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Zodiac Spear ?

Are we must open all treasures beside those 4 treasures in this game to get zodiac spear? Well, example there are 100 treasures chest in this game and four of them must not be opened. Are we must open all the 96 chest?

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Zetachment answered:

You MUST not open these Treasure chest

1.chest outside in old dalan place (In the boxes)

2.In Palace cellar the place is right Azorro007 said (but if you want safe better not open any)

3.Chest in Nalbina Confiscatory where you get your weapon back, one of them look Slightly different than the other don't open it (to keep safe, dont open any)

4.In Vaddu strand Phon coast one of the 16 chest is a Forbidden chest i dont know the exact place (maybe AZorro007 right )[Better not open any until you get the Zodiac spear}

After that get the Zodiac spear in Necrohol of nabudis (If you look at North) 4 rows 2 chest
o o o o For the room see the faqs
o o o o
o o o x <--- Zodiac Spear ( DO NOT EQUIP DIAMOND ARMLET when obtaining the zodiac spear)
o o o o

One more place is in Henne Mines but you must obtain all 10 espers (including Hidden ones) then Genomancer in Jahara will open it to you a Secret are on HENNE mines in there there is 1 Chest in bad spawn rate and it probaly 10% contain 90% elixir and 10% Zodiac spear(or 99% O_o) so the Chance is is 1/1000 to obtain the spear

And there no requirement to open other chest only Dont open 4 chest above
if you want to open it all ,there infinite numbers of chest why? cause its Respawning all the time
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xXMoogleBeamXx answered:

other than four treasure that is located in, First, in front of dallan's, second is in nalbina dungeon when you get your item back. third is the one on the south west side of the cellar palace and last is the treasure chest that is located in phon coast where you fought or will fight the thalassion. other that this four, your good to open everything u wish to open
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