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Where can I find a Gnoma Entite?

I'm trying to fill out my bestiary, but for the life of me, I can't find any Gnoma Entites. Does anyone know where they spawn and under what conditions? Rest assured that I can tackle them if I encounter them; I just need help finding the blasted things.

LeonKrilangiVII provided additional details:

OK, so to clarify, I go back and forth between the Estersand and Westersand until a sandstorm kicks up, then check the Midfault and Shimmering Horizon areas of the Westersands. Is that correct?

While I'm on the subject...Can Entites and Elementals be damaged by magic of their elemental weakness, or are they immune to magic altogether? If so, that means I need to find weapons with elements that match their weaknesses...

Also, thanks for the quick response; I was hoping not to wait on this for too long, so I'm glad I got some answers right away.

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silverduchess answered:

Gnome Entite only spawns in a Sandstorm in Westersands Midfault and Shimmering Horizons.

To spawn a sandstorm either go to Wyrm's Nest(NOT defeated Earth Tyrant) or one zone from Giza to westersand during the rains.
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Awesnemity answered:

Gnoma Entites tend to apper in the Westersand. If you have already killed the Earth Tyrant, then you can run back and forth through the WYRM'S NEST section until a sandstorm comes. You can then roam the Westersand until you see one. You only need two Gnoma entites to complete the pages.
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Awesnemity answered:

im sorry i didnt clarify. run back and forth through the entrances to the Estersand and Westersand until a sandstorm appears in the Westersand
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Kraleck answered:

They can be damaged by their opposite element, but be careful. All Entites are Level 45 badasses and often buff themselves up before you can reach them. They also love to use Reflect and carry (Element)aga Magicks like Firaga.

The sandstorm and sandy terrain will also affect elemental damage (Fire x1.2, Earth x1.44 (x1.2 from the weather, x1.2 from terrain), Water x0.5, Wind x1.2), so be prepared for a nightmare...or a huge Quickening Chain. Espers can help kill Entites, but not very much (Chaos, Cuchulainn, and Zalera are the recommended Espers).
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