Question from knight1029

How exactly do you get the Demonsbane?

After killing wall boss 1 and 2

Accepted Answer

AZorro007 answered:

After you dispense with the "first" Demon Wall, check the wall face to find a jewel embedded there. when the jewel is queried, a path of stone will rise on either side of the wall platform.

Move along either of the paths and through a large door to reach a "hidden" part of the tomb. About midway through the "hidden" part (between the two doors) a treasure chest may appear (70% chance to appear).

If the chest appears, it may contain Gil (45% chance), the Demonsbane weapon (50% chance out of 55% chance that Gil will not be found), or a Holy Mote (50% chance out of 55% chance that Gil will not be found) may appear in the chest. If the chest is not there or if its contents is not the Demonsbane, exit back to the gate crystal then return to move along one of the stone pathways and try again.

In summary, on any given visit, the chance of seeing the treasure chest and obtaining the Demonsbane is 0.70x0.55x0.50 = 0.1925 or 19.25%.
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