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How do I find the Terror Tyrant?

The walkthrough and the faqs on this site all say: kill the wild saurian in the yoma section, and the terror tyrant will have a 40% chance of appearing in the broken sands area. I have been working at this for nearly two hours....any advice?

slpasma provided additional details:

Yes, I have the other 29 trophies, that is why this one is irking me so much.

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wbtk answered:

This is just a guess, but I'm willing to wager that you should try NOT killing the Wild Saurian, because the Terror Tyrant has the chance of "replacing" it. Try leaving it alive and see what happens.
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RevenantThings answered:

It's a trophy rare game, so have you joined the hunt club yet?

From Split Infinity's sticky topic on the messageboard:

Found in [Dalmasca Estersand / Broken Sands]
- After Party enters the area, Terror Tyrant has 40% chance to replace
Wild Saurian foe in the area
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videonerd answered:

where you can find the terror tyrant is go through the eastern sand the go to the small village and go up river. Then keep going and then you'll run into a tyrant if you want to call it. then go up the path and go through. then you'll fight more wolfs or what you call them. then keep going up, then you should see some birds then you'll see this tyrant and there it is. just make sure your a good level cause even i got killed by him. I'm a level 61 and I admit I got killed. So go prepared.
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MexicanWalrus answered:

wbtk is right.

I heard that it has a chance of "replacing" it, so don't kill it.

Hope this helps. :D
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falconesque answered:

Reset your console and reload your game. Randomizers affect more than treasure alone. Tried for an hour myself, then reset and lo, found the beasty the first time through.
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