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Where can i get a lot of money fast?

I'm short on gil and I need to buy things. What should I do?

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Chioro answered:

1 - Pre-Bhujerba -> Dustia loot (50K per 99 in 1 hour)
2 - Bujherba-> Loot from the Skeletons in the bridge (10K per 99 in 20 minutes)
3 - Pre-Jahara-> Succulent Fruit from those tomatoes in Yemsa (30K per 99 in 30 minutes)
4 - Jahara (easy)-> Loot from Coeurls in Golgomore (30K per 99 in 30 minutes)
5 - Jahara (hard)-> Loot from Mirrorknights in Feywood (120K+ per 99 in 40 minutes)
6 - Miriam -> Blood Bones from Dark Lords in Zeromus room. (150K per 99 in 30 minutes)
7 - Great Crystal-> Diamond Armlet from Mom Bombs (990K+ per 99 in 1,5+ hours)
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D_Spear answered:

Sell useless equipment and items and loot. Also, it depends on which areas u can access. The farther in the game u are, the better the stages u have to access, and the better the stages, the better the loot the enemies will drop. Also, always open chests cuz they usually have gil.
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_Cat_Bert_ answered:

Its depends where you are at in the game..... Like i have said before this will provide no help if you are not this far into the game. Now if you arent this far then i would stick to basic things like killing anything that gets in your way and collect the loot. Also you could try hunting marks. Both these things will get you gil but just not as fast depending on what you want to buy and of course raising your levels up!
If you have Zeromus then you would know that there are Dark Lords in the sournding area which you fought him in. Head back to that area and then dark lords are still there.. kill them and get the Blood darkened bones and once you have 99 bones you then sell them and then you should have about 140,000.

This is farther into the game and if this it out of your reach right now it wont really help you but its nice to have things in mind for future reasons.
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Kitten3150 answered:

If you're at the Phon Coast, chain the Silver Lobos and collect as many quality pelts that you can, then sell them. I got a somewhat decent amount of money doing that since they sell for about 650 gil a piece i that and get as many as you can before you run out of room or patience.
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sephirosai answered:

Go to where you fight Mateus and there should be an amazing spawn of skeletons, and they drop blood darkened bones. In one playthrough if there was no limit I would've gotten like 200 of them.That was one playthrough though. They also drop other things,but I am not so sure about all that. They will give you a lot of money. I got enough money to make the tournesol in one day, starting from scratch
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metalmaggot46 answered:

GO TO High level areas, hang around for a while and get tons upon tons of useless sh*t...................then Sell.IT.ALL.
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Q_Teezy answered:

i always went with the nerbrus deadland hidden area where they have all of those skele guys pop up. i go around there rapin all and until i get 99x of the loots they drop. this is quick cash and a great place to lvl up to the 70ish.

another place that is alright would be tryin to farm hellgate flames. i end up always makin full loot of prime pelts and francisa axes before even gettin like 1 -2 hellgate flames. and hellgate flames are monograph drops so chain lvls wont matter so if u get full loot of the prime pelts, francisa, go to the neariest shop, sell ur loot then begin ur hunt for Hellgate flames, but ur usually gonna make full amounts prime pelts and stuff 3 - 4x before getting ur 6x hellgate flames :).
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return answered:

Find an area with monsters moderate to your level, kill them over and over and pick up the loot they drop for about 1 hour. It's a great sum of money once you sell all that loot. All this depends on the area you picked.

Average money made in 1hr according to level based on this information:
lvl21-30: 15k-20k
lvl31-40: 15k-30k
lvl41-50: 20k-30k
lvl51+: 30k+
Note that that's just in one hour.
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sagekat answered:

Most of my gil farming comes through chaining and knowing what will drop the most/ best loot. Note: if you leave two sections away from your hunting area, everything will (or should) respawn completely.

Early on in the game (Pre-Jahara) chain wolfs in the Ester sand, between Taroang Labyrnth (just after the out post) and Banks of Nebra. It's a wide range to wolfs have plenty of time to respawn and there are tons of them. Also, in the Labrynth there is a pathway to the Giza plains, if you hit all the heyenas you won't break your chain. Also once you hit Bhujerba, the second bridge(Shunia twinspan) spawns skeletons like mad.

Once I hit the Ozmone plain I just pick something and chain it. All loot here sells for a fair amount.
Golomore jungle is good for chaining coerl and malboros. This is a good farming area for gil.

Mosphoran Highwaste, it's wolves (worgen) again. And the salika would its the Pumpkin heads.
Phon coast is good for sailver lobos (wolves)
Tchita uplands is another good looting area, pick a fiend and chain it.
Cerobi steps is good for chaining either bandercoeurls or silver lobos but the shield wyrm has a good drop ($$) although its a tough fight.

And that is as far as I am right now. :)
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Mikel2472 answered:

In the Henne Mines where the Abysteels drop down, Pithead Junction 3, I believe it's called, if your level is high enough to contiusally kill them, you can get 99 Dark Crystals and around 50-60 Vampyr Fangs and, if you're lucky, about 30 Spiral Insicors in an hour. All this can be sold for a pretty good bit of money.

I may have the Vampyr Fangs and Spiral Insiscors in the wrong places, but either way, you'll still get a lot of money.

Good luck!
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