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How do i get the saggitarius bow?

How in the name of god do i get this damn bow? any help would be appreciated

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frozen_josh answered:

You get it via the bazaar by selling:

Beastlord Horn x3
Moon Ring x3
Sagittarius Gem x4

As for getting each of these loots:

Beastlord Horn:
- 8% monograph drop from Humbabas in Mosphoran Highwaste (need Knight's monograph)

Moon Ring:
- 1 as reward for completing Ring Wyrm hunt.
- 10% monograph drop from Ash Wyrm (found in either Mosphoran Highwaste in area where you fought Exodus, or upper parts of Great Crystal. If you're using the Mosphoran Highwaste one, you'll need to exit Mosphoran / reset to spawn another one rather than usual two-zone requirement). Easiest method is to save in [Bubbling Vale], then head up to the Ash Wyrm, and reset if it does not drop a Moon Ring. Can take a while to get two, just be persistant.

Sagittarious Gem:
- uncommon steal (30% chance with Thief's Cuffs) from Foobars in the Nabreus Deadlands. There are a few in the zone below the teleport crystal - steal from them, then two-zone north and repeat as necessary.

btw, in future know that this kind of information is well documented in the Ultimate Equipment FAQ - check there (or other FAQs as appropriate) for quicker answers.
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