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How do i beat the trickster?

What's the best and easiest way to beat the trickster?

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frozen_josh answered:

Best way to kill it - Put it to sleep (kill off Monid so he doesn't wake it up). It has high VIT, so you'll want to either equip Indigo Pendant (or just be at full health with Serenity license and Faith status) and use Sleep, or better yet, use Nihopalaoa + Alarm Clock, to get it asleep successfully.

It doesn't have very much health (~61k), so you should be able to kill it before it wakes up again (sleep will last ~30 seconds, should be enough with right setup).
Quickest will be to blast it with reflected magicks - equip each character with Mirror Mail (or Ruby Ring) and then best magic boosting equipment, and then cast Bio / Scourge / Balance (with crit HP) on yourself (it'll bounce back at trickster three times per casting). Having everyone with Faith and either full or critical HP will help increase the damage, which as well as additional damage from trickster being asleep will get you to 9999 if mag stat is decent enough - in which case one spell from each character and its dead. Also make sure battle speed is on highest to do the most damage in these 30 seconds.

If Trickster wakes up whilst in critical HP, it'll put up its Palings and you won't be able to put it back to sleep or damage it for 2 minutes, so you'll want to avoid this. With above strategy it should die before it wakes up, but just in case, as soon as you see its in crit HP:
- Use gil toss with each character (so long as their current HP adds up to at least 9999 - Bubble helps). This will kill it quickly before its able to put up the paling.
- wait for sleep to wear off and _immediately_ re-inflict sleep with Nihopalaoa+Alarm Clock (put battle speed on slowest for this).
- Use a quickening chain to finish it off, if you like using them.
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EyesOfTheEmo answered:

first expect to do alot of hunting down. secondly be ready to do alot of waiting as the trixter likes to run around and its better to not chase it around as that can just make things a bit harder. the key thing that makes this fight hard is that at about 1/4th of his hp he puts up a palling (physical damage immunity) so at that point hit him with non-elemental magic (bio) as for the other 3/4ths of his HP simple smack him around, and when he runs away DO NOT CHASE HIM just wait and he will come back. BE READY TO HEAL AFTER CHOCO COMET. simple gamits work for this fight but if he starts getting to hard change the magic to items (cura/ga/ja) (raise/arise) to phoenix downs and high/X potions. the mark has some preaty strong magic so always be on the ready to heal in a moments notice. if you can get it off before trickster uses white wind cast silence and blind on him at the beginning of the fight. after it casts white wind all negative status effects are blocked so dont waste time trying to cast them. remember Monid helps you out during this fight (if you can even call it that) try to keep your characters close together during this fight as having them spread out actually makes things more difficult. just keep hitting it until it falls. this fight is made out to be alot harder than it actually is.
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Goku61394 answered:

I just used quickenings while monid attacked him n i beat him
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