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How do I solve (pilgrim's door)?

I do no how open the pilgrim's door,I already defeat hell wyrm can you help me??????

bigscorpio provided additional details:

I try every thing to open the door, like walking around, walking clockwise, trying to go throug the waterfalls, killing every foe what I see, I'M DESPERATE!!!!

Accepted Answer

frozen_josh answered:

Basically, you must enter through the different entrances between zones [Mirror of the Soul], [Falls of Time] and [Destiny's March] in a certain order (namely a clockwise, inwards spiral, starting by taking the furtherst exit to the right, heading down from middle zone to bottom one).

Copied from Split Infinity's guide:

"Take a look at the map - you will see that
[Mirror of the Soul] is connected to [Falls of Time] with five entrances. From
left to right, I will name them A1, A2, A3, A4 and A5. Likewise, [Falls of
Time] is connected to [Destiny's March] with five entrances as well. From left
to right, I will name them B1, B2, B3, B4 and B5."

"- Take A5 and you will be in [Falls of Time], just above A5. Now here is how
you need to walk to get rid of the waterfalls:
A5, A1, notice about waterfall course being changed, B1, B4, notice about
waterfall course being changed, A4, A2, notice about waterfall course being
changed, B2, B3, you hear 'Pilgrim's Door' open in the distance, A3. Now open
'Pilgrim's Door' and claim a weapon from the treasure."

btw, treasure is actually a one-time chest which has has a 50/50 chance of being either a Koga Blade or Iga Blade (assuming you do NOT equip a Diamond Armlet - if you do you'll only get a Knot of Rust).
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