Question from VisceraEyes8

Asked: 4 years ago

Rare monster weapon&armor drops?

I have question about rare monster drops. I seem to be able to steal armors and weopons from them and also am able for them to drop their rare loot but i cant get them to drop their armors or weopons they can drop? does anyone have any advise on how to get them to drop them? thanks ff fans

Accepted Answer

From: RevenantThings 4 years ago

Drop/steal items are different for many monsters. Some are of the exact same list, but most are not. There's little you can do to increase the odds in your favor, but the Monographs you can get at the Bazaar (you must fulfill certain conditions before they are available) can help you out. Otherwise, just use the Enemy Drop Guide ( for information further about what enemies drop what and how you can best work around the random odds.

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