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How do you beat King Bomb???

I usually jus summon Mateus touch a crystal to get my MP back. (the esper is for killing the Bombs) He keeps on healing when I'm about to get him.

Kraleck asked for clarification:

Holy crap! +14 votes in less than 24 hours.

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AZorro007 answered:

Ifyou have Flame Shields, be sure and equip them. Cast Shell, Protect and Renew on your characters. Attack the Bomb King to inflict Silence (so it can't call for help or use Fira) and Disease (so it cannot use Renew). Slow, Immobilize and Reverse are other status attack options to help defeat it.

If you can keep the Bomb King bottled up while picking off his companions, do so. Otherwise, take out the King first and then eliminate the companions.

Hack away and use a quickening to finish things off if needed.
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Kraleck answered:

Get a Nihopalaoa (Accessories 20 License) and either a Remedy (with Remedy Lore 3 License) or a pinch of Echo Herbs and a Vaccine. Set Battle Speed to slowest, equip the Niho, manually toss the Item(s) at King Bomb, unequip the Niho, set Battle Speed to high, and fight like you normally would.

King Bomb casts Renew and uses Call For Help when his HP percentage takes a significant hit. Disease makes it so his Current HP is always his Maximum HP and Silence will prevent Renew and Call For Help, just in case. Slow is a great status to inflict, too. Just Haste yourselves and whack away at him.

"Ally: Any -> Handkerchief" Gambits will help with the scrub Bomb trio spamming Oil. Just make sure to take off the Niho before using it. Flame Shields will cut down on King Bomb's Fira (if you haven't Silenced him) and the scrub Bombs' Fire. "Ally: HP < 60% -> Cura" or "Ally: HP < 70% -> Cura" Gambits for healing.

Use Quickenings as a "smoke-'em-if-you-got-'em" option.
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orius answered:

That's because NihoRem is the easiest strategy.

Make that 15.
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