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What should I do to find deathgaze??

What should I do to find deathgaze??

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D_Spear answered:

This is what trowabartan's Mark Hunting Guide says:

--------------------------------- Location ---------------------------------


You should be able to find the client in any Aerodome. It's the son of the
traveling family. What you have to do to find it is ride an airship and then
talk to the boy again. Each time he'll tell you it's getting closer and
closer. By talking to him between flights your chance of fighting deathgaze
increases. It'll still be random whether you get the option to fight it,
if not just keep taking airships and talking to the boy. Choose to fight it
and then run up onto the deck. *You do not have to check yourself, the option
to fight it will come in place of the usual greeting when the ship loads up*
Taking the leisure craft is how I did as I did the chief steward(The Seven
Sisters) sidequest at the same time but private works just the same.
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Vindlandsaga answered:

1. You must speak to the petitioner named (traveler)
2.After you talk to him, take an airship with leisure cabin to any aerodome
3.In the ship you will be greeted by a flight attendant, then go to sky saloon and go in to the cabin(speak to the flight attendant)
4.If you already in the aerodome, speak to the petitioner again and take another airship(to the different location)
5. In the ship try again 2,3 and 4 process
6. Then the kid will say its (deathgaze) become closer and closer
7. And when he speak he feel a shake when he ride the plane from the deathgaze
8. After he say that, take the airship to the different location that you never past before
9. And deathgaze will attack the ship, go to the airship deck and deathgaze will laying around in second floor(try to dispel him first)
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