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Asked: 5 years ago

How do you open the gate to Giruvegan?

I just headed south down from the feywood. I went all the way down and found the gate to Giruvegan but it says

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From: AZorro007 5 years ago

You must summon the Gigas Esper Belias to open the gate.

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Well little problem just go ahead to all shiny place at feywood examine them all (it's look like a hall ) after the gate says changed summon belias to open the gate but if it sound unchanged like the first time examine the light hall again perhaps you miss one

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You have to summon belias but be carful theres a bos in there

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There are these pentagon tower things with lights in them. Go in them and press X on the light. Go to the Gigas Gate. Summon Belias, the Gigas Esper. Approach the gate and press X

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u need to summon belias after u go through the pentagon sheped buildings, u stand in the light and then press X and look around u there is an illusion of a forest kindsw thing trees and grass and stuff, go through the arch where the illusion is and run straight ahead dont get distracted and go off track by the monsters and keep doing that and when u come to the gate summon belias and then there is a cutscene and ur in, there is a save crystal after u go throgh the gate and then a boss he isnt that hard but my party was lvl 54 -60 and that stage and then u will go throught into gate thing that will bring u into the giruvegan waterways and it is difficult in there so be careful... wow that was a long mesage anyways hope this helps.

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