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Asked: 4 years ago

How to get the monographs?

Ive have heard from a friend that if you sale enough loot like in the ozmoore plains that you can get a hunters monograph or some other type that lets loot sell for more? is this true? if so then how do you get them?

Accepted Answer

From: frozen_josh 4 years ago

The monographs are not unlocked by selling loot. Rather they are unlocked by visiting shops a certain amount of times or similar activities. After having done so, the next time you visit a shop they will be unlocked (package is called "Forgotten Grimoire", you can tell them apart by the costs). More specifically, they require the following:

- Mage's Monograph (for Fiend type foes) - talk to any magic shop owner 25+ times. Costs 21,000 gil.
- Scholar's Monograph (for Construct type foes) - talk to any armor shop owner 15+ times. Costs 22,000 gil.
- Knight's Monograph (for Giant and Insect type foes) - talk to any weapon shop owner 30+ times. Costs 19,000 gil.
- Sage's Monograph (for Elemental type foes) - talk to any shop owner 100+ times. Costs 25,000 gil.
- Warmage's Monograph (for Amorph and Undead type foes) - read any Notice Board 20+ times. Costs 20,000 gil.
- Dragoon's Monograph (for Dragon and Plant type foes) - read any Notice Board 40+ times. Costs 22,000 gil.
- Hunter's Monograph (for Beast Avion type foes) - talk to Gatsly in [Muthru Bazaar] to unlock it (after completing Thextera hunt). Costs 18,000 gil.

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