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Ring wyrm?

I am trying to complete the hunt for the Ring Wyrm in the westersand but whenever i try to enter the "wyrms nest" it tells me that a sandstorm is blocking my path. I am lvl 45, 43, and 43. help please!

Accepted Answer

falconesque answered:

Wyrm's Nest is the home of Earth Tyrant, not the Ring Wyrm mark (Rank III) that you seek. You're in the wrong place.

For the mark, you want the sandstorm in Windtrace Dunes (different locale), that's a good thing. The wyrm only appears in a sandstorm. The sandstorm there won't stop you.

BTW, something related to Earth Tyrant. The frequency of sandstorms plummets after it's defeated, so for future reference farm any items from sandstorm-preferring critters (like entites) BEFORE going after Earth Tyrant. Major pain to do so after.
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