Question from dragons0911

Clan rank?

Can u tell me how many there r and the order that their in and what the prizes are

Accepted Answer

magicpot answered:

Moppet - 3 Potion
Hedge Knight - 2 Warp Mote, 2 Teleport Stone
Rear Guard - 3 Remedy, 2 Teleport Stone
Vanguard - 3 Hi-Potion, 2 Teleport Stone
Headhunter - 2 Ether, 2 Teleport Stone
Ward of Justice - 2 X-Potion, 2 Teleport Stone
Brave Companion - 2 Hi-Ether, 3 Teleport Stone
Riskbreaker - 2 Elixir, 3 Teleport Stone
Paragon of Justice - High Arcana, 3 Teleport Stone
High Guardian - Empyreal Soul, 3 Teleport Stone
Knight of the Round - 2 Megalixir, 3 Teleport Stone
Order of Ambrosia - Centurio Hero's Badge, 3 Teleport Stone
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