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Asked: 4 years ago

How do I find the Cluckatrice?

I cannot find this thing! I send in Fran alone, since it is "afraid of humes", but it still won't appear. It also says to make sure there are no living things around, so I kill everything in the area, and it still will not show up! How do you get it to appear?

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From: GenesisSaga 4 years ago

Make sure you kill every enemy in the Gizas North Bank area, then EXIT and RE-ENTER. The Cluckatrice and Chickatrices should be seen rolling around upon re-entry. Having Fran in your party won't make any difference btw- this Mark can be encountered with Vaan alone if you so wish...

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GenesisSaga is right. Kill everything, go into the village, don't touch save crystal, go back in. It's right in this area.

The big one is difficult, but not impossible. However, the babies swarm and make it very difficult to focus. If you've got quickenings, let them fly. The Inferno concerence isn't hard to get, and if you get that or Luminescence or Torrent or hopefully Ark Blast, then you'll hit all the babies as well.

Once you use the quickenings you'll have no MP though. Control Fran, equiped with a distance weapon, and run around at a distance until her attack bar is full, then move in and shoot and pull back. Running around will load her MP bar and she can heal.

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