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I cant get the masamune!!!???

Hello, I beat Gilgamesh, the first time. He ran away, but now i cant find him. No guide can help me. I need urs.

campboy8 provided additional details:

I got the site 11 key, but now I cant seem to find where to use it.

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Kraleck answered:

Go to where you fought Antlion (Site 9) and instead of going left to the mantis nest, go right (look at your map) for a door. Use the Site 11 Key and return to Site 9 at Site 11's halfway exit to make a shortcut. Return to Site 11 and head north to a new exit. Go through the Lasche Span (you fought Gilgamesh on the Tasche Span) to Site 5. Flip a Gate Switch and proceed through the maze of Site 5 and Site 6 South until you reach a room with a Save Crystal (Staging Area). The next room is Site 7, the final showdown with the Mystery Man, Gilgamesh.

Here's a helpful map: 7

Make sure you are NOT at Even Levels or Multiples of 3 because he can Lv. 2 Sleep, Lv. 3 Disable, and Lv. 4 Break this time.
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AZorro007 answered:

You will find Gilgamesh for another battle deeper within the mine at a location in Site 7.

If "no guide can help me" then observing that the posted Gilgamesh guide by sephirosity will help you to complete the Ancient Man of Mystery hunt may not be what you want to see but it can be consulted to advantage.

Overcoming Gilgamesh is part of a side quest to get the Demon Fishing Rod, Matamune. Getting the Katana blade Masamune is another matter entirely.

One gets the Masamune as a Bazaar item acquisition. To cause it to appear, acquire and sell 2x Mallet, 3x Orichalcum and 2x Gemsteel.

The posted Loot/Bazaar Goods FAQ by FeuFeu has an explanation of how item acquisition via selling goods to cause items to appear at the Bazaar works.
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AZorro007 answered:

To clarify, after you polish off Gilgamesh, see Montblanc to get a Masamune Katana blade as a reward for completing the hunt. The Bazaar item Masamune will be a second Masamune.
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AZorro007 answered:

Save at the Transitway 2 Gate Crystal. Move through the Tasche Span toward Site 9. As you enter Site 9, go to the right and search for the locked gate which prevents entry into Site 11.
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