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Where can I find (belito)?

Need help finding belito! and roblon at that. any help?

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Kitten3150 answered:

It's found in the Nam-Yensa Sandsea in the Withering Shores. You have to pass thru the Zertinan Caverns, and exit coming from the Canopy of Clay area from the Caverns. Enter the Caverns from the Central Junction in the Ogir-Yensa Sandsea, and you'll end up in the Canopy of Clay.
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LilTycs answered:

You can only get to the location by passing through the Zeritinian Caverns, but that's all I know. SOrry I can't give you a detailed map-out of how to get there though.
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protoman0009 answered:

Pretty much, Kitten is correct, as far as "Belito" goes, but in addition, to even get there, there is possibly a rock that has to be hit on the way.

As for Roblon, I have yet to start that hunt, so I can't help.
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tbird98 answered:

Kitten was right about belito, and for roblon, go to the teleport crystal and then go to the area, south to the area called the slumbermead, it has an emeraldin to the right, walk along the nortern edge until you find a hidden path, walk along this until you reach a dead end. Roblon will be infront of a building (remember this area for later espers and possibly the fishing mini game)
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Mikel2472 answered:

There guys have wonderfully answered your question about Belito, but be careful in the Overlooking Eternity area where Roblon is found. Those Undead can really give you a tough time. My party leveled up two levels while fighting Roblon, just because of those monsters. You have been warned.

Good Luck!
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ramoniskewl answered:

Belito can be found in the Nam Yensa SandSea...u can enter there if u exited the zertinan caverns in ogir yensa sandsea...well i think that helped...!SPOILER ALERT!...Belito is not really like a MirrorKnight is ...(starts with a B!)
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mikocoon answered:

From ramonikewl he's right,but be carefull because belito is ba'gamnan.
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Cor895 answered:

You have to pass thru zertinan caverns to get into the dead ened part of the withering shores. "Belito" (Ba'gamnan) has the three minions with him but they have way less health than Ba'gamnan.
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