Question from milenko77

Asked: 6 years ago

How do I use the Shrines in Mosphoran Highwaste?

I know theres a secret here but I dont have a guide anymore. This is not covered in any faqs or walkthrough available. The shrines are in Babbling Vale/Mosphoran Highwaste.

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From: _Cat_Bert_ 6 years ago

What are you talking about!? It says Shrines in the Mosphoran Highwaste! Not in that snowy place! Anyways In the Mosphoran Highwaste there are multiple shrines and if you have clicked on the right ones then eventually they will lead you to the top which then an esper will be waiting... ok this is what you've got to do....

1. Get a map and study it (heres a trick.. picture in your head that the lands are lining up and you will see which shrines u must use to get to the top... if i confused you sorry but thats how i did it)
2.Then get yourslef a chocobo (its in that area you just have to look for it) and run your way to the top...using the chocobo will allow you to get in the *secret* area which is used only for chocobos and if you did it correct you will reach the top...

ok even from me i didnt explain this well. haha but someone please explain it better!

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You won't be able to use them until you reach the Phon Coast

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yes, you must have the main quest in the area, or the Hunt there. When you do use them stand in the center and look between each pillar until you see a forest like area, that will take you to the next shine you must go to. repeat until you get to the end(on the second screen)

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