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How do I get past The gate of Scorpio?

If need a item or something, can you tell what it is or where to get it? If so, much appreaciated!

achimed provided additional details:

But I keep ending back ate the same gate...

achimed provided additional details:

But I keep ending back at the same gate...

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AZorro007 answered:

O.K. Let me try again.

If you enter at Way Stone VIII, there will be three possible "exits" off the platform. Gate Scorpio is one of those and will be "behind" you as you arrive. It is the only closed gate that you will see when you enter for the first time.

If you position your character in front of gate Scorpio and pointing toward the Way Stone, there will be an "exit" to the left and an "exit" to the right. If you take the exit to the left, you will move up to a platform where the Scorpio Gate Stone will be found. If it is your first trip, when you query the Gate Stone it will indicate somewthing like "I only will respond to the Chosen One" and deny use of the Scorpio Gate Stone.

To fix the denial, go back to the Way Stone VIII platform and take the opposite "exit" which will lead down to Way Stone VII. After reaching Way Stone VII, progress through the maze involving consideration of several platforms and a progression of Way Stones, namely Way Stones VI, V, IV, III, II and I.

Once you get to Way Stone I, continue on to "meet the boss". Defeat the "boss" and automatic events will occur that will bestow the "Chosen One" status on Princess Ashe required to activate the Scorpio Gate Stone.

Once that has been done, return to the Way Stone VIII platform, move to the Scorpio Gate Stone and use it to open Scorpio Gate
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