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Where is Yardang Labyrinth??

Where is it??
since i wanted to hunt the bloom cactus or whatever it is called


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AZorro007 answered:

The Yardang Labyrinth is one of the several areas of the Dalmasca Eastersand.

To get there exit the Royal City of Rabanastre by means of the East Gate.

Continue along the paved walkway to enter the first Estersand area, "The Stepping".

Move forward and to the left. Continue forward and to the left to move down into the valley and find an entrance to a small "village". Enter the "village" which is the "Outpost". Speak with Dantro who is sitting on a crate to begin the Flowering Cactoid Hunt.

Exit the Outpost by the alternate exit from the one by which you entered. You will find yourself in the Yarding Labyrinth area.
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Kraleck answered:

Dalmasca Estersand. From the Rabanastre side, exit to the northeast twice to reach Yardang Labyrinth.

Flowering Cactoid appears (roughly) here:
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