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Asked: 6 years ago

Where can I find teleport stones?

Ive seem to run out of teleport stones and i need to find a way to get some

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From: _Cat_Bert_ 6 years ago

You can buy the teleport stones at the Balfonheim Port. Its the merchant thats riding a chocobo. Also you can buy Greens there for your chocobo as well, but thats it.

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You can get them from Montblanc as rewards for defeating bosses and gaining clan ranks. You can buy them at the clan shop in the Murthu Bazaar in Rabanastre. And you can buy them on some airship flights. Also, they are available as drops from some enemies.

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And at some occasions, humanoid enemies can drop them.
Other enemies may drop them too but the ones that come to my mind first are the Urutan-Yensa.

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Yeh cat bert is right this time. You can get them in muthru bazaar and you get them from enemies mostly i find i get them from stealing bats in the Lhusu mines steal form Couerl in the tchiti uplands and skeleton type monsters in the dungeons

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dont judge ridleyx1290......XD hahaha!!

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You can buy them in Rabanastre(bazaar)or in the entrance of port of Balfonheim

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