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Demonsbane troubles?

ok so i know where the treasure chest is its spawn % rate and the % rate of which it will have an item or gil 70%item 30% gil 50% demonsbane 50% holy mote. out of 8 tries at finding it it only appeared 3 times.... ALL THREE TIMES IT HELD GIL!! is there some special requirement that needs to be met for it to appear in the treasure chest? because i never had this problem before

EyesOfTheEmo provided additional details:

ok i got them the game was being redicously stubborn my original file i got 2 of em without trying and only opening 2 chests and checking twice. this time it took me about 40 to get all 3 that i wanted. (i was using the osa something katana that i got from the urutan-exile while i was passing through the sands, an ancient sword that i got on the leviathin and a gladius that i stole from the lindbur wolf.) i guess i was just completely unlucky, (i havnt played any of the begging parts of the story in a year or more XD i know virtually all the info on marks and stuff but cant remember much from the begginning up through the pharos at ridorana =|

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Saint_Coyote answered:

^Those figures are COMPLETELY wrong, and they don't even follow true chest mechanics. The chances of the chest spawning and containing Demonsbane are 19.25% each time you reload the area.

The breakdown:
-> Chance that chest spawns = 70%
-> Chance that chest spawns with an item = 38.5% (base chance of item = 55%, Gil = 45%)
-> Chance of chest spawning with Demonsbane = 19.25% (50/50 chance of getting either Demonsbane or Holy Mote)
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Vegerunks answered:

ok there is a 6.41% chance of getting the demonsbane. The Chance is weird but im guessing the true chance is 55% item 30% gil 8.19% Holy mote and 6.41% for demonsbane. In other words BE PATIENT if you get it during the storyline play you just doubled your sword attack and you can get it more than once so why not go for like 100,000 gil by getting lots of gill pick up and numerous demonsbane to sell.
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Saint_Coyote answered:

And to answer the actual question ...XD

No, you do not need to fulfill any special requirements to find specific items in chests (apart from the Diamond Armlet of course) - it's all luck.
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