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Ok.... i am possitive that is says that Ixion is at level 70,,, BUT the HP is 306559/166559....soooo whats that mean? Can Ixion be level 70, or is that a type-o?

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frozen_josh answered:

Ixion's HP differs depending on which floor you fight it on.

If you fight it on Penumbra or Umbra, then it will have 306,559 HP.
If you fight it on Abyssal, then it will only have 166,559 HP, so access the floor and fight it there.

Fighting on Abyssal will somewhat increase its DEF, but especially given you'll likely hit for max damage anyway until it reaches crit, it'll still end up being fastest to fight it there.
Fighting it on Abyssal should also mean its regular attack is thunder based, so equip Rubber Suits.

And btw Ixion is level 58, not 70.
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Kitten3150 answered:

josh is right, its HP varies with the floors and he's only level 58. The level 70 thing is a typo.
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