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Where can I find full genji armor?

Hey all.
My question is: How can i get full genji armor-gloves-shield and helm.
Thanks saying it if you do.

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How can i fight him?

FFXIITHABEST provided additional details:

And wat is before genji best armor?

Accepted Answer

_Lagoona_ answered:

*small spoilers ahead*

The ONLY way you can get the set of genji equipment is during the two fights against Gilgamesh. During phase 4 and 5 of the first fight (there's always a short intermezzo when he loses 20% health indicating a new phase) you can steal the shield and the gloves, respectively. The remaining two, armor and helmet, must be stolen during the second fight against him, also during phase 4 and 5, respectively.

1. Fight, Gilg's HP 40%>x>20%: steal genji shield
1. Fight, Gilg's HP > 20%: steal genji gloves
2. Fight, Gilg's HP 40%>x>20%: steal genji armor
2. Fight, Gilg's HP > 20%: steal genji helmet
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