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How can i find the espers ?

Hi guys i have 8 espers in the game so i want 2 more to unlock the esper zodiark path can u help me to find them ?
i have

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Magiark1 answered:

Zodiark.... a hard boss. If you can, equip people with holy elemental weapons. Excalibur could play a major role. Equip everyone with black masks. Darkja may still kill you even with black mask on. I had 2 characters with greatswords at level 75 each. One character with Staff of The Magi and had them use holy.
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_Lagoona_ answered:

.You are missing five in total. The easiest two for you to get are probably Cuchulainn and Exodus. Zeromus would be next, then Chaos and finally Zodiark.

Here's from aldoteng's Esper guide (, but many others would be fine, too:

Obtainable after the completion of all Tomb of Raithwall events. Hunts to have

- Waterway Haunting (Petitioner: Milha, Rabanstre Lowtown, North Sprawl. Mark: Wraith, Garamsythe Waterway, Overflow Cloaca.)
- Lost in the Pudding (Petitioner: Sorbet, Rabanastre, Westgate. Mark: White Mousse, Garamsythe Waterway, West Sluice Control.)

Completing the second Hunt nets you the Sluice Gate Key. From Lowtown, enter Garamsythe Waterway, Overflow Cloaca and south exit to Central Waterway Control. Close the No. 3 and No. 10 controls. South-west exit to No. 3 Cloaca Spur and activate the No. 1 South Waterway Control south-west of the map. Return to the Central Waterway Control and open No. 3 and No. 10 before closing the No. 4 and No. 11 controls. South-east exit to No. 4 Cloaca Spur and activate the No. 1 North Waterway Control south-east of the map. Return to the Central Waterway Control and close No. 3 before opening No. 11. South exit to No. 1 Cloaca and find Cuchulainn south of the map.

Obtainable after the Salikawood Gate is fixed. In the south portion of Babbling
Vale, Mosphoran Highwaste, activate the Shrine of the South Wind. North-east
exit to Rays of Ashen Light and feed the stray Chocobo a Gysahl Green. Ride the
chocobo and exit south to the Empyrean Way, riding west over a floating weed
near the map entrance. Ride past the Empyrean Way over a grassy stretch only
Chocobos can pass through, west exit to Skyreach Ridge. Alight from Chocobo and
west exit to Babbling Vale, activate the Shrine of the West Wind, hit the
Weathered Rock to gain access to the main Babbling Vale area, and activate the
Shrine of the Northwest Wind. Return to Skyreach Ridge and north-east exit to
find Exodus in Empyrean Seat.
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Death_Scythe007 answered:

I'll provide a little assistance. I'll handle Zeromus. He's hiding in the temple you went to that has a giant statue in the middle of it of a guy holding a sword blade down. ANYWAY, you need to finish the temple and return to the winter wonderland outside to go back up Mt. Bur-Omisase (sp?). Once you finish that particular area and are free to continue, there is a particular hunt in which you'll need to speak to one of the acolytes on the mountain. Finish his hunt that he requests and he'll give you a rather odd orb. Take this orb back to the temple full of zombies and such that you finished earlier and use the orb on the teleporter in the back of the first room. Once you do that, it will begin to teleport you to a new location that looks similar to the one it took you to before. Once opening the gate, you'll find it leads to a dead end. Zeromus is here and has a bunch of zombie buddies to further complicate the battle. He also has a field effect of item barring, so plan accordingly.
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AquaCrys answered:

^ I'll add that the zombies will keep re-spawning, so try to have someone focus on Zeromus, while the two do back-ups.

As for Cuchulainn, it is to be note that there is a HP-sap field, and that it also uses a skill that switches your HP and MP. (I apologize, I forget the skill name.) I recommend getting Curaja if possible and get someone to spam it. Also, there are some jellies that help him and will respawn, so take note of that as well.

Try to keep an eye on both HP and MP. HP will go down rather quickly, and if your MP is low as well, it is quite... dangerous. If Cuchulainn uses the switching skill, your HP will be very low, and with HP-sap field in effect, it is easy to die.
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Sirius_Reinhart answered:

Correction to Death_Scythe007's answer: Exodus has the item barring field, Zeromus has a magick barring field. Equipping Pheasant Netsuke and using items to heal is the best way.
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Kitten3150 answered:

Since no one has addressed Chaos yet, i guess i will. All you need to do is copy and paste this link

and it should take you to a page that has chaos on it, along with all of the other esper's and how to get them.
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MegaForte1 answered:

i recommend reading the esper guide submitted in the FAQs section of this board...i mean, it takes to long to explain this matter when you could read the great faq's provided
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Kitten3150 answered:

By the way, you can get Zeromus before the hunt " The Black Sorcerer" is even petitioned. I started a new file and have not even beaten the Draklor Laboratory yet so the hunt isn't offered and i have the Stone Of The Condemner already. You can get him after that whole battle on Mt. Bur-Omisace.

As for Zodiark...i really had no plan of action..i just equipped deathbringers and used Demon shields to absorb dark magic and just kept hacking away, saving my magic ONLY to heal. I got him on my first try. Basically, if you can make it to the Esper, then you have a good chance of beating him.
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