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How do I beat bomb king?

Ok my party except fran [7] is lv 42-45 im still having problems beating him what weapons, armor, gambits etc. should i use? Is there any tips on beating him?

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frozen_josh answered:

Levels are easily enough to take it on. If you're still having problems at that level, an extra 10 won't make much difference. Rather it is your equipment which you need to focus on improving - this will have a much larger impact than simply improving your levels.

As for defeating the Bomb King, it can be done very easily if you inflict it with Disease status. This can only be done using the Nihopalaoa accessory. To get one, you must defeat 10 hunts, and then it will be buyable from the Clan Provisioner. Equip it and throw a Remedy (with proper augments obviously) or Vaccine on the Bomb King. This will stop Bomb King from being able to use Renew, since it will always be at 'max' HP.
Next, infict it with Silence status (Niho+Remedy will have already done this, plus more), to prevent it from using its Cry For Help ability.

With these two statuses inflicted on it, the battle becomes very simple.
Don't use Icebrand as above user posted, since its weak to water, not ice. If you're up to the Phon Coast already, then you can buy the Murasame Katana, which is water element with 66 atk. If not, simply equip your strongest weapons (not guns though) and bash away. Flame Shields may help until you've inflicted it with Silence, though shouldn't be necessary tbh. So go with strongest two-handed weapons. Once inflicted with Disease and Silence, boss becomes quite a pushover really.
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Xynz answered:

return to bomb king when your level 50+ i beaten bomb king using this gambits (my level of my characters is Vaan[55] Ashe[56] Penelo [53] Basch [52] Fran [47] Balthier [50] )

1.any : allies >>>> Raise/Arise
2.any : allies >>>> Reflect/Shellga
3.Foe : nearest visible >>>> Attack/Blizzaga
5.any : HP 50% >>>> Curaga/Curaja


1.any : 50%HP>>>>Curaga/Curaja
2.any : Allies>>>> Rise/Arise
3.any : allies >>>> haste
4.any : allies >>>> regen
5. Any : allies >>>> protect/protectga
6.Self : MP 20% >>>> Charge
7 Foe : Shell >>>> Dispel/Dispelga
8.Foe : Party Leader's Target >>>> Attack
9.Self : Decoy

Third Party Member

1.any : allies >>>>Haste
2.any Allies >>>> Arise/Rise
3.Any : allies >>>> Regen
4.Any : 60%HP >>>> curaga
5.Self : 20%MP >>>> Charge
6.Foe : Party' Leader's Target >>>> Attack/BLizzaga

and DON'T forget the ICEBRAND
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