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Where can I find Ribbon ?

Hi gamers i have unlocked evry thing in the game but i don't have the ribbon can u help me find it out ?

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_Lagoona_ answered:

.There are several ways to get one (or more):

1) In one of the chests in Tchita Uplands / Crossfield (if you come from the save crystal, walk straight on, it's the one a bit to the right, near a small rock). You need to have Diamond Armlet equipped. Don't know about the chance %, but the chest respawns.

2) Lvl 99 Red Chocobo in Ozmone Plains / Haulo Greens drops one 100%. The hard part is getting one to spawn and beat him.

3) A chest in Henne Mines / Special Charter Shaft may yield one if you DON'T wear Diamond Armlet. Chest respawns.

4) On your way up Pharos - First Ascent make sure you kill 10 or more Deidar enemies. This will cause the rare monster Vishno to spawn on F48, who has a low chance of dropping a Ribbon. Not a good method but one might get lucky.

5) In Pharos - Subterra, in a chest in the northwest room of Abyssal - North. DO NOT wear Diamond Armlet, then you get Ribbon with 100% chance. The chest does not respawn.

Good luck.
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frozen_josh answered:

^Just to clarify: method no. 1 listed above - chest is actually in Cerobi Steppe, not Tchita Uplands (description otherwise correct though). And its a 1.5% chance to get the Ribbon (50% chance of appearing, 3% to contain Ribbon with DA equipped).

For comparison - the repeatable chest in Henne Mines is an 11% chance at Ribbon, though is much more difficult to get to.
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flank1337 answered:

this is the fastest way to get many Ribbons:
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_Lagoona_ answered:

.frozen josh is right about the correction - it indeed is Cerobi Steppe and not Tchita... sorry.
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