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Where i can find the ultima blade?

I forgot where i find this weapon and i cant find it again in my new game.

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BagelzYo answered:

The Ultima Weapon is at a lower vantage point in terms of strength and such, but obtaining the weapon is worth it.
Option 1. The Ultima Weapon can be aquired via Bazaar. You need to sell:

Gnoma Halcyon x1 - Steal/Drop (It's easier to steal) from Gnoma Entites in the Westersand during a Sandstorm.
Death Powder x2 - Warmage Monograph drop from Bogeys in the Zeritinan Caverns
Adamantite x2 - Hunter's Monograph drop from Adamantians in the Cerobi Steppe.

There are other methods to attaining these items, but this is what I did, and it worked most effectively. For other methods, see bcs4981's Ultimate Weapons FAQ.

Option 2. The Ultima Weapon can be obtained via chest in the Pharos at Rhidoranna in the Pharos Subterra.

You can obtain two Ultima Blades in all, and they're available after you complete the Phon Coast area.
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