic gloves
Baltier: heavy armor, white magic, shield with dagger for speed, with genji gloves
Basch: light armor of anykind with any 2 handed weapon, green magic, time magic, with thieves gloves
Ashe: mystic hat with heavy armor, black magic and arcane magic, crossbow, with clerity ring i think its called.
penelo: same as vaan but with handbombs or staffs, with bazaar gloves
Fran: mystic armor with any gun with beserk gambit on self (prefer zodic spear with beserk)

you never know it might work for you. give it a try
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