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How do I get Entites to drop Electrum?

Judging by the extra pages I've been unlocking for Entites, I can get them to drop Electrum every so often, but the words on the bestiary pages make it sound like I need to fulfill a certain condition to get them to drop it. Is there any special condition that makes Entites drop Electrum, or is it just an extremely rare drop?

LeonKrilangiVII provided additional details:

OK, just wanted to be sure, thanks for your input. Actually, while doing battle with a Mardu Entite just now, I managed to acquire some Electrum after a rather tedious battle, so it must be just a rather rare loot drop.

Accepted Answer

silverduchess answered:

Electrum is a Monograph Drop of the Entites, so you need to have the Sage's Monograph.
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Awesnemity answered:

Im pretty sure that an electrum is just a rare item drop. Your chances of getting one may increase if you own the Sage's monograph (forgotten grimoire in bazaar) which can be achieved by talking to any merchant over 100 times.
Since an electrum is just a loot item, i wouldn't lose any sleep over getting one.
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