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Where can I find barhiem passage key and site 3 key?

Where can I find barhiem passage key and site 3 key, really need barhiem key and site 3 key for lhusu mines asap TY.

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_Lagoona_ answered:

.For the Barheim key you need to finish the sidequest in the desert. Here's from Split Infinity's guide on this site:

- You will not be able to give her any items needed for this quest until
Cactuar quest is completed.

- Go to Dantro's wife in [South Bank Village] and give her Valeblossom Dew. If
you still have Great Serpentskin in your inventory, she will take that as well
(you must confirm to give her the Great Serpentskin); and like I said several
times before - you don't need to have Great Serpentskin). Then leave the
village and return immediately. Talk to Dantro's wife once more and she directs
you behind her hut.

- Again, you do not need Great Serpentskin at all! If you want, you can decide
to never do Nidhogg hunt, and you'll still nab Barheim Key.

- There is a moogle (*he* has been sick?) behind her hut - talk to him, and you
get Barheim Key KI. Additional reward of Balance Mote, OR Magick Gloves, OR
Golden Amulet will be yours as well, depending on how many items you have
brought to Dantro's wife for healing process. Barheim Key opens another route
to [Barheim Passage] from [Murmuring Defile].

You should obtain the Site 3 Key from Niray, when accepting his petition, in Bhujerba (Cloudborne Row).
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