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How to I Defeat Zodiark?

My Party

Vaan lvl 76

Helm=i forgot lol just add l8tr
Acc.=Ring of Renewal


lvl 75
weapon=ultima blade
Helm=dueling mask
acc.=diamond armlet...or nihopalaoa


lvl 75
weapon=havent given her the best weapon for her
armor=same with the vaan and basch
acc.=sage ring(for mp costs)

i know how to get to zodiark...i just flee...but when i reach zodiark...when he/she/it reaches 50% HP...he/she/it just pwns my team...PLz HeLp

ramoniskewl provided additional details:

I WANT TO give myself a saying grind grind blah blah blah...Just tell me the best(and i mean the BEST)strategy...for those who are saying...why does he want to give himself a challenge...PLZ do not interfere with my life cuz that was my motto:I want to give myself a CHALLENGE...

PWNED BOSSES(end game)

Fafnir with lvl 60+CHAR
the dinosaur mark in pharos (forgot his name lawl)lvl 60+
Behemoth King lvl 60


ramoniskewl provided additional details:

I think i should use a quikening when his life are about 20%or...should i not...
BTW...since im passing that thing...should i get the zodiac spear in henne mines before i fight zodiark?...cuz maybe it should make the battle much more easier...but it can take like days or weeks or months or even years just trying to get should i get it

ramoniskewl provided additional details:

I think i should use a quikening when his life are about 20%or...should i not...
BTW...since im passing that thing...should i get the zodiac spear in henne mines before i fight zodiark?...cuz maybe it should make the battle much more easier...but it can take like days or weeks or months or even years just trying to get should i get it?

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uhhhhhhhhhhhh19 answered:

To defeat zodiark you must deplete all of his hp. Hope that helps.
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Tripes answered:

Most of the time if you just go find a place to grind and gain some more levels, that helps to win most Boss fights (probably all of them actually). You can also read the Boss guide here on Gamefaqs.

Ctrl+F Zodiark and there is a section on his moves and how to beat him. It says that the recommended level for fighting him is 80+ so you should also try the grinding bit.

Hope that helps :)
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Kitten3150 answered:

You should be able to beat him by now but make sure your secondary party is at least close to your main party as far as level goes. Excalibur is a very good choice along with the ultima blade as they're high in strength, but since he uses dark magic i suggest just sticking to 1H swords like the deathbringer or something stronger and using demon shields, as they absorb dark magic. That's what i did, and make sure you stock up on ethers as you're probably gonna need them. Just beat on him and watch your health. Heal manually and use gambits only for items like ethers and any other item thats going to cure a negative status effect. Just remember not to use quickenings.
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Luneth_Acklund answered:

Just try to annihilate him before he uses Shift. If he does that, you're in a world of hurt. To help, unleash a really long Quickening chain right before he uses Shift. Personally, I was around Level 60, and this strategy worked for me.
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jowenzn96 answered:

When u enter the place where u fight him, have one character out and the rest in reserve, coz he starts the battle with an instant darkja, so you would not want to get hit by that.Bubble is important, but even more important is that you need to have everyone wearing a dark mask coz Zodiark has an obsession with darkja and uses it almost every turn.
For the first half of the fight, use Holy and other strong attacks. When his health reaches 50%, he'll uses shift, to change his elemental weakness. Then, use Bio and Scathe, or summon Chaos,if you have enough MP. During the last part, Zodiark will try to make an invulnerability shield. At that time, use a quickening, even if thats all the MP you have, coz if you miss that window there's a roughly 55%chance you'll die.....
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MexicanWalrus answered:

If you still want more info or want to know something else, you should look up an FAQ.

It should be in the Hints and Cheats section.

It'll go into detail on what you want to know.

If you press ctrl + F and put in what you're looking for you'll find it faster.

Hope this helps. :D
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rivalencia answered:

okay here we go maybe this tactic suit you your level i think it's already over leveled and you should able to take him down easily when entering the boss area it's much better u enter it with only one person when he use darkja if it has kill ur character so then switch it with your main party and try to revive any fallen members immediately even who have the lowest level my entire party was at level below 70 so i think it's also a challenge. and one again 4 the zodiac spear if you don't get it at the nabudis is okay you still can defeat it even without it so don't worry about the weapon cuz your weapon is the best weapon for darkja an immunity just switch your gambit as the condition appear but for the physical damage immunity he will put it till the end of Battle so your best bet is quckening or magic him but becareful of his reflect. his darkja is only you need to care bacause it will be so brief if you only have one character left while reviving rhe other ^_^ hehe that's the only challenge you have so i think you will able to beat him
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bucketbot360 answered:

y wud u equip diamond armlet?

as for the renewing marion, wouldn't it be better to use bubble belt instead?

-also try to use fran as the healer, buffer, etc she is very effective with magics

for mp I wud suggest casting berserk on the attacker with maybe tournesol or excalibur along with the necessary buffs then just have the healer syphon mp from the berserker because the berserker don't need mp right?

-for darkja just cast shell then equip black mask to absorb the damage

my usual strategy for every enemy is to cast berserk on 2 chrs with tournesol or excalibur and fran as the healer, buffer, etc

-everytime the enemy casts a spell that would inflict a negative status I switch an acc. that would negate that status effect, then go back to the whatever i use(hermes sandals, bubble belt etc)

-as for death just cast shell

-for the secondary chrs make sure they have the same level with the main party so incase the main party dies u'll still get the same firepower from the substitutes

honestly i still haven't fought zodiark yet but this type of strategy that I've been using never failed me so hope these helps

-I'm currently in pharos and I've already finished all the marks and espers except zodiack that u can get in these point in the game
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schmen970 answered:

Recommended accesories, spells, and equipment:
*Bubble Belts (can be bought in the bazaar after you hit a certain clan rank that i dont remember)
*Masamune (reward for completing the gilgamesh hunt or getting it in the bazaar)
*Deathbringer sword (can be bought at the phon coast)
*Demon shield (can be bought at the nechrol of nabudis or dropped by the Abysteel in the henne mines)
*black mask (depending on your personal preference, this can be swapped out for something better only if you use a demon shield and a one-handed weapon with it.)
*Maximillian (can be bought in Nechrol of Nabudis or dropped by Elvorets)
*Berserk (only for the first half of the battle)

When the battle initally starts zodiark will ALWAYS use Darkja, which carries that added chance of instant KO. He also has protect, haste, bravery, faith and possibly shell cast on him to start the battle, so dispel him ASAP. I would recommend that you start with only one charachter so that your not busy trying to resurrect fallen allies right away. Once the initial darkja is cast and it resolves, bring in your other two main party members and revive the first charachter if needed. He's weak to holy and absorbs dark. The first half of the battle should go relatively smoothly and you should have few problems. He uses a regular physical attack, scathe, faith/bravery (dispel these ASAP) and an occasional darkja. He also reflects a small amt. of damage back to you with each hit you inflict upon him The second half of the battle gets tricky as he uses shift and switches his elemental weakness. once you get him down to the last 30% or so of his HP is when the true fun begins. He'll cast Chain Magic and Limit Break, which gives him 0 cast time and reduced charge time for regular attacks respectively. He'll also cast a pailing and a magic barrier, making him invulnerable for a small period of time. the pailing he'll recast quickly after it goes down, He wont be as quick to recast the magic barrier however, so your forced to use magic below 30% or so of his health. He also uses darkja like crazy and is really quick to attack, so you'll need a small element of luck to beat him.
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rockon_jessus answered:

Here zodiark is dark type so also bring dark shield and if you see him readising darkja imedietly equip it and your equipment must be exculiber and tornesoul but your party leader must equip judicers or magi staff and make sure that your pl party leader must be far from zodiark and near at your party ok so cast berserk on them and decoy on you and reverse but i recomend you to use wyrmhero insted of exculiber but if you become confuse you kissing the game goodbye
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