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Asked: 6 years ago

Where can I find (staff of the magi)?

Where can i find staff of the magi?
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I only have 2 floors normal and s so how do i get other free?

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From: fphjr01 6 years ago

You need to fill all the pedestals in each of the 4 rooms on each of the levels until they are full. This will give you access to fight shadowseer, and once you take him out you will be able to get vagrant soul and luxollid to spawn.

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.Steal if from the Rare Game Luxollid in Pharos Subterra. (After defeating Vagrant Soul go to B2F and find it there.)

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to fill the pedestals in the rooms you have to kill the monsters in the rooms and collect orbs to make the rooms brighter. when all 4 pedestals are filled you will be able to procede deeper into the pharos subterra. repeat this process for all 3 sub level floors and it will make things both loads easier and lets you see what your fighting... better. XD

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