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How do i get to MT Bur-Omisace?

I don't know how to get to MT Bur-Omisace.

rivalencia asked for clarification:

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Homsar45 answered:

After going to Jahara, go north-east and through the jungle. As you go through, you'll find a secret village. After exploring the village, you will have to go to the Henne Mines. Check the FAQs here for more information (the first one is spoiler-free; very useful!).
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Runemaster94 answered:

Go through the henne mines from Jahara, to the golmore jungle to the Eruyt village to the Paramina rift. Stay along the northern routes and Mt Bur- Omisace will be in the furthest NE corner of the big map in world map - Paramina rift.
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